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Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Lometa Hornets

The Santa Anna Mountaineers will face the Lometa Hornets in the fourth and final Division I District 9 game for the Mountaineers and third game for the Hornets. Dave Campbell shows the Hornets are picked to finish last in the district behind of Zephyr, Santa Anna, May, and Rochelle but they have played better than that so far.

The 5-4(0-3 District) Mountaineers are ranked 21st in Division I and 37th overall and the 6-2(2-0 District) Hornets are ranked 17th in Division I and 32nd overall.

According to Dave Campbell's 2013 Texas Football Magazine, players to watch are Shane Stone, Eric Nichols, Pedro Deluna, and R.J. Haggard.

Who they have played:
Beat Stephenville Faith 72-26
Beat Lohn 1-0 (Forfeit)
Beat Temple Centex Homeschool 80-34
Beat Cherokee 60-6
Lost to Mullin 80-73 (Santa Anna beat Mullin 59-24 in week 3)
Lost to Knox City 64-16
Beat Rochelle 82-60 (Santa Anna Lost to Rochelle 27-37 in week 7)
Beat Zephyr 46-31 (Santa Anna lost to Zephyr 62-72 in week 8)

Lometa is picked by 4 points so get your Black and Gold on, head on over to Mountaineer Stadium for the 7:30 kickoff, and I will see you at the game!

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Zephyr

I took over 800 photos of the Zephyr game and here are some of my favorites:

See the photo album on the Sports page for the rest.

Mountaineers Show Heart, but Come Up Short

The Mountaineers were able to regain their hard-playing form in Zephyr Friday night. With a key injury to full back Lucas Diaz, the boys were obviously shorthanded offensively and defensively. The center, Colby Nelson, had a spectacular performance with five receptions for 161 yards and two touchdowns before leaving with an injured shoulder and back. Senior Michael Valencia was in rare with 273 rushing yards for five touchdowns, and was also 14-15 with 310 passing yards and three touchdowns. Valencia also had eight tackles, while Jacob Herrod led the way with nine tackles. By the end of the game, the Mountaineers had lost three key players to injury and were unable to compensate for their absences. With three minutes to go the Mountaineers came within two points from a 60 yard touchdown reception by Jedidiah Herrod, but were unable to make the PAT. The Mountaineers ended up losing by 10 points, but showed the heart and determination we have all been waiting to see for some time.

The loss knocks the Mountaineers out of playoff contention, but hopefully taught them all many valuable lessons along the way. The final game of the season will be Friday in Santa Anna against Lometa at 7:30. These Mountaineers have worked hard since the beginning of summer, and many were up at 6:00 a.m. on summer days to get better, stronger and faster. Come show your support for them on Friday night and show them how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment to SAISD.

1 2 3 4 Final
SA 20 12 12 18 62
Zephyr 16 16 16 24 72

Santa Anna Youth Association

There will be a Santa Anna Youth Association meeting on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church CLC to re-elect officers.

Santa Anna Youth Association is a local sports association that provides Pee-Wee Football, Basketball, Softball and T-Ball/Baseball to the youth of our community.

Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting.

Most officer positions will be open to fill.

For more information, contact Tim Perry at (325) 348-8364 or Betsy Jones at (325) 636-3611.

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Zephyr Bulldogs

The Santa Anna Mountaineers will face the Zephyr Bulldogs in the third Division I District 9 game for the Mountaineers and second game for the Bulldogs. Dave Campbell shows the Bulldogss are picked to finish first in the district ahead of Santa Anna, May, Rochelle, and Lometa.

The 5-3(0-2 District) Mountaineers are ranked 14th in Division I and 23rd overall and the 5-2(0-1 District) Bulldogs are ranked 22nd in Division I and 39th overall.

According to Dave Campbell's 2013 Texas Football Magazine, players to watch are Jaydon Ezra, Bradley Lewis, Dylon Corker, Kade Miller, and Seth Jesko.

Who they have played:
Beat Granbury North Central Academy 63-16
Beat Oakwood 74-26
Beat Watauga Harvest 68-19
Lost to Jonesboro 39-20
Beat Stephenville Huston Academy 63-6
Beat Mullin 64-52 (Santa Anna beat Mullin 59-24)
Lost to Lometa 46-31 (Santa Anna will face Lometa in Week 9)

Editor's note: Mullin beat Lometa 80-73 in Week 4 for whatever that means...

Santa Anna is picked by 10 points so get your Black and Gold on, head on over to Zephyr, and I will see you at the game!

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Rochelle

I missed the first half and still took over 300 photos of the Rochelle game and here are some of my favorites:

See the photo album on the Sports page for the rest.

Mountaineers Fall to the Hornets

In what will go down as one of the most regrettable games in recent history, the Mountaineers failed to take care of business against the Rochelle Hornets. Although there were many opportunities to put the game away, too many mistakes and missed blocks created an unbeatable deficit in the last few minutes of the game. Freshman Jacob Herrod was a definite bright spot on defense with 10 tackles, but was injured early in the fourth quarter and could only play on the offensive side of the ball.

The Mountaineers were held to their second lowest point total of the season with three touchdowns from Michael Valencia and one touchdown from Lucas Diaz. Too many times the Mountaineers missed blocks and were unable to ever get any distance from the Hornets.

Defensively, the Mountaineers couldn’t get the key stop they needed at the end of the game to even have a chance for a winning drive. Jacob Herrod and Lucas Diaz both had 10 tackles, Colby Nelson had nine tackles, and Michael Valencia and Devan Denton had 7 tackles each.

Even though the Mountaineers didn’t get the job done, they still have a chance to make the playoffs in what most would call the toughest district in Six-Man Football. If they win their last two games handedly, the Mountaineers would still have a chance for second place and a trip to the postseason.

Their next district game will be held in Zephyr against the Bulldogs at 7:30 on Friday night. We hope to have as much support as possible for this difficult matchup.

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Rochelle

The Santa Anna Mountaineers will face the Rochelle Hornets in the second Division I District 9 game. Dave Campbell shows the Hornets are picked to finish fourth in the district behind Zephyr, Santa Anna, and May and ahead of Lometa.

The 5-2(0-1 District) Mountaineers are ranked 10th in Division I and 17th overall and the 5-2(0-1 District) Hornets are ranked 26th in Division I and 52nd overall.

According to Dave Campbell's 2013 Texas Football Magazine, players to watch are Tyler Donowho, Kody Wolfe, Marty Flores, Mason Howell, and Trace Odneal.

Who they have played:
Beat Savoy 54-8
Beat Cherokee 95-50
Beat Eden 73-28 (Santa Anna beat Eden 50-0 in Week 4)
Beat Panther Creek 1-0 Forfeit (Panther Creek canceled a game with Santa Anna in Week 1)
Beat Lohn 61-12
Lost to Blanket 50-52
Lost to Lometa 60-82 (Santa Anna will face Lometa in Week 9)

Santa Anna is picked by 35 points so get your Black and Gold on, head on over to Mountaineer Stadium, and I will see you at the game!

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs May

I took over 700 photos of the May game, and halftime and here are some of my favorites:

See the photo album on the Sports page for the rest.

The Mountaineers Fight to the End

The first district game was quite a battle for both the Santa Anna Mountaineers and the May Tigers. Both teams played an even game, but small mistakes on both sides of the ball contributed to the victory for the Tigers, and the loss for the Mountaineers. With many opportunities to stop the Tigers on fourth down, the Mountaineers came up just short of pulling off the upset. With a score of 38-31, any one of those stops could have been the difference in the game.

Michael Valencia was called upon to pass the ball much more than he has had to in the past, and he showed just how versatile he can be. He was 12 for 15 with 133 yards and two touchdowns (one to Colby Nelson who had 81 reception yards, and one to Jacob Herrod). He also ran for 124 yards and one touchdown while racking up 7 tackles on defense. Lucas Diaz played yet another solid game with two touchdowns and 5 tackles.

Colby Nelson led the defense with 10 tackles, while Logan Mendoza had 7 tackles, and freshman Jacob Herrod had 6 tackles and a fumble recovery. Unfortunately, the Mountaineers didn’t come out on top, but they have nothing to be disappointed about. May was a very strong team who was definitely pushed to the brink of defeat. They can only hope to have another opportunity against them down the line if they can make the playoffs.

1 2 3 4 Final
SA 6 6 12 7 31
May 8 8 14 8 38
May: 7-0 (1-0)
Santa Anna: 5-2 (0-1)

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs May Tigers

The Santa Anna Mountaineers will face the May Tigers in the first Division I District 9 game. Dave Campbell shows the Tigers are picked to finish third in the district behind Zephyr and Santa Anna and ahead of Rochelle and Lometa. Most others are saying the Mountaineers and Tigers will finish first and second and Friday's game is for the District Championship.

The 5-1 Mountaineers are ranked 9th in Division I and 15th overall and the 6-0 Tigers are ranked 6th in Division I and 8th overall.

According to Dave Campbell's 2013 Texas Football Magazine, players to watch are Justin Howard, Dakota Chambers, Isaac Williams, and Brant Harris.

Who they have played:
Beat Richland Springs 76-52
Beat Rising Star 74-24
Beat Newcastle 46-38
Beat Blanket 52-6
Beat Gustine 56-0
Beat Brookesmith 46-0

May is picked by 25 points but I think it will be closer than that and a little different outcome so get your Black and Gold on and I will see you at the game!

Santa Anna Mountaineers Homecoming 2013

I took over 1000 photos of the pregame, game, and halftime and here are some of my favorites:

See the photo album on the Sports page for the rest.

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Eden Bulldogs

I took a couple of hundred Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally photos and here are some of my favorites:

See the 2013 Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally photo album for the rest.

Senior Class Learning Financial Literacy

Students of Coach Davis’ Economic Class are now learning about financial literacy. The financial literacy course is an online module that instructs the student about the various aspects of banking, mortgages, applying for credit, purchasing insurance, and even what to look for when you are buying a car. C

redit card bills, debts, savings, and financial higher education may not be top of mind for most students, but the financial decisions they make today will have a long-term impact on their lives. Poor financial awareness jeopardizes teens’ ability to succeed in today’s complex and competitive environments.

These online modules cover an array of financial situations with proven strategies on how the student can make better decisions pertaining to their personal status. These modules are informative, proven strategies produced in such a manner that students will find interesting and comical.

The Mountaineers Persevere

The Mountaineers fought through a very sloppy game to “45” the previously undefeated Evant Elks on Friday night. Lucas Diaz played one of the better games of his high school career on both sides of the ball. He had 153 rushing yards and four touchdowns, and 8 tackles on defense. Senior Devan Denton also had a great game with an interception for a touchdown, 10 tackles, and a long touchdown reception with 2 seconds left in the half. Although Michael Valencia didn’t have his best game, he still had 356 rushing yards with 4 touchdowns, and 107 yards passing with 2 touchdowns. Freshman Jacob Herrod also added 4 touchdowns and 7 tackles to the cause. The game was high scoring and very beneficial for the Mountaineers in terms of conditioning for their district opponents in the upcoming weeks. Coach

Norris was asked about the game, and he said, “A few mental mistakes happened or it would have been over by halftime. It was great conditioning for us.”

Next Friday will pit two top ten teams against one another in the first district game of the year. The Mountaineers will be definite underdogs to the May Tigers this Friday night. They will need everyone to come out and support them as they try to defeat the powerhouse May.

Box Score:
1 2 3 4 Final
SA 20 35 20 21 96
Evant 12 14 14 8 48

Homecoming Queen


Genia Jones is the Homecoming Queen, escorted by her father Ray Jones.

Homecoming King


Michael Valencia escorted by his mother Nora Valencia.

Cemetery Gate Damaged - Update

The Santa Anna Cemetery gate has now been repaired due to the generosity and skill of Jeramy McGee!

On Friday night or Saturday morning of September 27-28th between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00AM someone broke out of the Santa Anna Cemetery and damaged the gate after they must have been locked in.

The gate was pushed on by a vehicle and swung open with enough force to hit the historical marker, break a hinge on the gate, and bend both gates.

Jeramy was contacted and promptly looked at the gate and was just as quick to repair the gate eventhough the damage was worse than initially thought. Both center gate bars and all four gate hinges had to be replaced. The gates are still bowed from the vehicle that pushed them.

Cost to replace the gates and historical marker are over $7000.

If you have information about this crime please contact the Santa Anna Police Department or James Pelton at 325-348-6050.

The cemetery gate is shut daily at sunset and opened at sunrise.

Anyone in the cemetery after the gate is shut is trespassing.

Homecoming Representatives

Homecoming October 4th.

Homecoming Representatives for Santa Anna High School

Alicia Lopez
Genia Jones
Courtlyn Lishka
Caitlyn Murray

Devan Denton
Christian Castruita
Michael Valencia
Justin McElrath
Zachary Diaz

Santa Anna Homecoming October 4-5

Every fall since 1953, Santa Anna High School Alumni have gathered in Santa Anna to participate in the annual Homecoming activities, and to keep in touch with former classmates and teachers. All Santa Anna Exes, former teachers, and administrators are invited to attend the annual Homecoming activities on Friday, October 4, 2013, and the Ex Student’s Association annual meeting on Saturday morning, October 5, 2013.

This year the Santa Anna Ex Student Association will be honoring those classes ending in a 3 with special recognition of the SAHS class of 1963 celebrating their 50th year reunion, and the Class of 1993 celebrating their 20th year. This year’s Homecoming Ex Student of the Year from the Class of 1963 is Mr. Larry Wardlow of Aiken, South Carolina. The Coming Home Queen from the class of 1993 is Betsy McIver Jones of Santa Anna, Texas. The Coming Home King from the class of 1993 is Rusty Fleeman of San Angelo, Texas.

Friday, October 4, beginning at 2 p.m., the Homecoming parade will be held in downtown Santa Anna, and the Pep Rally will follow immediately after at Mountaineer Stadium. The pregame ceremonies will begin at 7pm on Friday to recognize and honor the Ex Student of the Year, and the Coming Home King and Queen.

The game will feature the mighty Santa Anna Mountaineers versus the Evant Elks. Friday night kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. All Mountaineers, past and present, are encouraged to come out and root for the Black and Gold. The halftime performance will feature the crowning of the 2013 Homecoming Queen.

Saturday, October 5, the Santa Anna Ex Student Association’s activities include the annual business meeting and recognition of classes. Registration and coffee begin at 9am in the school cafeteria followed by the annual meeting at 10am in the High School auditorium. Following the meeting, there will be a luncheon in the school cafeteria. Proceeds from the luncheon will go to support the Santa Anna Mountaineer Band.

Betsy McIver Jones
Class of 1993
Coming Home Queen

Betsy McIver Jones is a member of the SAHS graduating class of 1993. Upon graduation, Betsy enrolled as a fulltime student at Angelo State University while working in the Floral Department at Wal-Mart. At the beginning of her sophomore year at ASU, Betsy was wed to Ray Jones. In the fall of 1995, the couple returned to Santa Anna, and Betsy enrolled in a work study program at Howard Payne University to begin her junior year. In June of ’96, the couple celebrated the birth of their first child, Genia Mae. Betsy graduated from HPU in December of 1998 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics - just in time to welcome their second girl, Jaylie Rae in January of ‘99.

When school started that fall, Betsy was on the other side of the desk teaching the subject in which still makes her smile to this day, Mathematics. Her first teaching position was at Panther Creek High School teaching every course from junior high math, Algebra I and II, and Geometry to Pre-Cal and AP Calculus. The next fall, Betsy began a seven-year stint at Bangs High School where she served as department head her last five years.

In 2007, Betsy had an opportunity that she couldn’t pass up - to become a full-time homemaker, room mother, and parent volunteer. For the next four years, she did just that. She became active in the Mountaineer Booster Club, Santa Anna Sports Association and in the Ex-Student’s Association where she served as secretary, vice-president, and two years as president. Betsy’s hiatus ended when her passion for numbers placed her in the classroom once again. This time it was at her alma mater, good ole’ SAHS. Betsy is currently employed at the Santa Anna ISD were she is once again teaching secondary math, in addition to being the varsity cheerleader coach.

Her love for teaching young people extends beyond the classroom. She and husband Ray have been involved with the youth at the First Baptist Church for seventeen years, serving as youth ministers. In 2010, they added to their family a son, Zack Diaz, and consider themselves very blessed.

Ray and Betsy have just recently celebrated 19 years of marriage and have three beautiful children--Genia, a senior at SAHS, Jaylie, a freshman at SAHS, and Zachary Diaz, a senior at SAHS. Betsy enjoys spending time with her family, church activities, and ministering to the youth of the community in many ways. She is an active member of the First Baptist Church Santa Anna and still plays an active part in the Mountaineer Booster Club and the Santa Anna Youth Association where she has served as treasurer for both organizations for the past 7 years.

Ray and Betsy both love and cherish this community and Santa Anna ISD.

Rusty Fleeman
Class of 1993
Coming Home King

Born and raised in Santa Anna, Rusty Fleeman is the son of Gary & Ruby Fleeman. After Graduation in 1993, He attended Angelo State University. In addition to meeting his wife, Julie Huddleston Fleeman, Rusty obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology as well as a second Bachelor’s degree in Range & Wildlife Management. Rusty began work towards his Master’s Degree and began a career in wildlife management.

After several years in the field managing wildlife and guiding hunts, Rusty began a brief career in banking & finance. This led him to obtain his teacher certification at Sul Ross State University. Rusty is currently the Middle School Athletic Coordinator at John Glenn Middle School in San Angelo and an assistant offensive line coach for San Angelo Central High.

Rusty and his amazing wife Julie have two wonderful children, Braeden and Emma. In his spare time, Rusty is an avid woodturner and enjoys spending time with his family.

Larry Wardlow
Class of 1963
Ex-Student of the Year

After graduation, Larry really had no plan. He had not applied to college, he had not looked for a job or even considered what he would do with himself. He looked around and suddenly all his classmates were gone, but luckily with the advice and assistance of Maureen Drake, a good friend, neighbor and RN at Santa Anna Hospital, Larry was offered a part-time job in the hospital Lab and Xray departments. This was the beginning of his interest in medicine and his lifelong career. His experiences at this small hospital and with the encouragement of the staff and especially that of Dr. Charles Mason Henner, led to his enrollment in a Laboratory Technician training program in late 1964. Following completion of that program, he was working at a rural hospital near Port Arthur, TX when he received his draft notice. Shortly after that, he joined the US Air Force on a delayed enlistment program and entered Air Force basic training in January 1966. Little did he know, but that draft notice turned out to be a life changing event and the beginning of a great career.

Larry served in the US Air Force from January 1966 until his retirement in the summer of 1988. In the early years of his career, he worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician and served in California, Texas, Alaska and 18 months in Cam Rahn Bay Vietnam. In 1974, he was selected to attend the USAF Physician Assistant training program, which led to a Bachelors degree and commission as an AF officer. Larry then worked in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine departments and served in various locations around the world including Texas, New Mexico, South Carolina, Japan and Germany and ultimately retired at Tinker AFB, OK in 1988.

After his retirement, Larry entered grad school at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and received a Masters in Public Health (MPH). He then accepted a corporate position with the Occupational Health Centers of the Southwest in Dallas, followed by a move to Montana and ultimately to Los Alamos National Laboratory where he remained for 12 years until his second retirement in 2004. As the PA profession grew and the role of the PA expanded, Larry was active on state and national levels as an advocate for PA advancement and served as the President of PAs in Occupational Medicine on 2 separate occasions. The years spent in Montana and the mountains of New Mexico were a great opportunity to enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, and the amazing sunsets.

Larry and his wife, Shela, currently live in Aiken, South Carolina. Shela is a Minnesota girl. They met and were married in 1969 in Fort Worth, TX. They are both avid tennis players and enjoy competition at the local as well as State and regional levels. Larry's love of tennis began at Santa Anna High School and with the excellent basic skills learned under Coach R.C. Smith, he can still be found on the courts 3-4 days a week. Larry continued to work and was self-employed until his full and final retirement about 2 years ago. He and Shela enjoy travel and just returned from a European vacation in London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

All of Larry's siblings still reside in Texas. Mary Ann Pape, lives in Santa Anna, Tommy lives outside Coleman, Bobby in Copperas Cove and Bradley in Dallas/Richardson. Larry is excited to return to Santa Anna - to visit the school and to renew friendships. He is especially grateful for what he discovered was a great education and what became a stepping stone for his career and future.

SAHS Class of 1963

The SAHS class of 1963 will celebrate their Homecoming reunion on October 4 and 5. The Celebration will begin at 10:00 AM Friday November 4 at the Feedstore in Santa Anna. They will participate in the Homecoming Parade at 2:00 PM then continue with their reunion afterwards at the Feedstore and attend the game together at 7:00 PM.

Their classmate Larry Wardlow will be honored before the football game as the "Ex Student of the Year". After the game the classmates will continue visiting at the Feedstore.

On Saturday, October 5, the class will attend the Homecoming Business Meeting at the High School Auditorium at 10:00 AM. They will have lunch in the Cafeteria at 11:30 then continue with their visiting and program at the FeedStore at 12:30

Yearbook Sales Past and Present

Homecoming night @ the football game and Saturday morning at the Exes meeting there will be a display selling past to current yearbooks.
Prices will be as follows:

Available yearbooks for sale:
year-(how many books available)

Homecoming Dance

Powder Puff Football Game

The Lady Mountaineers are hosting a Power Puff football game on Saturday October 5, 2013 at 3:00pm at the football field during homecoming weekend. This is a fundraiser for the girls athletic program, donations are welcome. This is a great opportunity to watch the ladies play football, and to watch the boys cheer them on. Please come and support these athletes and have a great time watching.

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Evant Elks

The Santa Anna Mountaineers will face the Evant Elks from Division I District 6. The Elks are picked to finish second in their district behind perinneal favorite Gordon and ahead of second year six man newcomer Lingleville, and the struggling Gustine.

The 4-1 Mountaineers are ranked 12th in Division I and 19th overall and the 5-0 Elks are ranked 53rd in Division I and 133rd overall. For a comparison of rankings District 9 opponents of Santa Anna are all ranked in the top twelve of D1 except for Lometa at 26th. May is 6th, Zephyr is 10th, and Rochelle is 11th.

According to Dave Campbell's 2013 Texas Football Magazine, players to watch are Homero Diaz, Dakota Hancock, and Carlos Arellano.

Who they have played:
Beat Cranfils Gap 54-30
Beat Kopperl 39-28
Beat Covington 46-0
Beat Lohn 64-12
Beat Moran 48-0

Santa Anna is picked by 45 points.

Santa Anna Mountaineers vs Eden Bulldogs

I took over 300 photos of the one half game and here are some of my favorites:

See the photo album on the Sports page for the rest.

The Mountaineers Trample the Bulldogs

In yet another dominating performance, the Mountaineers beat the Eden Bulldogs 50-0 in the first half. The Bulldogs were outmatched in every aspect of the game on Friday night. Michael Valencia had excellent blocking from his entire team, especially fullback Lucas Diaz and quarterback Jacob Herrod. Everywhere you looked, the Eden players were on the ground and Valencia was in the end zone scoring one of his 6 touchdowns. Lucas Diaz had just three carries, but ran for 103 yards and a touchdown. Michael Valencia had 229 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Defensively the Mountaineers were again unbreakable. Lucas Diaz led the way with 7 tackles, and Jacob Herrod had 6 tackles and an interception in the end zone. When asked, Coach Norris said, “This was just another solid game by the hard working Mountaineers on both sides of the ball.”

Overall, the Mountaineers are dominating their competitors, but in reality, they are busy preparing for the district rivals May, Zephyr, Rochelle, and Lometa. This week is our homecoming week and we will be playing the undefeated Evant Elks. As usual, the Mountaineers plan on beating the unbeaten, but all eyes are pointed towards May, Texas on October 11.

1 2 Half/Final
SA 20 30 50
Eden 0 0 0

M. Valencia-10-229 6 TD
L. Diaz- 3- 103 1 TD
Valencia-5, Lucas Diaz-7, Jacob Herrod-6, Devan Denton-5, Colby Nelson-5

Mountaineers J.V. Lose a Close Game to May

Fabian Suarez and the Mountaineers kept this a close game, but, time ran out on the J.V. squad from Santa Anna.

With 4 minutes into the first quarter, Suarez found the end zone on a 2 yard romp. Extra point attempt by Colton Enriquez was good, making the score 8 for the Mountaineers, and 7 for the Tigers from May. With 17 seconds left in the 1st quarter, Suarez again found the end zone on a 70 yard kick off return. Extra point attempt failed, making the score 14 – 19.

In the 2nd quarter, Jordan Washington found the end zone on a 2 yard touchdown run. Extra points by Enriquez was good, making the score 22 for the Mountaineers and 27 for the Tigers. As the 1st half was winding down, Suarez scores for the Mountaineers. Extra point attempt was no good, making the score 28 – 35.

In the 2nd half, Suarez finds the endzone with a little over 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Extra points by Enriquez were good, making the score 36 – 35. After May scored a couple more times, Suarez scored the last touchdown for the Mountaineers on a 15 yard run. Extra point try was no good making the final score 42 – 51.

Rushing Yards
Washington – 9 attempts for 49 yards
Suarez – 10 attempts for 82 yards
Kayden Isbell – 7 attempts for 9 yards

Enriquez – 5 for 73 yards
Suarez – 4 for 30 yards

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Santa Anna 14 14 8 6
May 19 16 8 8

Cemetery Gate Damaged

On Friday night or Saturday morning of September 27-28th between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00AM someone broke out of the Santa Anna Cemetery and damaged the gate after they must have been locked in.

The gate was pushed on by a vehicle and swung open with enough force to hit the historical marker, break a hinge on the gate, and bend both gates.

Cost to replace the gates and historical marker are over $7000.

If you have information about this crime please contact the Santa Anna Police Department or James Pelton at 325-348-6050.

The cemetery gate is shut daily at sunset and opened at sunrise.

Anyone in the cemetery after the gate is shut is trespassing.

Big Smiles at SAISD

Texas Education Agency has published the 2013 state accountability system ratings for the school districts and campuses of Texas public schools. The ratings are issued in three categories: Met Standards, Met Alternative Standards, or Improvement Required. They are based on a system using four indicators to provide greater detail on the performance of the state’s schools. The four areas are:
• Student Achievement - a snapshot of student performance across all subjects on the STAAR tests.
• Student Progress – Growth or improvement evaluated by subject and student group independent of overall achievement levels.
• Closing Performance Gaps - improving academic achievement of the economically disadvantaged student group and the lowest performing race/ethnicity student groups at each campus or district.
• Postsecondary Readiness - Includes measures of high school completion and other components.

Districts and campuses with students in Grade 9 or above must meet targets on all four indexes. For those that achieve the rating of Met Standard, Distinction Designations may be earned in the following three areas have also been assigned: Top 25 Percent Student Progress; Academic Achievement in Reading/English language arts; and Academic Achievement in Mathematics.

At Santa Anna ISD all of the rated campuses met the performance standards except for the Early EE-12 special education campus, which was rated "Improvement Required", even though it served only two Santa Anna students and should have been in the Alternative Standards classification. Region XV support personnel are currently working to rectify the situation.

SAISD received the Met Standards rating district-wide. The High School campus and the Elementary campus also Met Standards, with the Secondary campus receiving a Distinction Designation in the Reading/Language Arts area.

“There is always room for improvement,” District Superintendent James Bible said. “We see improvement with our economically disadvantaged students and in our subgroups. But, overall, I am pleased with the results and feel like we’re headed in the right direction. This faculty is second to none in its efforts to provide our students with the best education available anywhere.”

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