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About the Peltons and SantaAnnaNews.com

This site is a culmination of a dream that I have had ever since I started using the Internet. I have been inspired by several individuals but must give some credit for inspiration to Randy Turner for creating colemannews.com and to Joe Sanchez, creator of bradytexasnews.com. While Randy and the current owners of colemannews.com have made efforts to include news about our town in their site, I believe it is just not the same as having our ownÖ and that is just what I hope that you will say and feelÖ that this site is for you and that you get something from it. Mr. Sanchezís bradytexasnews.com is more of a political activist statement/ freedom of speech type of website that I believe would lead a town to community vigilance.

I am doing all of this strictly voluntarily and as a community service. I have been serving this community voluntarily for the last 30 or so years through Boy Scouts, Lionís Club, the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Board, and the school Booster Club.

My mom Patsy, stepfather Tex Wright, and two sisters Danna and Alys moved here during the Summer, between my fifth and sixth grade years of school in 1975. Tex was from Santa Anna and he and my mom decided that the city was just getting too big for us. Little did we know how big it really was going to getÖ there was still pasture land between Dallas and Garland, and Mesquite was way out in the country! Now it is nothing but one big city.

Over the years my wife Cindy and I have had many opportunities to move away from Santa Anna but chose to stay here and raise our daughters: Chrystal, Jennifer, and Jessica. During that time we were in the service station business for about ten years and I believe that is one of the reasons that I have such a great appreciation for anyone that tries to run a business here. It is really a matter of sacrifice and survival in such an economically challenged part of Texas. And that is one of the reasons that I hope to be able to promote some of our businessís and our community with this site.

This site from time to time may reflect my opinions, others that I believe in, and even some that I donít. If you donít like these opinions donít come to my site. This site is funded by me and no one else, so you will not see any advertisements, so I wonít feel obligated to a particular business, although I may feature a product, business, or service that I believe in. It is for the promotion or our town, businesses, churches, school, and community organizations, and our families. So as this site grows it will hopefully become something of value to you.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see ya soon in Santa Anna!

Please let me know what you think about my site: news@santaannanews.com


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