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Remember Those Who Serve

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Brandon Beloat, James Culpepper, Eddie Dawson, Kristle Deleon, Glen Donham, Reuben Frausto, Misti Graves, Bobby Hale, Patrick Kerr, Heather LaChance, Truman Matthews, Jeff Rivera, Josh Rivera, Michael Ruth, Marty Siller, Allen Tucker, Lance Vasquez, Austin Voss, Scott Watson, and Shane Watson.

Special thanks to Montie Guthrie for helping me out with this list.

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Friday Night Lights

Well we don't have to worry about the Rangers playing on Friday night this week.. or Wednesday or Thursday either, as they fell to the San Francisco Giants both of those nights and now travel back to Texas for game three. I hope they got used to the cold while they were out there as it is a little cooler back in Texas already. Did you see Cliff Lee put his jacket on when he got on base in game one? I can vouch for how cold it is on the Bay.

The 2-6(0-1) Mountaineers will travel to Zephyr to take on the 3-5(0-1) Zephyr Bulldogs in the second UIL Division 1 - District 10 game for both teams and this game will probably decide second place in the district. The two other teams in the district, Blanket and May, will play each other in Zephyr.

The 36th(96th overall) ranked Bulldogs are picked by 45 points over the 54th(163rd overall) ranked Mountaineers.

Who they have played:
Lost to Jonesboro 20-66
Beat Rochelle 66-16
Lost to Lometa 6-52
Beat Lohn 80-30
Lost to Gustine 60-74
Lost to Cherokee 14-60
Beat Robert Lee 71-24(Santa Anna lost to Robert Lee 54-80 in week 6)
Lost to Blanket 70-76

The Mountaineers will need you so grab a blanket, but on your black and gold under your coat and we will see you at the game!

First Baptist Trunk or Treat

Santa Anna First Baptist Church will be hosting its 4th annual "Trunk or Treat" on Saturday October 30 from 5 PM to & 7PM. We would like to invite all children from birth to elementary age to come and enjoy this festive occasion. Save time and gas and get all your treats in one location. Everyone is welcome to decorate your car or tailgate, arrival time for line up will be 4:30. Come and enjoy the fun experience as children go trunk to trunk in their Halloween costumes to collect their treasures. Any questions can be directed to Gay Abernathy at 325-348-3124.

Coleman County Livestock Show Committee Meeting

The Coleman County Livestock Show committee will have a meeting on November 2nd at 6:30 pm at the Bill Franklin Center to discuss the upcoming county livestock show . The show will be held on January 15th through 18th, 2010. All interested persons are encouraged to attend.

Pee Wee Football Playoffs

Saturday, October 23 in Richland Springs:
Flag vs Cherokee @ 11 (v)
5/6 vs. Richland Springs @ 2 (v)

(v)= S.A. is visitors

Friday Night Lights

Well, Mountaineers or Rangers? Rangers if I had tickets! But since I don't, I guess I will DVR the Rangers and head to May to watch the Mountaineers.

The 2-5 Mountaineers will travel to May to take on the 3-4 May Tigers in the first UIL Division 1 - District 10 game for both teams. The two other teams in the district, Blanket and Zephyr, will play each other in Zephyr.

The 33rd(98th overall) ranked Tigers are picked by 30 points over the 42nd(149th overall) ranked Mountaineers.

Who they have played:
Lost to Penelope 36-50
Lost to Rising Star 40-44(Santa Anna lost to Rising Star 14-60 last week)
Lost to Newcastle 26-50
Beat Woodson 60-32
Lost to Lometa 32-59
Beat Evant 58-32
Beat Eden 51-0(Santa Anna beat Eden 38-24 for Homecoming in Week 4
I hope it is a closer game so wear your black and gold and we will see you at the game!

Lady Mountaineer Volleyball

I wandered over to the gym between the PeeWee games in Santa Anna a couple of Saturdays ago and caught the Lady Mountaineers vs the Deleon Lady Bearcats. Took a few photos but I had my camera set wrong so most of them arent very good but here are some of my favs...

See the Sports page for the rest!

Mountaineer Football

I took over 400 photos at the Rising Star game and here are some of my favorites:

See the Sports page for the rest!

Seventh-Day Adventist Church Brownwood Holds Fallfest


WHAT: An evening Kids’ Event called “FALLFEST”! It is an afternoon of games & fun with friends & family & a FREE PUPPET SHOW every 30 minutes. Free popcorn and bottled water will be given to the puppet show audiences.

WHEN: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2010, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

WHERE: “FALLFEST” will be hosted at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Brownwood, TX, 2211 Ave. D, Brownwood, TX 76801 (On the church lawn at the corner of Avenue ‘D’ & 11th Street).

LOOK: For Posters at bulletin board sites in town for COUPONS for 5 FREE GAME TICKETS per child. One coupon is good for the whole family!! Newspaper Ads & Online Ad printouts will be accepted also!

Santa Anna Mountaineer Band Gets a Division 1 Rating

The Mountaineer Band competed in the 2010 UIL Region VII Band Marching Competition in Brady on Saturday October 16 along with 14 other Class A bands and received a Division 1 rating from the judges. Way to go band and great job Mr. Mitchell!

The first video is of the entry of the Santa Anna Mountaineer Band and the second is the warmup and performance:

2010 UIL Region VII Band Marching Competition Photo Album

Santa Anna Mountaineer Band Competes

The Mountaineers will compete in the UIL Marching Contest in Brady on Saturday October 16 at 10:30 AM.

The Mountaineer Band will be the third band from Class A.

Don't be late!


The Mountaineers are off this Friday for some much needed rest before the long three weeks of district play begins. Do you think they knew the Texas Rangers would be in the race for the American League Championship?

The PeeWee Playoffs are this Saturday, the 16th, in Lometa and the PeeWee Super Bowl is in Zephyr on the 23rd which is great for me so I can make them and not miss the Mountaineer Band at Marching Contest in Brady on Saturday the 16th at 10:30... don't be late!

Playoff Schedule Changes:

October 16 no games in South Zone

October 23 in Richland Springs:
Flag vs Cherokee @ 11 (v)
5/6 vs. Richland Springs @ 2 (v)

October 30 Superbowl in Zephyr

(v)= S.A. is visitors

I have been busy working on the PeeWee team and individual photos all week and haven't had a chance to get the photo albums up on the web but I will get them this weekend.

Oh, and I have a new deal for those that want photos of sports, band or whatever. Fatheads are now available. More details later.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fifth Circuit Upholds Texas Pledge of Allegiance

Federal appeals court rejects plaintiffs’ constitutional challenge to the State pledge

AUSTIN – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit today ruled that the Texas Pledge of Allegiance is constitutional. The federal court’s decision rejected an appeal filed by a Dallas couple, who unsuccessfully argued that the State’s Pledge violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

“Today a federal appeals court rejected a challenge to the Texas Pledge of Allegiance and found that it is constitutional for the State to acknowledge religious faith,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said. “This ruling marks not only a second consecutive victory for the
State pledge, but also a victory for all Texans’ constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.”

Media links
United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision

The words “under God” were added to the Texas Pledge of Allegiance in 2007. That year, the plaintiffs filed a lawsuit challenging the phrase’s constitutionality and sought an injunction banning its use. In the district court, the State successfully argued that reciting the Texas Pledge is a patriotic exercise – and is protected by the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of religion. The federal district court issued a decision rejecting the plaintiffs’ challenge in 2009, and the plaintiffs appealed their loss to the Fifth Circuit.

In today’s ruling, the Fifth Circuit affirmed the lower court’s decision, ruling that the Texas Pledge “. . . is a patriotic exercise, and it is made no less so by the acknowledgement of Texas’s religious heritage via the inclusion of the phrase ‘under God.’”

The appeals court also denied the plaintiffs’ argument that the Texas Pledge endorses a particular religious belief. Rather, the ruling acknowledged: “A pledge can constitutionally acknowledge the existence of, and even value, a religious belief without impermissibly favoring that value or belief, without advancing belief over non-belief, and without coercing participation in a religious exercise. Texas’s pledge is of this sort and consequently survives this challenge.”

The Texas Pledge of Allegiance reads: “Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”

Santa Anna ISD Public Hearing

On The FIRST Ratings
November 15, 2010, 5:30pm
In The School Library

The Santa Anna ISD will hold a public
Hearing in regard to the FIRST
(Financial Integrity Rating System
of Texas) Report. This report is for
the 2008-2009 school financial year
ending on August 31, 2009. The
purpose of the hearing is to inform
the public of the district’s financial
ratings and to explain the district’s
performance under each of the 22
indicators. The Santa Anna ISD FIRST
rating for the 2008-2009 year was a
Superior Achievement.

Presbyterian Church to Celebrate 125 Years

The various churches of Santa Anna can all claim a common origin in one respect: Their pioneer ancestors all worshiped together in the schoolhouse that stood where the armory presently stands. From there, all the churches branched off into different denominations.

Friday morning, July 10, 1885, the Santa Anna Presbyterian Church was granted membership in the Cumberland Presbytery, with Rev. Richard W. Lewis as our first pastor. His call was for one-fourth of his time, or the sum of $75.00 per year. Having only a part-time preacher, the church group did not have a permanent home. They first met for services at the Methodist Church, then at the Baptist Church, then at Stockyard Hall, now known as The Opera House in downtown Santa Anna.

In 1905, the Presbyterian Church approved the construction of a building for our services. The foundation was no sooner finished when the program was interrupted and delayed by an event that shook the whole Presbyterian Church; the union of the Cumberland Presbytery and the Presbyterian Church USA, and it was not readily accepted in Santa Anna, causing the Santa Anna Presbyterian church to split.

The Cumberland built a new church in Santa Anna on Avenue B that was later given to the Seven Day Adventist. The other group, after much hard work, (remember, the membership was cut in half) finished the building in 1909. The official name was First Presbyterian Church USA of Santa Anna.

In 1964, a new church building was built where the old one stood. Based on the old minutes, it appears there were a few problems or disagreements, because several people left the church at this time.

This new church building now stands at 1007 Willis Street, and is the present home for our congregation.

Since 1985, we have not had a full-time pastor. We have had temporary, interim, part- time, Baptist, lay and at the present, Rev. Kathy Monroe, who is a great preacher. It is interesting to note that since 1910, the church membership has not varied, save a few. It has consistently stayed around 40 members. Just as our ancestors, for 125 years we have continued to serve God and our community. The Santa Anna Presbyterian Church enjoys being well represented at any given community function.

The members of the Santa Anna Presbyterian Church would like to invite past and present friends to celebrate 125 years of serving God to worship with us on October 17, 2010 at 10:30 A.M. Please join us for lunch following the services.

Early Out at SAISD

Santa Anna ISD to Dismiss at 1:30 Wednesday for Emergency Preparedness Training

SAISD has received a Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) grant to develop and implement, in coordination with First Responders, an emergency plan of action. Included in the grant were supplies, two-way radios, and training videos.

On Wednesday, October 13, Santa Anna ISD will dismiss school at 1:30, at which time busses will run. At that time, faculty and staff will convene in the school cafeteria for training in steps to protect the safety of our children.

The agenda includes:
• The Emergency Operations Plan: Crisis Management, Communications, and Legal Issues
• Training Video
• Campus-specific dry-runs

SAISD parents are urged to make preparations for their children to be out of school at 1:30, Wednesday, October 13.

SAHS Homecoming Week

Santa Anna High School’s Homecoming week brought out the spirit in the student body as cheerleaders worked to pump everyone up for Friday’s game against Eden.

“Celebrity Day” brought Taylor Swift (Sarah Herrod), Caesar De La Cruz (Danny Trowbridge), and Kim Kardashian (Ashley Gibson) to school.

“Bandana Day” became a contest of who could sport their bandanas with the most style.
(Front: Sarah Herrod, back L to R: Genia Jones, Hannah Hartman, Ashley Gibson, Angel Stewart, Christian Washington, Carlee Coats, and Kourtney Guerrero)

Mountaineer Football

The Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the Rising Star Wildcats this week after falling to the Robert Lee Steers 54-80 last week.

See the Sports page for the Robert Lee game photo album.

The game will be in Rising Star at 7:30 Friday October 8th.

The Pee Wee tournament football games will be in Santa Anna this Saturday at Mountaineer Stadium.

There will be two Santa Anna Flag games, two Santa Anna Third and Fourth Grade games, and one Fifth and Sixth Grade game.

The Santa Anna Flag games will be with Richland Springs at 9:00 and Lometa at 11:00.

The Santa Anna Third and Fourth Grade games will be with Richland Springs at 12:00 and Lometa at 2:00.

The Santa Anna Fifth and Sixth Grade game will be with Richland Springs at 4:00.

See the Sports page for the Pee Wee Football Team photos, game photo albums, and a complete schedule.

Plenty of Mountaineer Football to watch so get your Black and Gold on and we will see you at the games!

Santa Anna Mountaineer Band Competes

The Santa Anna Mountaineer Mighty Marching Machine traveled to San Angelo on Saturday, October 2, 2010, to perform in the San Angelo Marching Contest, and by the end of the day, they were declared Champions over 10 other Class A schools.

Judges also awarded the S.A.M. Band the Outstanding Brass Section of the day. One judge commented that he did not expect to see such a large and powerful marching band from a six-man school.

The Mountaineers currently have 76 members in the high school band (grades 7-12), and 65 perform in the marching half-time show.

Other schools participating in Class A were: Christoval, Bronte, Eden, Water Valley, Eldorado, Winters, Menard, Reagan County, Irion County, and Sterling City.

In the past four years, the Santa Anna Band has also won first place in the McMurry University Marching Festival, the Brownwood Marching Festival, and the Abilene Marching Festival. The Mountaineers also have a current string of 4 consecutive sweepstakes awards.

Truitt Mitchell, a retired school administrator from Sundown, is the director.

The Mountaineers will compete in the UIL Marching Contest in Brady on October 16.

The 2009 Mountaineer Band at Brady Marching Contest

B.U.S.T. Program at High School

Jeanne and Johnnie Mac Brown visited Coleman High School on September 29th with one message. Buckle Up and Stop Texting. (B.U.S.T. They shared the testimony of their daughter’s choices on November 10, 2009 that cost her young life to be lost with students. Thanks to Coleman High School Student Council Santa Anna High School Student Council members along with Junior and Senior Students were able to attend.

2010 Santa Anna Homecoming Royalty

Some of us missed this last month so here they are again...

2010 SAHS Homecoming Queen - Loren Pritchard escorted by her father Mike Pritchard

2010 SAHS Homecoming Queen and Court - L-R are Natalie Neville, Paige Guerrero, 2010 SAHS Homcoming Queen - Loren Pritchard, and Sarah Herrod

2010 SAHS Homecoming King, Joe Guerrero escorted by his Grandmother Rita Keeney

Eva Frausto Adamson, the Coming Home Queen, and Jody Patterson, the Coming Home King both representing the Class of 1990

Eddie Hartman - Ex Student of the Year representing the Class of 1960 escorted by his sons James and Mike

See the 2010 Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally Photo Album for more Parade and Pep Rally photos.

See the Sports page for the Eden/Homecoming game photo album including halftime photos.

See the 2010 Homecoming Ex Students Meeting Photo Album

Santa Anna Ex Student Association

There were 128 ex students, faculty, and guests of Santa Anna High School that registered for the 57th Annual meeting of the Ex Student's Assocation:

Class of 34
Virgle Sewell

Class of 38
M L Guthrie

Class of 44
Elvis Cozart

Class of 46
Bonnie Kuykendall
Eunice Cupps Terry
Wade & Wanda Blake
Alice Guthrie Spillman
Ben Tatum
Marie Heilman Vaughn
Evelyn Bruce Kingsbery
Tom Newman
Artie Jean King Sitterle

Class of 47
Novelle M Boylston
Reba Haynes Cozart

Class of 48
Gene Rice

Class of 49
Wayne E Stewardson
Virginia Rice
Duane Callaway
Sue Milligan Newman

Class of 50
Helen Day Slusher
Joe S Price
Richard Shield
Alwyn Brandon Jacobs
Martha Priddy Floyd
Lois Wallace
Lea Mitchell Mock

Class of 51
Thomas Rutherford

Class of 52
Joe Wynn

Class of 53
Delma Drake Blair
Mel Pollock
Betty Miller
Patsy Rutherford Smith

Clas of 55
Nancy Wylie
Bill Lowry
George Baucom
Daniel w Johnson
Jennie Calloway Gourley
Carl Langford
Edwin Hipsher

Class of 56
Diane Williams Lowry
Christine Barnes Jones
Hilary Rutherford
Martha Ray Pritchard
Carol McClellan

Class of 57
Dan Gilbert
Patsy Parrish Bible
James Curtis
Phillip Johnson

Class of 58
Belva Heilman Rutherford
Bobby Densman
Jean Bouchillon Langford
James Lyndon Haynes

Class of 59
Wayne Langford

Class of 60
Glendon Eppler
Tony Tucker
Travis Buse
Eddie Hartman
Naoma Henderson Nichols
Sandra Fowler McClelland
Byrl & Brenda Fellers
Darlene Mercer Pirrello
Donald Williams
Carolyn Baker Pricer
Frances Biggs Malone
LaVelle McClintock Haynes

Class of 61
Dixie Baugh Bible
Jimmy Niell
James Bible

Class of 62
Brian Baucom
Juanell Mercer Stiles
Harold D Walker

Class of 63
Randy Brown
Arlene Welch Haynes
Glenda Vineyard Baucom
John Dillingham

Class of 64
Sandra Davis Guthrie
Sherry Drake Burleson
Norman Anderson
Terry Blanton

Class of 65
Montie Guthrie
Patsy Drake
Pat White Cooley
Karen Griffin
John Gregg
Ruth Ann Walker McIver
Barbara Baucom Osborne

Class of 66
Jamie Morris
John Hensley
Lois Simmons Coppic

Class of 67
Eddie Jones
Leanna Jones Pollock
Norma J Eubank Jones

Class of 68
Wanelda Blount Morton

Class of 69
Allen Hawkins

Class of 70
Pat Hawkins
Sue Kindgery Porter

Class of 71
Gay Rutherford Abernathy

Class of 75
Judy Cupps Lutes

Class of 76
David Robinett

Class of 79
Dick Smith

Class of 81
Lori Smith Kernes

Class of 82
James Pelton

Class of 83
Michael Harman

Class of 85
Deborah Slaton

Class of 86
Jeanene Jones Price

Class of 87
Joey Anderson
Jackie Weathers Miller

Class of 89
Belinda Deal Washington
James Hartman
Jackie Smith

Class of 90
Shannon Brown Herrod
Eva Frausto Adamson
Jody Patterson

Class of 93
Betsy McIver Jones

Class of 95
Tom Guthrie
Danna Jones

Class of 97
Briana Guthrie
Chris Cheaney

Class of 2000
Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Class of 2006
Jessica Pelton Kerr

Joan Jones
Pat Smith
RC Smith
Sharon Cheaney

No Class Year Provided
Jack Carroll
Harry Walker
Sandra Hartman Walker
Stanley Hartman

Rockwood Homecoming

The annual Rockwood Homecoming was held on Sunday September 19, 2010. Although the crowd was smaller than usual and some the old familiar faces were absent, lots of shared memories and renewal of friendships were the order of the day. The memorial service at the Rockwood Cemetery began the day, Rev. Jeff Dean officiated and then many of the crowd adjourned to the Rockwood Baptist Church for services.

The noon lunch was attended by all, and the group enjoyed barbeque Brisket and all the trimmings. Royce McIver called the Rockwood Cemetery Association meeting to order. The financial report was given and then an election for directors was conducted. Directors being reelected for the Cemetery Board were Faye Wise and Royce McIver. Billie Gay Rutherford Abernathy was newly elected to replace Minnie Bray, who had resigned for health reasons. The meeting was then adjoined.

Next were special recognitions and drawings for various prizes including the hand sewn quilt by the Rockwood Quilting Club. Jean Kriegel welcomed the attendees and then presented door prizes to several of those present. She recognized Doris Richardson of Hillsboro as the oldest person to attend, beating Elec Cooper by only a few days, as Elec would celebrate his 93 birthday on September 21. The person who had traveled the longest distance was Mary Ann Cooper of Anton, Texas and the youngest child was Alex Coffman, a new member of the Rockwood Community. Jean then presented a special gift to Minnie Bray and shared with the crowd the many jobs Minnie had so faithfully done over the years, from mowing the grass to cleaning of the Center, but most of all being such a vital part of the Rockwood community. Thanks to a very special lady.

An auction followed and over $265.00 was raised from donated items to help with maintenance of the Community Center. The drawing for the quilt was last but certainly not least. Minnie explained to the crowd that the quilt was donated by the Artie Jean King Sitterle family and all the hand work was done by the Rockwood Quilting Club. This beautiful quilt was won by Reba Cozart of Trickham.

The day was enjoyed by all. Special thanks go out to the Quilters Patch and Mesquite Time both of Santa Anna, Phyllis Sikes, Nancy Weston, Coleman County Electric Cooperative and Coleman County Telephone Cooperative for donations of gifts for the auction and prize drawings.

David & Jean Kriegel and Phyllis Sikes did a great job in preparation for the Homecoming 2010. New committee members will be Jennifer Rutherford, chairman with Jimmie Gail Hafner, Kim Whitaker and Billie Gay Abernathy as assistants.

Please make plans to attend Rockwood Homecoming on the third Sunday of September 2011, where you will experience old and new friends and wonderful memories of this special little town--- Rockwood, Texas.

Mountaineer Football

The 2-3 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the 0-5 Robert Lee Steers this week after defeating the Eden Bulldogs 24-38 last week.

The Steers out of Division 1 District 8 are ranked 150th overall and 52nd in Division 1 and picked to lose by 44 to the 87th ranked overall and 39th ranked Division 1 Mountaineers from District 10.

Who the Bulldogs have played:
Lost to Fort Davis 24-70
Lost to Paint Rock 80-92 (Note: Santa Anna also lost to Paint Rock 6-56 in Week 2)
Lost to Loraine 20-67
Lost to Blackwell 26-56
Lost to Sterling City 0-48 (Note: Santa Anna also lost to Sterling City 0-52 in Week 0 so it could be another close game.)

It's going to be the last home game for five weeks so get your best black and gold on and we will see you at the game!

Speaking of traveling to football games, I went to the Brownwood Lions/Fort Worth All Saints game at Texas Stadium Thursday night. A pretty cheap ticket to get in and see the new Cowboy Palace. The game wasn't much to see as the Lions have a great team and blew the Saints out. I did get to see one of my old bosses and the owner of Brownwood Dr Pepper, Mr. Charles Lockwood and his daughter Ashley. a fun trip with one of my co-workers and old Bluecat from Coleman, now #1 Goldthwaite Eagle fan Terry Thompson. See for some of Terry's pics.

Santa Anna ISD

Extreme Makeover

One of my favorite shows, ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, may soon be coming to Coleman County as the Marsden Family of Glen Cove is up for consideration.

Read their stories at and this Abilene Reporter News Article.

The family has also started their own website

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