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The Risk is Real - Serving our Country

1329 American soldiers or sailors have died in Operation Enduring Freedom as reported by the Department of Defense and the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. Pray for our country, its' leaders, and our soldiers and sailors.

Remembering those that have served and those that are serving our country.

You know sometimes it doesn't hit you until it is personal.

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Maricela (Marty) Siller, Eddie Dawson, Ike Garza, Clay Hubbard, James Watson, Austin Voss, Randy Casey, Mike Montgomery II, Mark Rutherford, Allen Tucker, James Culpepper, and Shane Watson.

Many service men and women return home safely. Operation Tribute to Freedom Homecoming Photographs.

Santa Anna Non-District Basketball Action vs Loraine

Cindy and I made the long drive to Loraine along with a few others from Santa Anna to watch the boys and girls play basketball Tuesday evening. Both teams played pretty good with the girls winning 66-38 and the boys losing 47-48 in a close one. For those of you not sure where Loraine is, it is between Roscoe and Colorado City just off of I-20.

Angel Deleon launches a three..

Matthew Vasquez goes up on the fast break layup..

Game photo albums are on the Sports Page.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

I want to take a little of your time to talk about unsportsmanlike conduct. It is exactly what it says.

I have been to a lot of ball games and sports events over the years and I believe that the amount of unsportsmanlike behavior is getting worse at all levels of play from Little League and Little Dribblers all the way to the Pros.

There are several recent unsportsmanlike events drawing national attention. Of the worst is the NBA brawl of several Detroit Pistons with the fans from Indianapolis. If you care, you already know about it, but just in case you don't basically what happened is a fan through a cup of beer on a player and all hell broke loose with multiple players entering the stands and throwing punches and one fan throwing a chair. There were several suspensions and I think some criminal charges filed... but anyhow this kind of behavior is simply not acceptable for ANY reason.

In recent years we have had several instances of unsportsmanlike conduct from Santa Anna players and coaches, a couple specifically: players getting ejected from a football game for taking cheap shots, multiple flagrant personal fouls, and coaches publicly blaming clock keepers for losing a football game. In my opinion this type of conduct is totally unacceptable and must be addressed with disciplinary action at all levels starting with SELF discipline.

In the Tuesday's boy's game with Loraine there was some of the worst basketball officiating I have ever seen, but it was both ways for the most part. And I am not just saying this because our boys lost the game.

Following the game a fan from Santa Anna stepped on the court and confronted the officials. I don't know what was said, nor care for that matter, but this type of behavior is over the line and should be disciplined.. and it passed SELF discipline when they entered the court. There is NO reason for a player or fan to enter the field of play and confront an official during or after a game. Sure a coach or a game captain should have the right to and should question why certain calls or made but only for correction of behavior or game play and NOT to argue a call. Have you ever seen many calls reversed because a player or coach argued with an official? Probably not too many and if anything the official is going to watch much closer. I am just as guilty as anyone else for yelling "Come on!" or "No way!" at a bad call. In my opinion, the only acceptable discipline for a fan confronting a player, coach, or an official in this manner is to issue a trespass warning and ban that individual from attending games for the remainder of the season.

I went to a lot of football playoff games this year and witnessed at one game a well meaning fan that started off yelling words of encouragement for his team and cheering with the cheerleaders, only to start yelling at individual players on his team, then to the officials, and finally to opposing players so much that other of his team's fans were telling him to shut up and "That's enough!" As far as unsportsmanlike conduct on a players part it should be dealt with first by the coach, by teammates, and then by the parents of the athlete. Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches should be dealt with by school officials.

When it comes to going to the "Big Game", winners don't get there with unsportsmanlike conduct from theirselves, coaches, or fans.. and never will..

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Part II

Everything action has an equal and opposite reaction.. Sir Issac Newton's Third Law of Physics, and yes I looked it up!

The following is taken from pages 8 an 9 of the University Interscholastic League 2004-2005 Parent Information Manual

Remember that you are at the contest to support and yell for your team, and to enjoy the skill and competition-
not to intimidate or ridicule the other team or its fans.
Remember that school athletics are a learning experience for students and that mistakes are sometimes made.
Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people, just as you
would praise a student working in the classroom.
A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.
Learn the rules of the game, so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.
Show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups.
Respect the integrity and judgement of game officials. Understand that they are doing their best to help promote
the student-athlete,and admire their willingness to participate in full view of the public.
Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.
Refrain from the use of any controlled substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.) before, during, and after the game on or
near the site of the event (i.e. tailgating).
Use only cheers that support and uplift the teams involved.
Be a positive role model at events through your own actions and by censuring those around you whose behavior
is unbecoming.
Parents and spectators should be aware that the school can (and should) remove them from the premises and can
prohibit them from attending future contests due to undesirable behaviors.
Game officials can ask that school administrators have unruly fans removed from a contest facility.
There is no such thing as a "right" to attend interscholastic athletics. Interscholastic athletics are considered a
"privilege" and the spectator who avails themselves of it is expected to conduct himself or herself accordingly.
Keep in mind that you are a guest of the school, and that while winning is certainly an admirable goal, it is hollow
if it comes at the expense of morals, ethics, and just plain common sense.
The school is responsible for the behavior of their spectators. The school district can be and will be punished for
actions of patrons in violation of UIL standards and rules.

Santa Anna athletes, coaches, parents, and fans must remember that everything they do at a game reflects upon their team, our school, this community, and most important of all, themselves.

Everything that happens at a game will have some effect. For example, an athlete may not think a single incidental foul has that much to do with the outcome of a game, but what if your team loses the game by one point and the free throw shooter scored a point as a result of a free throw shot that they got from your foul? ..and what if it is a Championship game?

Are you paying attention yet?

What if you are a key player and are fouled out or worse yet thrown out of a game and your team loses the game?

Are you paying attention yet?

These are things that will stay with you for the rest of your life should they ever happen.

Are you paying attention yet?

I hope you are paying attention because.. winners don't get there with unsportsmanlike conduct from theirselves, coaches, or fans.. and never will..

Computer and Internet Tech Support

I don't really want to turn this into to work since computers and Internet are what I do for a living, but I think that it is important that we help each other out. Since I have some knowledge of how most of it works and I assume that if you are reading this you use the Internet at least a little bit, I want to start an at least weekly computer tip of the week or something like that.

The first thing I want to talk about is what I consider to be the most important problem with the Internet today and that is spyware. Spyware is also known as malware, foistware, or adware.. I call it crapware. Spyware is basically software that is installed on your computer either with or without your knowledge that tracks your Internet habits and targets you with advertising of some sort. Spyware can be installed along with another free program that you may actually want such as KaZaa, HotBar, or BonziBuddy... this type of software may provide a free service to the user, however there may be strings attached. Spyware can also be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the "wrong place" in a web page, pop-up ad, or e-mail, or simply by viewing a web page. Do not click in these windows... clicking in the window will install spyware on your computer. Always close these windows by using the [x], right clicking the program button on the Start bar and choosing "Close", or by using the CTRL, ALT ,and DEL keys.

Spyware may change your start and search pages, display pop-up ads, auto load pornographic web pages, and even place expensive long distance calls to 900 or International numbers using your computer. This software can cause slow and failed web page loads and system crashes.

Some names of software that are generally considered to be Spyware are KaZaa, HotBar, BonziBuddy, Gator, NewDotNet, Comet Cursor, Date Manager, Save Now, Precision Time, Cool Web Search, and many others.

If you use the Internet at all then you probably have spyware on your computer. So now what to do about it. There are several free programs that are pretty effective for fighting it. Computer manufacturers like Dell, several popular computer technical web sites, computer magazines, and computer TV shows recommend a combination of these programs. The first one is a program put out by Lavasoft USA called Ad-Aware. If you use the Internet at all you MUST have this program. There is also a pay version of this software that offers realtime protection and automatic updates. It is similar to an antivirus program that scans the files on your computer and allows you to remove the corrupt files.

The second program is written by an individual from Germany and is called SpyBot Search and Destroy and is available from Safer-Networking. This program is a full featured version as is and the software writer simply asks for donations. This program does offer an Immunize feature that protects in realtime and a scan for problems.

The third program is SpywareBlaster, by JavaCool Software, and is actually recommended by the writer of Spybot. It is a by donation program and only offers realtime protection.

I have found a combination of these three programs, along with your favorite antivirus program, to be the most effective in fighting and preventing this stuff. Of course you must have up to date antivirus or you are really taking a risk. And there is no excuse for not having up to date antivirus software on your computer that is running a regular scan. You WILL know if your computer is running a regular scan. All of the antivirus programs I have ever used can run a regular scheduled computer scan and will display the scan results when finished. If you don't see these scans every day or week then more than likely your computer is NOT protected.

Of course Norton, McAffee, and the other antivirus software can be expensive which is why I like a free one called AVG. Just do a search using Google or Yahoo for Free AVG and it should the be first link at the top of your search results. This program and the updates have been free for several years and it is full featured but doesn't have a scheduled scan option in the free version.

All of these programs are pretty straight forward to setup and run Download the install programs to your computer from the links in this article. Be sure to download them to a place on your computer where you can find them like your Desktop, My Computer, or a downloads folder on your computer. All the install programs can be deleted after installing or saved for future use. The setups are all pretty basic with the defaults, and choices of Next or OK in most cases.

One thing that I also think helps to have is a pop-up blocker. Service Pack 2 for Windows XP has a built in pop up blocker. The Google, MSN, and Yahoo toolbars work as good and have some other neat features as well.

Another thing that can help is a software firewall. Windows XP has a built in firewall. There are also some other programs like Norton Internet Security and McAfee Firewall that work OK but my favorite is a free one called Zone Alarm by Zone Labs. These firewalls can be a real pain to use though because they are permission based.. in other words you have to give programs permission to use the Internet as you use them.

The last important thing to do is keep your Windows up to date using Windows Update either through automatic updates or Internet Explorer's Tools menu and Windows Update or the link above.

Good luck and safe surfing!

No Household Trash Please..

Cindy and I decided to spend the this past beautiful Sunday afternoon going around to visit some of our Grandparents' gravesites. Cindy's Pawpaw Pierce is buried at the Gouldbusk Cemetery, her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Cope are buried in the Coleman Cemetery, her Great Grandma and Grandpa Robinett are buried in the Santa Anna Cemetery, and my Granny Wright is buried in the Cleveland Cemetery so we had quite a nice Sunday Afternoon/Evening drive.

As we headed out 283 South we passed one of my favorite motorcycle ride turnarounds.. the roadside park, and noticed all of the Christmas garbage dumped as we passed it so I turned around to take a photo of it. There has been a lot of trash there before but I could not believe the amount of trash from what appeared to be childrens' Christmas presents.

One of my first times doubting whether or not Santa Claus was real or not when I was a kid was when I found the empty boxes in our attic of gifts that Santa had brought. So I think that it is important to dispose of these boxes in a discrete way but come on people!

Right after I took this picture a Tahoe pulled up and a man got out and threw another sack full on the pile. I started to take his picture but didn't want to start anything, but this littering must be stopped.

A few miles down the highway we passed a Coleman County Deputy and I wondered if they ever did anything about litter..

Christmas 2004

Well I hope that you all had as good a Christmas as we did.

We had several family gatherings and for the most part we were all in pretty good health.

Our daughter, Chrystal, came home from ASU with a slight cold and our Grandson, Dawson, was all stopped up, and now Cindy has developed a cough but other than that we were all in pretty good shape.

I had told you last week a little about my Granny Wright's Christmas and I wanted to add a little more about Granny Wright that I have been wanting to write about for a couple of months and this just seems like the time.

Granny Wright was a Christian Mother and Grandmother. She raised her children and grandchildren as Christians. She attended the Church of Christ on 5th Street on the South side of Santa Anna. She rarely missed going and only usually when she was really sick. Of course she didn't drive, as I have told you, so she had to rely on others to get her there.

My parents divorced when I was five or so and we didn't go to church much after that except after my Mom remarried and we would come to Santa Anna and go with Granny Wright. I was Christened in the Episcopal Church when I was a baby. My dad was a Scoutmaster of the Boy Scout troop there. I was too little to really remember much about it but my parents attended a First Christian Church in Garland with my Dad's parents, eventhough my Mom was raised a Baptist.

The best I can remember all of my Grandparents were regular church goers and my earliest remembrances of going to a church was to Granny's Church. We would come to Santa Anna from Garland when I was a kid and before we moved to Santa Anna. We would come usually around Christmas and Easter. I enjoyed going around Easter because my cousin Greg Gibson was usually there and we were about the same age. His mom, my Aunt Clara, I remember once showed me my name as one of the books of the Bible which is probably the first time I remember reading anything in the Bible.

Granny's Church wasn't very big and didn't have a lot of members but some of my fondest memories of going to church are from there. Some of the members that I recall are C.E. and Vera Wise, Gladys Haynes, and Gladys "Lowdy" Lowdermilk each having there usual place. Those earliest times I recall the Church did not have any air conditioning so we would go early and open the doors all up to let it get cool before church started. Granny also cleaned the Church so we would often go and help her clean it during the week. I always liked dusting the wooden pews. We would also light the gas heaters in the Winter.

The building that once was Granny's Church doesn't look like much of a church building anymore but it still holds a special place in my memories of Granny.. gone but not forgotten.. Granny Wright .. "Love ya bunches".


Sometime in the last few weeks someone stole my Duofast coil roof nailer out of Ray and Jean Findley's garage. I am offering a $50 reward for information that leads to the return of it. I can positively identify it.

If you are the one that stole it, not that you would be reading this, I hope that you at least used it to buy Christmas gifts or food for children that would have to do without and not for drugs or a habit.

SantaAnnaNews.com Photos for Sale

I have debated whether or not to do this but I am going to try it out and see how it works for a while.

Several have asked me for copies or prints of various photos on the site. Based on my experience and what I have read in various publications, photos printed at home just are not lasting very well, especially in the Sun or bright rooms. Some that we have printed out look good for a couple of weeks and just seem to fade too fast. So I have found a site that will do a pretty good job of printing and of course all the photo places can print from a floppy or compact disk now.

Many want photos of some of the various school games and since this whole deal really started after the Booster Club asked if I would take some photos for the programs and maybe to give each athlete a CD with some photos on it at the Sports Banquet in the Spring, I want to be sure that each of you knows about it. The CD's given to each athlete won't have all of the photos but will have some of the better ones, simply because they all won't fit on a single CD. Of course you can always just right click on any image on this site and print it out (please note that they are copyrighted but I will grant you personal use.. especially if they are of you or one of your children!). For other use please get my permission before using them.

The photos on the site are also not the original quality or size in most cases, because they have to be redone for the Internet and faster loading. Some of the photos won't be suitable for printing larger than 5" x 7"s.

With that said I will be selling season CD's for $5 each and you can get the whole season for each sport and then print out whatever you want. The 2004 Football season with pep-rallys, homecoming parade, and some halftime activities is on one CD and the 2004 Volleyball season on another. The Basketball season should be available at the end of the season but will probably be on two CD's.. one Girls and one Boys.

The following pricing will be for professional quality commercial prints:

Photo Size

Per Print

4 wallet size

$6 sheet

4" x 6" singles

$1 each

4" x 6" multiples

6 for $5 or 15 for $10

8" x 10"

$10 each

16" x 20"

$25 each

20" x 30"

$30 each

Prices are subject to change but I will give you notice before ordering. Plus shipping and handling which is currently $2 for any amount. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back upon return of photos in original condition. Please allow a few weeks for delivery... which I will have a better idea of as time and orders go by.

To place an order just locate the photo or photos you want, identify them by game and photo number (right click on the photo to see the filename and number), and then send me an e-mail at photos@santaannanews.com.

1 and 1 Web Hosting Service

Want your own dot com?

This is great time to get it whether you just want it for an e-mail address of your own, like james@yourlastname.com, or for putting some family pictures on the web, or getting your business on the web
1 and 1 is by far your best bet!

Any questions just send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help you get started, or just click the 1 and 1 ad on the left, or any of the links in this article.

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