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High tread BF Goodrich Traction King 8.75R16.5 LT mud grip type tire and 8 hole 3/4 Ton Pickup wheel - will work on most Fords, Chevys, Dodges, and trailers - $40.

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1965 Volkswagen Beatle

Chrystal bought this car at a rod run car show in Gatesville before she even had her license. She had been wanting a Bug for a couple of years and this was here first car. Cindy's Mom and Step-dad found it for her. She and Jennifer drove it daily to Coleman when they were going to school there and working at the Shoppin' Baskit.

When she bought the bug it was in the early stages of restoration and about all it had was a rebuilt engine and the pink and turquoise flame paint job. She didn't like the paint too much but still had the interior redone to match the flames at one of Cindy's Step-dad Jimmy's buddies' shops in Waco.

Since she bought it and was going to drive it regularly I wanted it to be a little more reliable and became quite a bug mechanic despite my not really wanting to be!

We have rebuilt or replaced most of the major parts: new transmission, spring shocks, brakes shoes, master cylinder, generator, starter, battery, carburetor, plugs and wires, speedometer cable, glove box, new Pioneer CD player and AM/FM radio with matched speakers.

The only things that currently need repairing on it are the left emergency brake cable and the wiper blades again. Both items for less than 10 bucks at JC Whitney which I have found to be a good source for VW parts which are very cheap compared to other vehicles.

In case you don't know bugs too well this is a particular sought after year model 1965 and 1/2. From what I have learned it is the last model that had the Swing Axles and the first model to have regular 4 bolt type wheels which makes it possible to put some pretty cool tires and wheels on.

The body is in fair shape with the right rear fender needing redone after a backing accident. These fenders are about $70 at JC Whitney or this one can be repainted. The engine and transmission are in good shape. Tires and wheels are weathered from sitting in the driveway for the last couple of years.

Chrystal loved this car but wanted something a little more reliable for going to school in San Angelo and something that had a heater and air conditioning. You just have to love a bug to own one and this one can be yours. All proceeds will help pay for college expenses!

She gave $2500 for it and has put about $1500 into it and we will take $2500 for it now as-is. E-mail for more info.

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