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Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten how it felt that day?-- Darryl Worley country music singer/songwriter. I never will.. September 11, 2001. Where were you when the world stopped turning?-- Alan Jackson country music singer/songwriter. The September 11 Digital Archive will help you remember.

You know sometimes it doesn't hit you until it is personal.

Remembering those that have served and those that are serving our country.

Clay Hubbard tells me that Allen Tucker is now in Iraq. I believe that Maricela (Marty) Siller is also in Iraq. Please pray for their safety and families while they are gone.

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Maricela (Marty) Siller, Eddie Dawson, Ike Garza, Clay Hubbard, James Watson, Austin Voss, Randy Casey, Mike Montgomery II, Mark Rutherford, Allen Tucker, James Culpepper, and Shane Watson.

1277 American soldiers or sailors have died in Operation Enduring Freedom as reported by the Department of Defense and the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. Pray for our country, its' leaders, and our soldiers and sailors.

Many service men and women return home safely. Operation Tribute to Freedom Homecoming Photographs.

My favorite female Country music vocal groupShedaisy's website has several letters from some that are left behind while their loved ones are defending our country.

17 time PRCA World Champion Steer Roper - Guy Allen

Well at least that is what the sign says.

I read in the paper and heard from his sister, Toni Watson, that he has made it 18!

The Guy Allen website still says 16, so I don't think it is being updated. Toni told me there was an article on the Internet and I found this 2003 ESPN article and this ESPN Guy Allen bio page which still shows 17 titles.

The Amarillo Showcase website has a good write up and photos of the National Finals held in Amarillo in November which may have been what Toni was telling me about.

I will never forget one time a couple of years ago when I bought a pair of Wrangler jeans and there was a PRCA record book stapled into the back pocket and when I finally got it out and thumbed through it I noticed his name listed a couple of times once I believe for the number of championships and once for the fastest time of like 3 or 4 seconds.. heck I don't think I could get off a horse that fast unless I was thrown off.

Every once in a while Guy can be seen with Toni at one of Raelee's basketball games.

The rest of the time the closest we can come is the Santa Anna Chamber of Commerce's "Home of Guy Allen" sign located at 84 Auto Sales on the West end of Santa Anna. The metal art creation is by metal artist Darren St Alma of the Iron Buck.

Congratulations Guy! Santa Anna is proud of you.

2 Nights of Christmas in a Small Town

The Santa Anna Chamber of Commerce will be presenting "2 Nights of Christmas in a Small Town" on Thursday and Friday nights in Downtown Santa Anna.

The event will have a "Texas Wine Tasting Affair" at Sunnie's Antique Shop, featuring Pillar Bluff Wines on Thursday and Chisolm Trail Wines on Friday from 5 until 7 P.M. both nights.

There will also be an opportunity to enjoy extended shopping at some of the most unique shops in Central Texas.

So come join us for the special charm that is downtown Santa Anna during the Christmas Season!

City of Santa Anna Annual Christmas Open House

Cindy tells me that the City will have open house this Friday from 9 to 4 at the Santa Anna City Hall.

Be sure to go by, have some goodies, give her a hard time, and tell her that SantaAnnaNews.com sent you!

Cindy and I didn't make it downtown for Thursday's First Night in a Small Town.. other than on a run I made to the Santa Anna Grocery for Cindy, aka Betty Crocker, who was getting ready for Open House at City Hall. There was quite a crowd around seven, but on my second run for supplies they were already thinning out. I talked to my Mom, Pat Wright, and her and my Step-Dad, Tex, made it and said they had a good time but the crowd was less than they expected. Tex got some pictures so maybe he will share with us and maybe Cindy and I can make it Friday.

Santa Anna Mountaineer and Lady Mountaineer Basketball

In Thursday's first round of the Lohn Tournament the Girls and Boys both fell to the Baird teams. The girls final score against Baird was 41-45 and the boys was 39-47. Both teams will play the Brady Freshman teams on Friday starting at 10:00 and 11:15. Hope to see ya there!

Game photo albums are on the Sports Page.

Tasha Zarate shoots, and makes the 1st quarter three pointer.

Matthew Vasquez scores a fastbreak.

Tuesday's SAHS basketball action saw the the JV Girls beat the Brownwood State School girls, and the Varsity teams against the varsity teams from Rochelle was a trade as the girls fell 60-48 and the boys won 53-47. Tournament action in Lohn starts on Thursday at 10. Photo albums of the games are up on the Sports Page.

The Ladies take a timeout

Good Game!

Monday's storm damages Santa Anna Elementary

The storm on Monday tore the roof off of the South end of the elementary school. Cindy made it to over to the school Tuesday and snapped a few pictures below showing some of the damage. See the second article below for more on the storm.

Storm and Power Outage Monday Night

Tornadic winds, hail, and rain ripped through the South side of town late Monday afternoon. Some pretty severe damage was done to the roof on the South end of the Santa Anna Elementary School. The roof was ripped off and thrown into the parking lot and street in front of the building. Luckily the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes leave at noon and the First Grade was in the Library or Cafeteria is what Cindy heard. The Rusty Wells home was damaged pretty bad and power was knocked out on the South West side of town including our place. Cindy got a couple of pictures of some of the damage before I got home from work and it got too dark.

Cindy grabbed this cool photo of the guys from AEP/WTU getting the lights back on. These guys are really dedicated to their work.

With the lights out Cindy and I took advantage of the opportunity to run to Coleman and eat out at one of our favorite places.. Best Fried Chicken. I used to deliver Dr. Pepper there and Jayce and the gang always treated me right. They always seem to be pretty busy and keep the place pretty clean. The high school kids that work there are always pretty well mannered and take good care of customers. And most of all they can cook some pretty good fried chicken!

We got home in time to watch the Cowboys play a really exciting Monday Night Football game against the Seatle Seahawks. And they actually won it! What I enjoyed about was it was not a bunch of field goal kicking and wasn't won on a last second kick either!

Several years ago I had an opportunity to go to work for WTU when Charles Wetsel was still managing the local office. The service station business wasn't going real great and I was at the point where I cose to start college. The local WTU was still selling appliances and at the time every appliance we owned we had bought there. Mr. Wetsel told me about an appliance salesman job serving Santa Anna, Cross Plains, Rising Star and maybe Cisco. It was quite an involved deal applying.. they sent me to Abilene for a series of tests and several back X-rays.. I guess because it was about the time a lot of back injuries were occuring or something. It came down to me and a guy from Cross Plains I think. A couple of WTU "suits" came to Santa Anna and conducted an interview at the local office and I think I was doing pretty good until they came to the big question. "Do you play golf?" At the time I hadn't picked up a stick since high school and even then I never broke a 100! We had gone to Regional Golf as a team a couple of years thanks to Charles's son and my classmate and friend Mike Wetsel. He and Charles were avid golfers and I was very much a beginner. But I answered the interviewers honestly and the other guy got the job. They did offer me a line crew job in Abilene but once again I chose to stay in Santa Anna and well you know the rest.. and more on my golf game later!

I have seen on many a stormy night like Monday, Charles and long time Santa Anna WTU lineman, Lee Moore, work the poles after a storm. And certainly there have since been some times when I have seen our newer local AEP/WTU lineman, Joe Zarate, come out and get the lights back on after a storm. These guys should be commended for their hard work and dedication in an often hazardous job.

Charles and Lee also used to put up the Christmas decorations on main street ever year along with some help from the Telephone Coop guys. I have a little story about the Christmas decorations but I will save it for now. Cindy tells me the decorations were recently put up on a Saturday by my neighbors Curtis Fellers, Rick Reece, and his brother Ron Reece. A big Santa Anna Ho Ho Ho to these guys for their Christmas spirit.

Lost and Found

While coming home from Abilene Sunday night after a fun filled day of Christmas shopping Cindy and I saw this 5 gallon water can in the middle of the highway near the Dairy Queen. To identify it's contents and claim it, call or go by City Hall and talk to Cindy.

Hmmm.. I wonder if this is Bo's.. see the "Tool Box Tale" under Morgan Time Machines on the Business Page.

1 and 1 Web Hosting Service

Many of you may have noticed last Thursday morning, the 2nd, when SantaAnnaNews.com was unavailable. I called my web host, 1 and 1 and they had a web server that crashed and of course SantaAnnaNews.com was on that server. Well as I am in the Internet business I understand when these kind of things happen, I have everything backed up and all. When I called them they said it would be 4-6 hours before service would be restored. It only took about four hours or so to get everything back up.

That is just the way these deals work, but other than that I have had no problems at all other than the ones I cause! They are the largest web host out there and have the best deal if you are looking for the cheapest with the mostest (sorry Mrs. Guthrie!).

So if you want your own dot com or whatever this is great time to get it whether you just want it for an e-mail address of your own, like james@yourlastname.com, or for putting some family pictures on the web, or getting your business on the web
1 and 1 is by far your best bet!

Any questions just send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help you get started, or just click the 1 and 1 ad on the left, or any of the links in this article.

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