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Remember Those Who Serve

The list of those serving our country continues to grow.

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Brandon Beloat, James Culpepper, Eddie Dawson, Chaplin Delarosa, Kristle Deleon, Glen Donham, Reuben Frausto, Misti Graves, Bobby Hale, Patrick Kerr, Heather LaChance, Truman Matthews, Jeff Rivera, Josh Rivera, Michael Ruth, Marty Siller, Allen Tucker, Lance Vasquez, Scott Watson, and Shane Watson.

Special thanks also to Montie Guthrie for helping me out with this list.

Please help me with others by sending their names, photos, or whatever you want to me at or use this convenient form

Patsy Wright - Certified Independent Consultant

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Friday Night Lights

The 5-3 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the 7-1 Richland Springs Coyotes Friday the 30th in Richland Springs for the fourth Division I - District 9 game for both teams.

The 3-0 in District Mountaineers are tied for first place in the District with Richland Springs so this game will be for the District Championship.

The Coyotes are ranked 9th overall and 5th in Division I and the Mountaineers moved up to 140th overall and to 52nd in Division I this week.

The heavily favored Coyotes are picked by 45 points by Did I say I love it when we are the underdogs?

The Coyotes have a winning tradition, lots of talent, and great coaches and to beat them the Mountaineers will need to play a perfect game with no mistakes, penalties, or turnovers and a whole lot of luck.

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine picks the Coyotes to finish first in District 9 ahead of Robert Lee, Eden, Rochelle, Santa Anna, and Veribest. Campbell had this to say, "Haustin Burkhart, who rushed for almost 1,400 yards and threw for another 1,900, will pace a Coyote squad that brings a ton of depth and experience to the table."

Players to watch are: Haustin Burkhart, David Veitch, Randy Couch, Tommy Hollon, Stephen Fowler.

Who they've played:
Beat Azle Christian 50-0
Lost to Borden County 62-76 (Borden County is ranked 8th overall and 4th in Division II)
Beat Lometa 48-0
Beat Gordon 48-0
Beat Buckholts 70-6
Beat Eden 50-0 (Santa Anna beat Eden 48-0)
Beat Robert Lee 62-8 (Santa Anna beat Robert Lee 54-38)
Beat Rochelle 74-6 (Santa Anna plays Rochelle in the final District game next week at Santa Anna)

How did the rest of Division I - District 9 do last week?
Richland Springs beat Rochelle 74-6 and Santa Anna defeated Robert Lee 54-38 of course while Veribest beat Eden 60-12.

Wear your black and gold and I will see you at the game!


I was recently contacted by Mario Esparza stationed with the US Border Patrol in New Mexico. He found a "Class of 96" Santa Anna class ring with the name "Alfredo" on the side.

If you know who this ring belongs to please send me an e-mail to and I will put you in touch with Mario.

Trunk or Treat

Don't forget about Trunk or Treat and Happy Halloween!

SAHS Class of 59 Celebrates 50th Reunion

Members of Santa Anna Class of 1959 who attended their 50th reunion during Homecoming are pictured above: Back row: Kenneth Armstrong, Bill Jennings, Larry Trinidad, Clois (Cullens) Cox, Buddy Wylie, Arlen Allen, Lowell Pembroke. Front row: Jackie Dillingham, Ann (Stewardson) Dunaway, Kay (Kingsberry) Gray, Vita (Rehm) Gilpin, Chrystene (Carpenter) Downs, Van Aldridge, Wayne Langford.

Other members who attended but were unable to be in the picture were: Mary Ann (Wardlow) Pape, Ludy Jane (Crutcher) Bryan, Wayne Morgan, Jimmy Vineyard, Clint Horne, and Jerry Johnson.

Several spouses also attended along with many drop-in visitors from other classes. Lowell Pembroke came from Arizona and Larry Trinidad came from Oklahoma to be with us. A wonderful time was had by all and agreed to meet more frequently.

The Great Pumpkin

When I was growing up, one of my favorite seasonal TV programs was It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

I was showing someone how to type in a URL in an Internet Class Tuesday and went to and noticed the show was on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Billed by ABC as:
The classic half-hour animated Halloween-themed PEANUTS special, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, created by late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, returns WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.
In the 1966 half-hour animated special It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, The PEANUTS gang celebrates Halloween, with Linus hoping that, finally, he will be visited by The Great Pumpkin, while Charlie Brown is invited to a Halloween party.

It reminded me of back in June, when I was in North Dakota for training we got out early one day and headed for Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. After going through the big city we decided to see some country side and headed down a farm to market type road when I saw it!

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

There it was on the side of the road outside of Roland Manitoba... The Great Pumpkin and I had to see it... actually called "The Giant Pumpkin"... it was Great to me!

It is in the Hampton Hotel's Save-a-Landmark program and here is what they say about it:
In Manitoba, Canada there’s one attraction that will never spoil – the Worlds Largest Pumpkin! This specimen won’t be found in your local pumpkin patch – it’s a super-sized squash replica that weighs 1,684 pounds, stands 12 feet tall and measures 12 feet wide. Constructed out of steel rods and covered in orange fiberglass, the Pumpkin was created in 1990 during the Roland Centennial in honor of Edgar VanWyck, the “Pumpkin King.” The local legend is remembered for successfully landing his name – and the town – in Guinness Book of World Records for growing the largest pumpkin in the world. Planted just a short drive south of Winnipeg, this is a site that can’t me missed —for family picnics or a quirky fall photo-op. On October 30, 2007, after years of harsh climate conditions and vandalism, the Pumpkin received some much needed patching from Hampton Hotels’ Save-A-Landmark program. During an estimated 50-hour restoration effort, volunteers from the Hampton Inn & Suites Winnipeg sanded and painted the supreme structure with anti-graffiti paint, landscaped the surrounding area with trees and shrubbery, put in stone walkways and installed lighting to illuminate the Pumpkin at night. Hampton Hotels contributed more than $15,000 to the Pumpkin’s ongoing care, ensuring that future generations of visitors will have the chance to behold this giant monument to one historical harvest.

Santa Anna Student Council Speaks Red!

Santa Anna Student Council will be sponsoring Red Ribbon Week to promote drug awareness for the students of Santa Anna.

It is our goal to inform our peers about the dangers of drug use. Throughout the week red ribbons will be given out to the students. The student council will be giving informative presentations regarding the affects of drug use.

In order to encourage the involvement of every student, there will be a different theme for each day of the week:
Monday: "Turn Your Back on Drugs"---wear clothes backwards.
Tuesday: "Put a Cap on Drugs"---wear a ball cap.
Wednesday: "Shade Out Drugs"---wear shades.
Thursday: "Stomp Out Drugs"---wear boots.
Friday: Elementary students and high school students may wear Halloween costumes, if they are safe and school appropriate.

While the student council would like to discourage all kids from using drugs, we would like to encourage the community to join in our effort to get the message out by displaying a Red Ribbon in your yard or businesses.

2009 Santa Anna Student Council

Santa Anna High School Student Council:

Front Row: Nate Salazar, Matthew Henefey, Hannah Hartman, Jennifer Casturita, Kourtney Guerrero, Ashley Gibson, Carlee Coats Middle Row: Kindsey Holland, Peyton Morris, Juan Suarez, Chris Tate, Sarah Herrod, Emily Taylor, Layken Herrod, Ralee Rice
Back Row: Wes Tucker, Shawn Robertson, Kelsey Tobin, Loren pritchard, Marcus Valencia, Aspyn King, Josh Perez

2009 Santa Anna Student Council Officers

The 2009 Santa Anna Student Council Officers are:
Emily Taylor--Reporter/Treasurer
Sarah Herrod-Vice-President
Shawn Robertson--President
Layken Herrod--Secretary

Mountaineers defeat Robert Lee

The underdog Mountaineers gave the six point favorite Robert Lee Steers a sixteen point head start but showed a lot of character by overtaking the Steers 30-22 at the half.

The game was a little ugly at times but the Mountaineers came out on top 54-38.

Harold Get'n r Done

Flame Broiled Burgers

Tim had to lower the price when these other two started helping!

Juan gets some help from his friends

A little steer wrestling

Mr. Mitchell likes it

Cheerleaders groovin'

Tate dives it in the Zone

Cheerleaders get some air

Manny cuts it

Tate takes it home

Mountaineers defeat Eden

Ok I know it is a little late for the Eden game but I was a little early with the Albums this past two weeks and I forgot to post any of the game up here on the Front Page...

Nothin but Tail Lights - Go Bulldogs...

Chris Tate Left

Let's Hug

Tate heads for the Zone

Coach Ramos in the House!

Manny puts the Voo-Doo on #5

Big Mike gets the key block


It's lonely when you are the Man in Black

This Band Rocks!

Out and About

I really wanted to go to Groesbeck to watch the Mountaineer Band march but it was such a long way. I had sort of planned to go watch the Band and stay with my Brother-in-law Troy in Hewitt or Mother-in-law Linda in Robinson but I had just seen Linda Tuesday... she and Jimmy White came to Santa Anna for Sonic night at the Robinett's. Troy and his lovely wife, Mindy expecting their third, along with their children, Walker, and Hadley Pierce were coming to Santa Anna late Saturday so I decided to go watch the 5th and 6th grade Pee Wee football Super Bowl in Blanket and I am so glad that I did because it was a great game!

I used my new camera and a new zoom lens for for the first time and took over 350 pictures!

The Mountaineer Band was certainly one of the best but they did not advance to the finals at Saturday's Area Marching Competition in Grosbeck.

I don't think it took as long to get there as Google Maps told me but the Mountaineers were evidently rescheduled to march a little earlier at 11:45 so I hope that all you guys that did go knew about it and made it there on time!

Congratulations to the Band and Mr. Mitchell!

Super Bowl Champs!

The 5th and 6th grade Pee Wee Santa Anna Mountaineers defeated the Rochelle Hornets in the Super Bowl Championship game Saturday afternoon at the Blanket Tiger Stadium by a score of 42-26.

2009 5th and 6th grade Pee Wee Santa Anna Mountaineers - Super Bowl Champs!

Extra Points!

Nothing like a good block on a sweep...

#24 Jacob Herrod eludes a tackle on one of his many touchdown runs

Young Gun #21 Dakota Enriquez takes the legs out from under #7

#22 cuts for the Zone

Chain Gang was a Rough Bunch

Coach Robinett Gets the Shower

Coach Robinett Shows off the Crystal Trophy

Friday Night Lights

The 4-3 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the 0-7 Robert Lee Steers Friday the 23rd at Mountaineer Stadium for the third Division I - District 9 game for both teams.

The Steers are ranked 124th overall and 50th in Division I and the Mountaineers moved up to 141st overall and up to 54th in Division I this week.

The Steers are still looking for their first win of the year and are favored by 6 points by I love it when we are the underdogs!

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine picks the Steers to finish second in District 9 behind Richland Springs, and ahead of Eden, Rochelle, Santa Anna, and Veribest. Campbell had this to say, "The Steers should be better but will need to shore up a defense that gave up more than 42 points per game."

Players to watch are: Cody Brosh, Blake Millican, Stetson Nesbit, and K.W. Roe.

Who they've played:
Lost to Highland 56-8
Lost to Panther Creek 53-26
Lost to Garden City 58-0
Lost to Rankin 54-8
Lost to Sterling City 60-14
Lost to Rochelle 55-10
Lost to Richland Springs 62-8

How did the rest of Division I - District 9 do?
Richland Springs beat Robert Lee 62-8 and Santa Anna defeated Eden 48-0 of course while Rochelle beat Veribest 64-8 which means the Mountaineers are still in a three way tie for first in the District with Richland Springs and Rochelle.

Wear your black and gold and we will see you at the game!

Eden Pep Rally

Shared by the SAHS Annual Staff

Shawn Robertson kissing the pig

Sarah Herrod checking out the pig that she is going to kiss

Sarah Herrod being encouraged by Chris Tate that it will be fine to kiss the pig


Tex Wright reports .40 inches of rain and still raining from the Wednesday October 21st rain and another .40 Thursday morning.

I had about half an inch late Wednesday night and probably another half early Thursday morning.

Happy 65th Birthday!!!!!! Amparo Castillo

For our Special Mother on her Birthday!
We want to let you know that we are eternally blessed to have you as our Mother!
We will always appreciate all the things you have done for us through your faith,actions & words. Thank you for your unconditional Love.Thanks for being compassionate,forgiving,tender,firm & loving.We
Thank God for you today on your day & everyday.Have a Blessed Day?
We love you! Your children,
Ramon,Mary,Diana,Silvia,Nora,Lori & Jesus

Happy Birthday Grandma!(Amparo Castillo)

Pfc. DeLeon, Amparo Castillo, and Lt. Castillo

We Love you & Thank You for everything you have done for us.
We Thank God for you on your day & everyday.
Love, Your Marines
Lt. Castillo & Pfc. DeLeon

Mountaineer Band to Compete in Area Marching Contest

The Santa Anna Mountaineer Band will compete in the UIL Area D Marching Contest on Saturday October 24, 2009. The contest will begin at 12:00 and the Mountaineers are set to march at 12:45. Don't be late or you will miss it!

The Class AA contest will be held in Georgetown and the Class A contest will be held at the Groesbeck ISD Stadium at 1202 N. Ellis in Groesbeck, Texas 76642. East of Waco, the trip will take about four to five hours. The school and stadium are located just north of Groesbeck on Highway 14. Buses will enter on the North side of the campus. Spectators and personal vehicles should enter on the South side of the campus. The admission charge is $4.00 per person for the general public.

Here is a Google Map:

View Larger Map

Pee Wee Football Season Recap and Playoff Info

Week 1 --- Sept 12th, 2009
5th/6th Tackle
Santa Anna - 34
Cherokee - 6

Week 2 --- Sept. 19th, 2009
5th/6th Tackle
Santa Anna - 33
Blanket - 0

Week 3 --- Sept.26th, 2009
5th/6th Tackle
Rochelle - 26
Santa Anna - 16

Week 4 --- Oct. 3rd, 2009
5th/6th Tackle
Santa Anna - 36
Brookesmith - 6

Week 5 --- Oct. 19th, 2009
5th/6th Tackle
Santa Anna - 28
Lometa - 0

PLAYOFFS --- SATURDAY Oct. 17, 2009
5th/6th Tackle
Santa Anna - 30
Lometa - 8

OCTOBER 24TH, 2009

5th/6th Tackle Championship Game
Kick-off @ 2:00pm
Teams: Rochelle vs Santa Anna
5th/6th Awards to follow game at 3:00pm

Santa Anna 5th/6th Tackle Pee Wee Football

Glenn's Car Sales

Mountaineer Band Receives Division I in Region Marching Contest

The Santa Anna Mountaineer Band and Director Truit Mitchell do it again!

The Mountaineer Band received a Division I in the Region VII Band Marching Competition held in Brady on Saturday October 17.

According to KNEL Radio, the bands will compete in Groesbeck next Saturday in the Area Marching Contest.

See the special Mountaineer Band at Region Marching Contest Photo Album for more photos.

Check out the YouTube Video too!

UIL Region VII Band Marching Competition

Twenty-four area bands will participate in the annual UIL Region VII Band Marching Competition which will be held in Brady on Saturday October 17.

The Santa Anna Mounataineer Band will march at 12:25, or maybe 12:55... it is hard to tell from the times on the schedule, but come early or you won't be let in the stands!

The entire Band Marching Competition will be broadcast live on KNEL radio in Brady at 95.3 FM, and the broadcast will be carried live on the internet through KNEL's website at

Class A
May Brian Flenniken 9:30 10:00
Eden Jerry Crowell 9:45 10:15
DeLeon Chuck Miller 10:00 10:30
Winters Phil Mooney 10:15 10:45
Cross Plains Mathew Sowell 10:30 11:00
Bronte Wayne Dannhein 10:45 11:15
Goldthwaite Susan Reynolds 11:00 11:30am

10 minute Judges Break

Eldorado Jerry Barker 11:25 11:55
Rising Star Ronnie Luedke 11:40 12:10
Miles Jason Yarbrough 11:55 12:25
Menard Chans Moellendorf 12:10 12:40
Santa Anna Truitt Mitchell 12:25 12:55
Junction Dan Wynn 12:40 1:10
Mason Pat Ruiz 12:50 1:25

Announce Ratings LUNCH

Class AA
Comanche Kim Reedy 2:05 2:35
Ballinger Janet Wilson 2:20 2:50
San Saba Brian Sours 2:35 3:05
Coleman Jerry Everett 2:50 3:20
Early Michael Hall 3:05 3:35
Bangs Tommy Perkins 3:20 3:50

10 Minute Judges Break

Wall Travis Hobson 3:45 4:15
Brady Berry Crudgington 4:00 4:30

Class AAA
Llano Wilburn Meier 4:15 4:45
Brownwood Richard Graham 4:30 5:00

Friday Night Lights - Mountaineers 48 - Opponents 0 Again!

The Mountaineers soundly defeated the Eden Bulldogs 48-0 in Friday Night Football action at Bulldog stadium in Eden.

I know it is early for posting the pics but I sure am proud of those Mountaineers... except for that one little deal... go ahead the game photos are in the Album on the Sports Page.

I am taking full blame... I was visiting with Coach Libby while he was keeping the stats on the sideline, when I told him how proud I was of the way the Mountaineers had been playing with no personal fouls or unsportmanlike conduct penalties, when the conduct happened!

I didn't see it and I am glad about that... but I will take the blame never the less.

Friday Night Lights

The 3-3 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the 0-6 Eden Bulldogs Friday the 16th in Eden for the second Division I - District 9 game for both teams.

The Bulldogs are ranked 175th overall and 58th in Division I and the Mountaineers fell again to 168th overall and up to 57th in Division I this week.

The Bulldogs are wanting their first win and the Mountaineers are favored by only 5 points by

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine picks the Bulldogs to finish third in District 9 behind Richland Springs, and Robert Lee, and ahead of Rochelle, Santa Anna, and Veribest. Campbell had this to say, "The Bulldogs will be young but competitive with a legitimate shot at the playoffs."

Let's hope the Mountaineers can spoil that just a little. If they play like they did last week there is no doubt about it.

Players to watch are: Kris Magellan, Justin Torres, and Matt Gloria.

Who they've played:
Lost to Loraine 56-0
Lost to Brookesmith 57-39
Lost to Strawn 62-8
Lost to Water Valley 47-0
Lost to Blanket 58-6
Lost to Richland Springs 50-0

How did the rest of Division I - District 9 do?
Richland Springs beat Eden 50-0 and Santa Anna defeated Veribest 48-0 of course while Rochelle beat Robert Lee 55-10 which means the Mountaineers are in a three way tie for first in the District with Richland Springs and Rochelle.

Ann I nearly forgot about the Veribest game photos... see the Sports Page for the album.

Class of 59 gets ready for some Six Man

Tear em up

Hail Santa Anna

Hail Mountaineer

Oh say can you see...


Foot Race

Friday Night Lights

High Low

Watch your back

How many Falcons does it take to catch a Mountaineer?

Let's go Manny


These girls crack me up

Queen Heather leads the band and waves to the crowd

These guys are good

Let me give you a hug

These guys are in the game

Tail lights

These BBQ Sandwiches are funny and good!

More Rain

Tex Wright reports another ".20 of rain and fog mixture. This morning (Wednesday the 14th) there was no moisture in the guage but about 2 inches of fog in the air."

Here on the South side I am claiming a half inch of rain in my gauge and about 60 miles of fog all the way to work!

Santa Anna Ex Students Association Scholarship Fund Raiser

The Santa Anna Ex Students Association will be accepting $5 donations for a chance to win a wooden rocker from Coleman County Woodshop and a basket of goodies donated by other Santa Anna Merchants including:
Mesquite Bowl from Mesquite Time
Santa Anna Mountaineers Apron from Quilters Patch
2 Frau Meisters Mercantile Santa Anna,TX T-shirts, 2 Frau Meister's Mercantile Santa Anna,Tx shot glasses and Coffee Shop candy from Frau Meister's Mercantile
1 Santa Anna,TX shot glass - Leather n Lace
1 "That Santa Anna Store" Apple bourbon candle, 2 Gourmet trail mixes,1 D.L.Jardine's Habanero Salsa, 1 D.L. Jardine's Roasted Tomatillo Salsa from That Santa Anna Store

100% of donations will be used for scholarships awarded to SAHS graduating Seniors.

The drawing will be held at the last home football game, versus Rochelle, which is Friday November 6th.

Tickets will be on sale at the home games and around town. For more information contact: Tom Guthrie, Ross Bradley, Betsy Jones or James Pelton.

Class of 59

At Saturday's 2009 Annual meeting of the Santa Anna Ex Student Association's Annual Homecoming, the Class of 1959 presented the Association a $1180 donation in memory of fellow classmates Max Price, Donald Ray, Brown Brooke, Jean Smith, Jerry Herring, and Roy Paine.

SAHS Class of 59

Ex Students Meeting

The annual meeting of the Santa Ex Student Association was held this past Saturday October 10th at the Santa Anna High School Auditorium.

The meeting was opened with a opening prayer was lead by Second Vice President James Curtis.

SAHS Student Council Reporter Emily Taylor led the Pledge of Allegiance and SAHS Band Members Shawn Robertson and Spencer Gilbreath played led the National Anthem with a trumpet duet. The SAHS Band recording of the Fight Song and Alma Mater were played. Shawn Robertson welcomed the Ex Students to SAHS.

Superintendent JC Bible from the Class of 61 welcomed everyone and reported on the progress of the new track, the decline in enrollment, and a recent $500,000 donation for scholarships and $200,000 for the SAISD by Alton Henry Diserens who graduated from Santa Anna High School as valedictorian of the Class of 1936 and passed away earlier this year. Mr. Bible recognized several of Mr Diserens’ family members that were present.

President Betsy McIver Jones gave a Homecoming Parade report. Jones reported on the award of five $500 scholarships to Spring Graduates and read two letters from 2009 Scholarship Recipients who were not able to attend but were appreciative of their scholarships and recognized as Jessica Reece and Maria Segura. President Jones also introduced 2009 Scholarship Recipients Caylie Robinett, Molly Pritchard, and Adelaida Dean who told of their scholarship use and thanked the Exes.

The Class of 1954 Scholarship Recipients were introduced by class member Ann Allen as Micah Pritchard, Raelee Watson, Becca Fellers, and Caylie Robinett. Fellers was not present and the others thanked the Class for their scholarships. Don Pritchard and Jay Stewart, class members who had passed away this past year were remembered.

Chris Cheaney was elected as the new Secretary/Treasurer and two Directors elected were David Robinett and James Pelton.

The Memorial List was prepared by Nancy Wylie and read by Vice President James Curtis along with a scripture of comfort from First Corinthians.

The Classes and teachers were recognized by President Jones with Caylie Robinett from the Class of 09 being the youngest and Carmilla Baugh from the Class of 34 the oldest present. Patsy Moore from Colorado and a member of the Class of 54 was also recognized as traveling the farthest to Homecoming. RC Smith was recognized as the longest serving faculty with 35 years of service to the SAISD. Each were presented framed certificates.

President Jones introduced and presented a plaque in special recognition to Coyita Griffin Bowker for her years of service and support to the school.

Coming Home Queen from the Class of ’89 was introduced by President Jones as Belinda Deal Washington and Coming Home King from the Class of ’89 was introduced by President Jones as Jackie Smith. They both thanked the Association.

The Ex-student of the year representing the Class of ’59 was introduced by Jones as Buddy Wylie. Mr. Wylie spoke of memories of SAHS and accomplishments of fellow classmates.

Kay Kingsberry Gray, representing the Class of 1959, presented the Association an $1180 donation in memory of fellow classmates Max Price, Donald Ray, Brown Brooke, Jean Smith, Jerry Herring, and Roy Payne.

Wayne Langford, also representing the Class of 59, thanked the Association officers for there work preparing for Homecoming.

The Santa Anna Booster Club served a lasagna lunch to the Exes.

There were a total of 120 ex students and guests that registered, and several that did not register, for Saturday's 2009 Annual Meeting of the Santa Anna Ex Students Association:
Class of 34
Carmilla Flores Baugh

Class of 38
Montie Guthrie
Ruby Hartman

Class of 42
Edd Hartman

Class of 45
Morris Wallace

Class of 46
Tom Newman
Ben Tatum

Class of 47
Novelle McClellan Boylston
Reba Haynes Cozart

Class of 48
Coyita Griffin Bowker
Elvis Cozart
Lynn Pittard
Gene Rice
Gene Smith

Class of 49
Duane Callaway
Jack Carroll
Weldon Estes
Geneva McCary Hooten
Barbara Bruce Jones
Doug Moore
Sue Milligan Newman
Virginia Day Rice
Kathryn Stewardson Watson

Class of 50
Lea Mitchell Mock

Class of 51
Thomas R Rutherford
Lanettia Watson Walters

Class of 52
Suzie Renegar Bass
Joe Wynn

Class of 53
Delma Drake Blair
Charles Hosch
Melvin Pollock
Patsy Rutherford Smith

Class of 54
Ann Tatum Allen
Roy Buse
Evelyn Oakes James
Anne Blanton Lawson
Charles McClellan
Patsy Williams Moore
Neva Rehm Smith
Vonnie Adkins Sutherland

Class of 55
George Baucom
Jenniev Gourley
Lois Ann Shields Harper
Daniel Johnson
Carl Langford
Nancy Wylie

Class of 1956
James Allen
Martha Ray Pritchard
Hilary Rutherford

Class of 57
Patsy Parish Bible
Lanita Benge Bozeman
James M Curtis
Dixie Crews Dyer
Dan Gilbert

Class of 58
Bobby Densman
Jean Bouchillon Langford
Belva Dene Heilman Rutherford

Class of 59
Van Aldridge
Arlen Allen
Charles Kenneth Armstrong
Clois M Cox
Jack Dillingam
Christine Carpenter Downs
Ann Stewardson Dunaway
Vita Rehm Gilpin
Bill Jennings
Wayne Langford
Wayne Morgan
Lowell Pembroke
Larry Trinidad
Buddy Wylie

Class of 1960
Eddie Hartman

Class of 1961
Quincy Cooper Allen
James Bible
Dixie Baugh Bible
Evelyn Matthews Dillingam

Class of 1962
Brian Baucom

Class of 1963
Glenda Vineyard Baucom
John Dillingham
Arlene Welch Haynes

Class of 1964
Randy Beard
Terry Blanton
Sherry Drake Burleson
Karen Jones Glidewell
Sandra Davis Guthrie
Stan Hartman
Terry McIver
Anneda Blount Merchant
Earla Buse Pallette
Linda Pittard
Sheila Jeffcoat Slater
Sharon Wise Taylor
Hermilo Trinidad

Class of 65
Patsy Drake
John Gregg
Montie Guthrie
Ruth Walker McIver

Class of 66
Lois Simmons Coppic
Raymond Cupps
John Hensley

Class of 69
Frankie Bray Gregg
Janice Langford Hipsher

Class of 75
Lane Guthrie

Class of 79
Kevin Morgan

Class of 82
James Pelton

Class of 83
Cindy Pierce Pelton

Class of 89
Christy Casey Gunter
Jackie Smith
Belinda Deal Washington

Class of 93
Betsy McIver Jones
Brandi Horner McIver

Class of 95
Tom Guthrie

Class of 06
Jessica Pelton Kerr
Raelee Watson Ragsdale

Class of 09
Adelaida Dean
Caylie Robinett

Ken Hodge
Ann Langford
David Post
Darwin Watson, Jr


The Santa Anna Ex-Student’s Association would like to thank the following local businesses for the generous donations given towards the Homecoming parade floats and car prizes:
Rockin’ R-5 Steakhouse
Mesquite Time
Unique Treasures
Pearls & Primitives
Double H Convenience Store
Mr. A.F. Mendoza
Frau Meister’s Mercantile *Jelly Belly Sugar Plums Are Now Here*
Quilters Patch
Family Health Clinic
Santa Anna Grocery
Leather & Lace
That Santa Anna Store
Double H Family Dining
Papa Nick’s
Cen-Tex Land Co.
Coleman County Telephone Cooperative
David’s Day Spa
Santa Anna National Bank
Have Camera In Texas
Glenn’s Car Lot
Sherrie’s Beauty Shop
Line Shack
Huntland Trucking

The Association would also like that thank all those that participated in the parade including the Class of 1959 and Ex-Student of the Year - Buddy Wylie, the Coming Home Queen and King for the Class of 89 - Belinda Deal Washington and Jackie Smith, the Homecoming Queen Nominees, the Mountaineer Band, the parade judges, the City of Santa Anna, Santa Anna Police Department, Santa Anna Volunteer Fire Department for directing traffic and providing trucks and drivers for the football teams and cheerleaders, and to the Texas Highway Department for letting us redirect traffic.

Decorated Floats:

1st Place ($150): Junior Class

2nd Place ($125): 5th Grade

3rd Place ($100): 6th Grade

Decorated Cars:

1st Place ($50): Heather McMillan

2nd Place ($40): Lisa Marie Gomez

3rd Place ($30): Layken Herrod

More parade and pep rally photos in the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally Photo Album.

Here are some Homecoming week photos shared by the SAHS Annual Staff:

Left to right: Shayne Jennings, Sarah Herrod, Loren Pritchard, Kinsey Holland

Devin Denton, 8th grader at Santa Anna Junior High.


With all this Homecoming stuff, I almost forgot to tell you anout my rain... I poured out two inches and Tex Wright reported, "...1.90 in the rain guage."

Homecoming 2009

The Santa Anna Mountaineers pulled off a Division I - District 9 upset in the opening district game this past Friday October 9th. The Mountaineers, picked to lose by five, held the Veribest Falcons to no points in the decisive 48-0 SAHS Homecoming victory.

In pregame ceremonies the SAHS Ex Student of the Year, Buddy Wylie, from the Class of 59 was recognized along with the Coming Home Queen and King, Belinda Deal Washington and Jackie Smith, from the Class of 89.

The 2009 Homecoming Queen, Heather McMillan, was crowned during halftime ceremonies.

2009 Ex Student of the Year, Buddy Wylie, SAHS Class of 59, escorted by his wife Linda

2009 Coming Home Queen and King, Belinda Deal Washington and Jackie Smith, SAHS Class of 89

Queen and her Court - Heather McMillan, Emily Taylor, Peyton Morris, Layken Herrod

2009 Homecoming Queen - Heather McMillan

More Homecoming Parade, pep rally, and game photos and also an Ex Student Association Annual Meeting report later this week.

Friday Night Lights

The 2-3 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the 0-5 Veribest Falcons Friday the 9th at Mountaineer Stadium in the first Division I - District 9 game for both teams.

The game is of course the Mountaineers' Homecoming game and after two losses in a row and a week off last week they are hopefully healed up and ready to play.

The Falcons are hungry for their first win and also had last week off. They are ranked 157th overall and 57th in Division I and the Mountaineers fell to 166th overall and 60th in Division I this week.

The Falcons are favored by 5 points by

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine picks the Falcons to finish at the bottom of District 9 behind Richland Springs, Robert Lee, Eden, Rochelle, and Santa Anna. Campbell had this to say, "The Falcons hope that a strong Freshman class can help build some needed depth."

Players to watch are: Misael Romo and Cheyenne Black, with prospects in Cris Broz, and Jeffrey Johnson.

Who they've played:
Lost to Buena Vista 56-0
Lost to Novice 38-24
Lost to Rising Star 53-6
Lost to Loraine 38-16
Lost to Hermleigh 46-0

Wear your Black and Gold and I will see you at the game!

2009 SAHS Homecoming

This year's Homecoming activities will start on the afternoon of Friday October 9th with a parade down Wallis Avenue at 2:00 PM followed by a pep rally at the school at 2:30.

There will be a recognition of former SAHS students during pre-game ceremonies starting at 7:00 PM. This year's Ex Student of the Year from the Class of 59 and a Coming Home Queen and King from the Class of 89 are to be honored.

The Homecoming football game will feature the Mountaineers versus the Veribest Falcons starting at 7:30 with the SAHS Homecoming Queen to be crowned during halftime ceremonies.

Saturday the 10th will start up at 9:00 AM with registration and coffee at the Ex Student's Association Meeting at the Santa Anna High School. The meeting will begin at 10:00 in the High School Auditorium and will include recognition of this year's scholarship recipients, Ex Student of the Year, Homecoming King and Queen, faculty members, and classes. The Santa Anna Booster Club will serve a lunch in the Cafeteria at 11:30.

The Ex Student's Association will not be having a dance this year.

Please contact President - Betsy McIver Jones, First Vice President - Tom Guthrie, Second Vice President - James Curtis, or Secretary Treasurer - Ross Bradley for more information about the Homecoming activities.

2009 Homecoming Honorees Announced

The Santa Anna Ex Student's Association has announced the 2009 Homecoming Honorees from the Class of 1989 and the Class of 1959. The honorees will be recognized in pregame ceremonies before the Homecoming football game on Friday October 9th and during the Santa Anna Ex Students Association Annual Meeting at the SAHS Auditorium on Saturday October the 10th.

The 2009 Coming Home Queen from the SAHS Class of 1989 is Belinda Deal Washington.

Belinda Washington, is the daughter of Virginia Deal and the late Joe Deal. Belinda is married to Prezell Washington, and has two sons; Christian and Jordan, and a daughter Alexis.

Belinda began school in Santa Anna in the first grade. While in school, Belinda participated in a variety of sports and band receiving several awards in both group and individual competitions. Belinda was also awarded Band Sweetheart, and was voted most friendly her senior year. She graduated from Santa Anna High School in 1989 and attended Cisco Jr. College.

Belinda makes her home in Santa Anna; with her husband and family, along with her many nieces and nephews. Employed through the years in several capacities in the healthcare field, Belinda currently works for a home health agency.

She enjoys attending her children's many activities, and supporting her favorite Santa Anna Mountaineers in all their endeavors. Belinda loves the Lord with all of her heart and she and her family are actively involved in the Assembly of God church in her home town of Santa Anna.

The 2008 Coming Home King from the SAHS Class of 1989 is Jackie Smith.

Jackie Smith graduated from Santa Anna High School in 1989. Upon graduating, Jackie’s short term goal was to gain some work experience before starting college by working for Engine Prototype Development where he built specialized high performance racing engines. In 1991, Jackie started Tarleton State University. Throughout his college experience, Jackie was involved in many activities and organizations including: the Baptist Student Ministry executive council in 1993, Baptist Student Ministry president/executive council 1994/1995, and Horticulture Club member from 1993-1996. Jackie was employed by Architectural Landscape Design in Granbury from 1993–1996 and by Tarleton State University as a dormitory monitor for women’s housing and night security in1995-1996. Jackie was active in Chi Alpha, a Christian ministry organization from 1993-1996 and was inducted into Alpha Zeta, an honors Agriculture Fraternity in 1996. Jackie was a student member of the Texas Association of Landscape Contractors, TALC, and a scholarship recipient of TALC in 1994. Upon graduating from Tarleton State University in 1996, Jackie earned a B.S. in Agriculture with an emphasis on Horticulture and Landscape Management and received a GPA of 3.26. In 1996, Jackie formed Absolute Accents with the vision to produce unique accent plants for the landscape industry. In 1997,

Jackie married Michelle and they decided it was in their best interest to start landscaping for themselves in order to achieve their long term dreams and goals. In 1997 they began landscape installations under the name of Absolute Accents with the plans to later establish the growing operations. Jackie and Michelle installed landscapes together for the first year and then hired one additional employee in late 1998. In 1999, they added an additional employee and maintained that structure for the next several years. When expecting their first child in 2000, wife, Michelle, began keeping the books and the kids while Jackie performed installation activities. Since 2000, Absolute Accents primarily maintained an installation crew of three to four including Jackie himself. In 2009, Absolute Accents incorporated and hired Jackie’s mother, Janice Hipsher, to handle book keeping which added to Jackie’s vision by having a family business. Absolute Accents Inc. is active in Texas Nursery and Landscape Association or TNLA.

While active in TNLA, Jackie has designed and supervised the installation of the display gardens at the Ft. Worth Home and Garden Show, both spring and fall, for more than 10 events and has helped coordinate landscaping with The Neil Sperry All Garden Show and TNLA. Jackie served as President of Region V from 2004-2007 and is currently on the Board of Directors for Region V of the TNLA. He served on the state planning committees for TNLA in 2005/2006. In 2005, Jackie received the TNLA Young Leader Award and Absolute Accents received state landscape awards in 2005 & 2006. Jackie was recognized in the Ft Worth Star Telegram with a two page feature article on a unique landscape he installed in Crowley, Texas in 2004 and was, also, featured in an article in the Dallas Morning News highlighting a deck and landscape installed in Palo Pinto County in 2008.

Jackie currently serves on the Board of Trustees at the Wesley Foundation at Tarleton State University. Jackie resides in Santo, Texas with his wife Michelle and two boys, J.T. – 9 years old and Mason – 7 years old. Jackie is a member of the United Methodist Church in Gordon, Texas and is active in church, Boy Scouts, 4-H, youth sports, and various other activities.

The 2009 Ex Student of the Year from the SAHS Class of 1959 is Buddy Wylie.

Buddy Wylie graduated from Santa Anna High School, Class of 1959. He then attended McMurry University where he worked at Sears part time while going to college. Upon his completion of McMurry University in 1964, he received a BBA degree and was employed as management trainee at Sears for two years.

He then became a sales representative at the Ethicon division of Johnson and Johnson where he was promoted to trainer of new sales representatives. Buddy’s next assignment was to be one of only ten cardiovascular suture specialists. Along with this job, a move to California was required. After returning to Texas, Buddy became a trainer for the ophthalmology division of Johnson and Johnson.

For the last 25 years, he has been employed by Stryker Orthopedics as a sales representative for hip and knee replacements. Buddy currently spends numerous hours in the operating room as a technical representative.

Buddy and wife, Linda who is a retired elementary teacher, have celebrated 45 years of marriage, have two grown children, Chris and Alisha, and are the proud Grandparents of 5 grandchildren. Buddy and Linda now reside in the community of Arlington, Texas, where they are members of the Methodist Church and spend many hours in the bleachers watching sporting events supporting their favorite teams coached by their son and daughter-in-law.

Buddy enjoys playing golf once in a while and tennis as much as possible. He is a member of a Super Senior tennis team where “super” does not indicate skill level but chronological situation. Buddy has been fortunate to play for the national championship for two out of the last four years. He has not won the championship yet, but he is still trying!

SAHS Class of 1984 Plans Reunion

The Class of 1984 will be holding it's 25 year reunion on Saturday, October 10, 2009, from 2-5pm at the Housing Authority meeting room. The meeting room is located at the high rise apartments, across from Santa Anna National Bank.

The reunion is open to any other's wishing to attend.

We had a small class, so would like to see other's that we went to school with as well. Should you have any questions, please contact Connie Culpepper Massey, at 325-201-2036.

SAHS Class of 1989 Plans Reunion

The Santa Anna Class of 1989 will be having a reunion this year during Homecoming week end on Saturday, October 10 at 2pm at The Feedstore on Main Street in Santa Anna. All ex-students from the class of 1989 are invited to attend.

For questions, please contact Rachel (Phillips) Cox at

Homecoming - SAHS Class of 1989

Searching for all old classmates!

The SAHS Class of 89 is planning an "Awesome 80s" brisket and pot luck supper on Saturday October 10 at 6:30pm. All Santa Anna class of 89 graduates and ex-classmates can RSVP, get the address, get a copy of the invite and get general information from Christy (Casey) Gunter at

In addition to the Pot Luck, members of the Class of 89 are also planning to attend the Homecoming Parade at 2:00 on Friday Oct 9, followed by the Pep Rally and then the football game/ homecoming ceremonies at 7pm. On Saturday Oct 10 we hope to see everyone at the Class Reunion at 2pm at the Feedstore Church downtown (contact Rachel (Phillips) Cox for details at

If you are a member of the SAHS class of 89 and you have not yet received an invite to the pot luck, please send your contact info to Christy (

Classes of 90's Homecoming Plans

The classes of '92-'97 will be having a Homecoming get together on Saturday, October 10 at 7:00 p.m. at Chad and Kyra Neff Langley's house. Please bring your favorite snack, drink of choice, picture of your family and a chair. We respectfully ask that adults only attend.

For questions/directions please contact Kyra Neff Langley at or Betsy McIver Jones at

SAHS Homecoming Representatives Announced

Photos by SAHS Annual Staff

The 2009 Santa Anna High School Homecoming Queen and King nominees have been selected and the royalty will be crowned during halftime ceremonies at Mountaineer Stadium on Friday, October 9th.

2009 Santa Anna Homecoming Queen Representatives:
Left to Right-Emily Taylor, Heather McMillan, Peyton Morris, Layken Herrod

2009 Santa Anna Homecoming King Representatives:
Left to Right-Manny Dancy, Chris Tate, Jacob Zapata, Jordon Tunnell

Spaghetti Supper

The First Methodist Church will be having a spaghetti supper on Friday October 9th before the Homecoming football game.

SAHS Class of 49 - Fifth Grade

Shared by Imogene Powers

5th grade class at Santa Anna Elementary (Santa Anna Ward School as it was called then), the school year 1941-42. It would be the 1949 graduating class who will be celebrating their 60th reunion this year.

Miss Eunice Wheeler, the teacher married Dick Longbrake during the Christmas holidays in 1941. Therefore, when school resumed the students were told to call her Mrs. Longbrake.

Santa Anna College


Tailgate Photo Album

1917 Santa Anna Mountaineer Annual

Volume Four of the Santa Anna Mountaineer Annual was recently shared with me by Carl Langford. Mr. Langford believes this annual, in almost perfect condition, originally belonged to Emzy Brown and was later found, given to, or inherited by Mr. Langford's mother.

The Annual, which contains 89 pages counting the covers, was scanned by Mr. Langford and then I converted it into PDF and HTML web pages.

The Annual features a Mountain Lion or Cougar on the cover, each page, and even has the traditional sponsor pages in the back.

I think you will find it entertaining and they are 25MB files so it takes a little bit to download... it should allow you to view the pages while it downloads also.

State FFA Officers Visit SAHS

Santa Anna High School was proud to host the 2009-2010 State FFA President, Ms. Allison Grainger. She and 1st Vice President Kaleb McLaurin spend the school year visiting all the FFA chapters in Texas. Allison said it is quite a challenge, but the friendship extended to them every where they go makes it worth while. They were joined by our Area IV State Vice President Aron Hutchins from Stephenville.

The officer team spoke on the importance of getting involved in all aspects of school activities and organizations. Each told of experiences in FFA, band, theater, sports, and the impact these activities had on shaping their lives and making them the persons they are today. Through the FFA and lots of hard work, all three officers have earned four year scholarships to Texas A&M University. We thank them for their visit and wish them luck as they complete their duties and tour of Texas.

Left to right: Wes Tucker, Kody Krause, Chris Tate, Kaleb McLaurin, Layken Herrod, Allison Grainger, Emily Taylor, and Aron Hutchins

Rush In and Donate

It’s football season and United Blood Services is calling for heroes off the field. Rush in and donate blood. Show spirit and pride in your community by being a team player. United Blood Services is the sole provider of blood to ten hospitals in eleven counties. This means, we need you to be a team player and donate your blood so it’s available when you or a loved one needs it.

Santa Anna ISD Blood Drive
Wednesday, October 14th
2 pm -5:15 pm
Bloodmobile by the High School

All donors will get a free t-shirt and snacks. You will also be entered into a monthly drawing for the chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. Donate two red blood cells and get double entries plus a $5 Wal-Mart gift card. To make an appointment for this drive, go online, Enter sponsor code: santaanna or call United Blood Services toll free. That number is 1-800-756-0024.

United Blood Services has been this area’s non-profit community blood provider since 1956 and serves patients in 11 surrounding counties. The United Blood Services network is one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit blood service organizations, and is a founding member of America’s Blood Centers and the AABB.

Lady Mountaineer Volleyball

New SAHS Annual Staff pics on the Sports Page!

Vehicle Accident Update

I have an unofficial update on Peyton Morris, the Santa Anna teen who was injured in a one vehicle accident Wednesday evening... see below.

Thankfully, Peyton appears to have no serious injuries but did recieve some stitches, maybe sixteen, I believe in her head, and was being kept for observation for a few days as of Thursday.

Friday Night Lights

The 2-3 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take this Friday off. After the last couple of weeks they probably need it to get everyone healed up.

Mountaineer to Mountaineer some of them need to toughen up a little... the rest of the games are the ones that count.

New track is for real

These boys can play

These girls are ready

Line em up

Nothin but tail lights

"Noise Girlz"? stealin the show

"Noise Boyz" gonna have to do better

Block em!

Toe touches

Way to go Band!

Vehicle Accident

According to officials, a one vehicle accident resulted in a Santa Anna teenager with multiple injuries being flown by air ambulance helicopter to Hendrick Hospital in Abilene.

The teenager, identified as Peyton Morris of Santa Anna, was injured when she lost control of the vehicle on a curve on FM 1176 a couple of miles South of Santa Anna near "Mosely Crossing" around 6:45 PM. The vehicle left the roadway severed a Coleman County Electric Coop pole and then struck a tree and the vehicle overturned. Morris removed herself from the vehicle and was concious and speaking to rescue workers at the scene.

Please keep Peyton and her family in your prayers.

New Santa Anna Cemetery Gate

The new gate was completed this week, Monday September 28th, finishing a year long fence project by the Santa Anna Cemetery Association.

Coleman County Historical Commission Meeting

Submitted by: Tex Wright - CCHC Chairman

I think this is going to be the tail twister of the year. The story of the J. P. Morris family, ranch, and the decendents there of. If the subject matter was not enough, Doodie Taylor - Knox will be telling the story. Now the cap to the evening is -- The program will be held in the old "Morris - Taylor" home at the west end of College Ave (near the intersection of College and 5th Ave)

Now just tell me that is not a piece of Coleman History coming out.

We will start gathering about 6:30 on the evening of Oct. 1st. A very short business meeting will be held and then the PROGRAM.


Are you a “mover & shaker” in your community? Do you fill a local leadership role?

Community leaders throughout the region are invited and encouraged to attend the 16th Annual Texas Midwest Conference, Oct. 14, at the Abilene Civic Center.

“TEAM WORK for Rural Success” is the conference theme. Presentations at the conference will address community development, tourism, economic development and importance of local team work. Features of the annual conference include solution seminars, information expo, luncheon catered by Perini Ranch Steakhouse and community awards.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs is the featured speaker for the opening session. Headliner for the awards luncheon is Marcus Hill, President of Ag Workers Mutual, For complete details on solution seminar topics and speakers go to the Texas Midwest website at

State agencies participating in the Info Expo include Texas Department of Rural Affairs (TDRA), Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPW) and Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Also participating are USDA Rural Development, Small Business Development Center- Texas Tech, Big Country Area Health Education Center, Hendrick Health System, West Central Texas Council of Governments, Jacob & Martin Consulting Engineers,, Social Media Expertz, Journal Communications and 2010 Census.

Pre-registration for the conference is $40, which covers all activities and the conference luncheon. Walk-in registration is $50. A discount for 5 or more from one community or organization is also available. For information call 325-795-8626 or e-mail

TMCN member cities include Abilene, Albany, Anson, Aspermont, Baird, Ballinger, Brady, Breckenridge, Bronte, Brownwood, Buffalo Gap, Cisco, Clyde, Coleman, Colorado City, Comanche, Cross Plains, De Leon, Dublin, Early, Eastland, Eden, Goldthwaite, Gorman, Gustine, Hamilton, Hamlin, Haskell, Knox City, Merkel, Menard, Munday, Ranger, Rising Star, Robert Lee, Roscoe, Rotan, San Angelo, Santa Anna, Snyder, Stamford, Sweetwater, Throckmorton, Tye, and Winters.

Heart of Texas Range Tour and Workshop

Submitted by: Luther Dunlap Coleman County CEA-Ag/NR

Lohn - Landowners and hunters alike will want to attend an educational tour and workshop sponsored by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The multi-topic educational event will be held on Monday, October 5, 2009 at the Phillips Ranch north of Lohn. Registration will begin at the ranch headquarters at 8:00 am and the program should conclude around 4:00 that afternoon. McCulloch County AgriLife Extension Agent for Ag and Natural Resources, Vance Christie says, “The program will present numerous options that will help land stewards manage property to improve habitat for wildlife while also including options that allow the sustainability of livestock operations.” The agenda includes Brush Busters methods of individual plant treatments for mesquite, prickly pear, yucca and other brush species while revisiting the Brush Sculpting concept that allows desirable plants to be left for wildlife cover and feed sources. A rainwater harvesting station to provide supplemental water for wildlife has been set up on the ranch, and Billy Kniffen will be on hand to discuss rainwater capture options for livestock and wildlife. In addition identification of beneficial range plants for livestock and wildlife will be discussed by Kniffen and Dr. Allan McGinty.

Dr. Rick Machen will present a discussion on utilizing goats and cattle in a rotational system to improve habitat and maximize grazing on native and improved pastures. Christie also states,” that ranch owner Guy Phillips does a great job with his livestock and wildlife management plans, blending improved coastal, klien and Wilmuth Love Grass pastures with his native pastures. Mr. Phillips has several pastures with varied plant populations that allow him to rotate his cattle, protect against overgrazing and maintain grass, forbs and browse for wildlife at the same time” The tour portion of the day will wrap up at noon, and the group will travel to the Lohn Tabernacle for a sponsored lunch catered by Mac’s Barbeque. Following Lunch, sponsors will be given an opportunity to discuss new products and technologies that landowners can utilize in their operations. John Newman and Bobby Schmidt will present brief updates on NRCS and FSA programs. Dr. Machen will then address the group on blending livestock production and wildlife management for the benefit of landowners and hunters alike. Concluding the program will be Cory Pence, TDA Inspector to discuss Laws and Regulations that affect Pesticide Applicators. 5 continuing education units (CEU’s) will be offered for participants holding their Applicator’s License.

To get to the ranch, from Brady, take US 87 North to US 283 North, go past the Lohn cut-off to County Road 314. Turn right on CR 314 and follow it approximately 2 ˝ miles and it will terminate at the ranch headquarters for registration.

Due to meal and space limitations, only 80 participants will be allowed to register. Participants must RSVP to the McCulloch County AgriLife Extension Office before at 5:00 pm, Thursday October 1 and again only the first 80 registrants will be accepted. For more information or to confirm your registration, call 325-597-1295.


Texas Midwest Community Network (TMCN) will host the 16th Annual Texas Midwest Conference, Oct. 14, at the Abilene Civic Center.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs will be the keynote speaker at the opening session of the conference. In light of today’s concerns about how government functions, Combs has spearheaded unprecedented efforts to give taxpayers a transparent look at how their dollars are spent. She posted the expenses of the Comptroller’s office online her third day on the job and took transparency in government spending to new heights by launching the Where the Money Goes Web site.

Considered a model by many other states and open government advocates, the Comptroller’s website features a virtual check register that gives the public online access to detailed and up-to-date expenditure information for all state entities. At the conference, Combs will give her perspective on the current and future economic situation for the West Texas region as well as the State.

The Texas Midwest Conference brings community leaders together from more than 25 counties in the Abilene and San Angelo trade areas. City & county officials, economic development professionals and board members, chamber of commerce volunteers and student leaders are invited to attend to experience first hand how to help communities grow and prosper.

This year’s conference theme is "Team Up for Rural Success". Conference sessions will offer community leaders information related to community and economic development,. Features of the annual conference include solution seminars, information exhibits, luncheon catered by Perini Ranch Steakhouse and community awards.

For complete details on solution seminar topics and speakers offered at the conference go to the Texas Midwest website at

Pre-registration for the conference is $40, which covers all activities and the conference luncheon. Walk-in registration is $50. A discount for 5 or more from one community or organization is also available. For information call 325-795-8626 or e-mail

TMCN member cities include Abilene, Albany, Anson, Aspermont, Baird, Ballinger, Brady, Breckenridge, Bronte, Brownwood, Buffalo Gap, Cisco, Clyde, Coleman, Colorado City, Comanche, Cross Plains, De Leon, Dublin, Early, Eastland, Eden, Goldthwaite, Gorman, Gustine, Hamilton, Hamlin, Haskell, Knox City, Merkel, Menard, Munday, Ranger, Rising Star, Robert Lee, Roscoe, Rotan, San Angelo, Santa Anna, Snyder, Stamford, Sweetwater, Throckmorton, Tye, and Winters.

Santa Anna National Bank

Sunkissed Tanning Salon

Time to start working on that tan!

Sunkissed Tanning Salon @ 302 S. 5th and Avenue C, right south of the Presbyterian Church. Contact Amber at 325-636-3973 or 325-357-4515 to get started.

*All new bulbs
*$27 per month
*Refer a friend as a new customer and get $5 off your next month!
*Couples discount--$50 per month
*Off-season special rate--September 1 thru January 31--tan for only $20 per month!

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