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Santa Anna Ex Students Association Scholarship Fund Raiser - Last Chance!

The Santa Anna Ex Students Association will be accepting $5 donations for a chance to win a wooden glider donated by Gary Patterson of Coleman County Woodshop. A drawing will be held at the last home football game which is this Friday night during the Richland Springs game!

O100% of donations will be used for scholarships awarded to SAHS graduating Seniors.

Tickets will be on sale at the game. For more information contact one of the officers: President - Betsy Jones, First Vice President - Tom Guthrie, Second Vice President - James Curtis, Secretary/Treasurer - Ross Bradley or Past President - James Pelton.

Friday Night Lights

Well I fell back in a rut last week, got to the game late, and didn't get my camera set up right and so most of the pictures I took are bad.

I want to say a few words about the season and last weeks game against Robert Lee.

The Mountaineers are rebuilding this year with a new coach and a new system. Let me start with Coach Ramsey. I have known a few coaches over the years and I can tell you Brock Ramsey is a good one by any measurement. For a man to choose Santa Anna as his families' home and move them here says a lot and we should support the Ramsey's in every way possible on and off the field.

Sure mistakes will be made and we will learn from them and be better for it. Someone looses every time the game is played. "It's how you play the game that matters..." aren't my words but they sure do apply to this team.

For the most part this team has played the entire game every game. Sure there have been a few weak moments and it is not always easy when you are losing but these guys have shown a lot of character and they have been led by Coach Ramsey's example of coaching until the game is over.

Now I want to say a little bit about one young man that I was excited about last year and was really looking forward to watching this year. Not until last Friday against Robert Lee could I say that any of the Mountaineers played with any heart this whole season. Now you might say that I just said they played the whole game and they have, but there hasn't been a one that I felt like really played their best the whole game.

Last week one did and that one was #5 Chris Tate. Something happened to him that hasn't been seen on the field this year and I think that he played with his heart. I hope he will lead the rest of the Mountaineers this week to play with their hearts.

#5 Chris Tate returns one of several onside kicks

Right here is where you have to play with some heart

This week the 2-6(1-2 in District) Mountaineers will face their fourth and toughest District 9 opponent, the 8-0(3-0 in District) Defending State Champion Richland Springs Coyotes in the Mountaineers last home game.

Richland Springs is picked to finish at the top in Division I District 9 ahead of Robert Lee, Eden, Santa Anna, Rochelle, and Veribest by Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. According to Dave and Granger, "Players to watch are Andrew Fowler, Abe Ahumade, Khalid Khatib, and Mitchell Jacobsen along with Haustin Burkhart, Randy Couch and Tommy Hollon.

The Coyotes are ranked 4th overall and 4th in Division I by and Santa Anna dropped to 69th overall and three spots to 48th in Division I.

Who the Coyotes have played:
Beat Walnut Springs 82-36
Beat Covington 62-0
Beat Lometa 62-14
Beat Gordon 60-50
Beat Buckholts 64-18
Beat Eden 70-24 (Santa Anna lost to Eden 80-35 in Week 7)
Beat Robert Lee 56-6 (Santa Anna lost to Robert Lee 64-14 last week)
Beat Rochelle 62-0 (Santa Anna plays Rochelle next Friday)

Richland Springs is favored by 45 points so the Mountaineers will need lots of support.

Mountaineers, "Play with your hearts."

2008 Santa Anna Varsity Mountaineers

Front Row L-R: #5 Chris Tate, #25 Fausto Maldonado, #8 Jordan Whaley,

Second Row: #3 Richard Ramsey, #72 Joe Guerrero, #12 Juan Suarez, #9 Jacob Zapata,

Back Row: #44 Frank Moreno, #6 Vance Rice, #20 Manny Dancy, #60 Michael Maldonado

Coleman County Historical Commission

Submitted by Tex Wright

As some of you know, in 2008 Coleman County has been celebrating its 150th birthday. In conjunction with this, the Coleman County Historical Commission has been promoting programs about the different communities located in the community.

One of the first of these programs was a program brought to us by Judy Bryan of Rockwood. She with great effort persuaded several of the older citizens of the community to come and tell the rest of the world what it was like to grow up in Rockwood, Texas. If you missed this program you missed a laugh fest as some of the stories told were comical and worth listening to. Ms. Bryan prompted these speakers and the audience helped by asking questions for an evening of great fun as well as great learning about the southern part of Coleman County.

Another program about the southern part of the county was held in Trickham. Felton Martin, The historian of Trickham, Texas, brought a very interesting program about Trickham, Texas and its beginning before Coleman County was Coleman County. Settlers along Mukewater Creek farmed and provided hay for the original Camp Colorado. The people who settled here had their share of Indian troubles, but the community kept growing and helping with the growth of Coleman County.

The people of Burkett hosted a program in their community center. Many of the older citizens came together to answer questions about the early days of a thriving community on the northeastern edge of Coleman County. Stories were told about rustlers, people who tried to ford the creek in high water, and the many businesses located in Downtown Burkett.

Other stories of Silver Valley, Coleman, the Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery, and others have made up the years programs. These were all our benefit and knowledge about our home.

If you missed these speakers this year, you should plan to be at the gathering on Thursday, November 6th, when we pay tribute to those who have made such great effort to educate us about their part of Coleman County.

We plan to have a speaker with us for the evening that will be of interest to all Coleman County citizens who are interested in the past and the future.

All members are being asked to bring a covered dish to supplement the feast.

The evening will start about 6:30PM, come and bring a friend.

Heritage Hall, 400 College, Coleman, Texas

Whon Pictures Wanted

I am looking for pictures of Whon, Texas from back in the 1960's and earlier. If anyone has any they would be willing to share, please email them to me at

I lived at Whon from 1958-1969. I would like to have one of the Whon Baptist Church, the community building that was moved onto the Carter place in the 1960's, and the famous drive-in post office, the old iron bridge that crossed Camp Creek south of Whon, the Whon School etc..

Any pictures of home places: Tom Rutherford's, Lee Abernathy's, Darwin Lovelady's, Walter Yancy's, Avants, Bible's, Morris's, Fitzpatrick's, Deal's, Gordanier's, Turner's, Barns's, etc. would be appreciated.

I lost my pictures a long time ago. Please help me to replace them. Thank you so very much.
- Kathy Roe

Coleman Gun & Knife Show

At Heritage Hall 400 W. College Coleman, Tex.

Oct.31-Nov.1 & 2, 2008

Friday 5 - 9 PM

Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM

Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM

Guns * Knives * Ammo * Jewelry * coins * Western Memorabilia * and Much,Much More

Presented by Wild Weasel Productions as a fund raiser for Coleman Heritage, Arts & Preservation Society.

For more info. call 210-827-6302 or 210-827-6402

SAHS Class of 58 Reunion

Submitted by Tex Wright

The Santa Anna High Class of '58 celebrated their 50th Homecoming Oct. 17th and 18th. There were 18 class members and their families returning throughout the weekend, but only 15 of the Classmates managed to arrive to ride the float in the parade on Friday afternoon.

The class had lots of fun decorating the float, visiting during and after the ballgame, and again on Saturday.

Carolyn Woods Stone put together a great memory book for the class members. The group really enjoyed the books and said they couldn't thank her enough.

Appreciation also went out to the class sponsor of this class, Mr. Roy Matthews now of Bangs, Texas for taking the time to meet with the class and ride on the float with them. In the picture you will see the true Mountaineer Spirit of Charlie Fleming attired in the complete Mountaineer gear.

Ex-student of the year, Bobby Joe Densman of Abilene, Texas gave a wonderful speech about the school life of the class and ended by playing the song "Lost in the 50's tonight" The group missed being able to share their fun and fellowship with those classmates who were unable to attend.

Appreciation goes to Donald Fellows for providing the tractor to pull the float and to Hillery Rutherford for driving.

L-R - Rear- Charlie Ray Fleming; Roy Matthews, High School Principal 1958; Bobby Joe Densman; Kay (Owens) Dyer; Jean (Bouchillon) Langford; Belva (Heilman) Rutherford; Lyndon Haynes; Robert Perry; Donald Fellows.
Front - Patricia (Bryan) Greener; Eugene White; Carolee (Campbell) Monroe; Carolyn (Cupps) Covey.

Friday Night Lights

This week the 2-5(1-1 in District) Mountaineers will face their third District 9 opponent, the 3-4(1-1 in District) Robert Lee Steers.

Robert Lee is picked to finish second in Division I District 9 behind Richland Springs and ahead of Eden, Santa Anna, Rochelle, and Veribest by Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. According to Dave and Granger, "Players to watch are Josh Gallegos, Jeremy Martinez, Michael Rodriguez. Gallegos was all-state Honorable Mention at special teams despite missing four games last season. The Steers are in a rebuilding year after losing so many starters to graduation."

The Steers are ranked 30th overall and 25th in Division I by and Santa Anna dropped to 43rd overall and three spots to 37th in Division I.

Who the Steers have played:
Lost to Highland 44-8
Beat Panther Creek 58-12
Lost to Garden City 66-60 (Santa Anna lost to Garden City in week five 56-6)
Beat Rankin 61-44
Lost to Sterling City 106-64 (Santa Anna beat Sterling City in week zero 34-28)
Beat Rochelle 54-6
Lost to Richland Springs 56-6 (Santa Anna plays Richland Springs in week nine)

Robert Lee is favored by 22 points so the Mountaineers will need lots of support.

2008 Santa Anna Varsity Mountaineers

Front Row L-R: #5 Chris Tate, #25 Fausto Maldonado, #8 Jordan Whaley,

Second Row: #3 Richard Ramsey, #72 Joe Guerrero, #12 Juan Suarez, #9 Jacob Zapata,

Back Row: #44 Frank Moreno, #6 Vance Rice, #20 Manny Dancy, #60 Michael Maldonado

Homecoming Football Game

... and then there was the game. Mountaineers 35 - Bulldogs 80.

I took a lot of pictures... over two hundred and here are some of my favorites... more on the Sports Page...

#20 Manny Dancy catches a block from #60 Michael Maldonado and #54 Christian Washington after taking the pitch from #3 Richard Ramsey

#20 Manny Dancy and #6 Vance Rice go for the PAT block, also shown are #25 Fausto Maldonado, #9 Jacob Zapata, #54 Christian Washington, and #8 Jordan Whaley

#60 Michael Maldonado shows off his Kung Fu while brother Fausto #25 watches and #20 Manny Dancy cruises by carrying the ball.

#12 Juan Suarez catches the TD pass while #5 Chris Tate closes in to celebrate

Plumes in hats and horns playing

Black and Gold capes dress up the Mountaineer Band

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:
As Chairman of the Coleman County Democratic Party, I have been asked a similar question by three different voters in reference to the present election. As such, I think this bears addressing, whether an individual votes Democratic or Republican, since the concept "one person, one vote" is not partisan, but American.

The essence of the question is this: "If a person punches the button ‘Straight Ticket’, and then also punches the button for Barack Obama, is the vote negated and thrown out?"

As I understand this issue, this is correct, no matter the Party or single candidate. These INFERNAL VOTING MACHINES with which we have been saddled are not like the simple, uncomplicated paper ballots we used to have. Just as good old Nora and Bob oats have been ‘improved’ till they aren’t worth spit, we have ‘improved’ our voting process. And our County Commissioners and Clerk have had to work overtime to deal with the fallout, bless their hearts.

In the many years I worked counting ballots, the main guideline was, "What is the intent of the voter?" In the above-mentioned question, it is clear: The voter wants to vote for all the Democrats running, especially Obama.

With the new machines that count inside a little black box, there is no way the "intent of the voter" is considered. It is all a matter of how the machine is programmed---and only the manufacturers of the machines and Almighty God know what that is.

Here is the response I received to my email to the Texas Secretary of State:

We are aware that incorrect information has been circulating around the state via an email forward. The chain email is inaccurate, as it states that you must vote for the candidate of your choice for U.S. president, and then vote straight party. We note that doing this would not have any effect at all. It would merely be a straight party vote for all candidates of the party you selected.

On the contrary, if you have been instructed to vote straight party, and then vote for U.S. President, there would be a problem. If you did this, the electronic systems would interpret that to mean you are deselecting that candidate from the party vote. Please note that the screen will clearly show you are removing a vote in that circumstance.

Important note: If you cast a straight party vote for any party with ballot access in Texas (i.e., Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian), your vote for president will be included and counted. We hope this information is helpful.

In short, if you wish to vote a straight ticket, you may do that. Punch ONLY the straight ticket button - Democratic or Republican. If you vote straight ticket, DO NOT punch any single candidate name, Democratic or Republican.

If you wish to vote in every race or in selected races, you may do that. Punch the buttons for those individuals for whom you wish to vote. DO NOT punch either straight ticket button.

If you have questions about this or any issue concerning the election call the Texas election people at 1.800.252.VOTE (8683) or you can contact the Clerk’s office, 625-2889.
Respectfully Submitted,
Montie Guthrie

Editor's Note:
As with many things on the Internet there can be some truth and some fiction in just about every e-mail you receive, especially around election time it seems. While attempting to find some supporting documentation for this issue, I checked with the site of preference for most when checking Urban Legend type e-mails and I think they have some good advice as well regarding this matter and it really is a matter of what state you live in how this is handled because some states have a seperate section of the ballot for the Presidential Election that is not part of a straight ticket vote. See:

In addition the Texas Democratic Party has sued the State of Texas because of some inconsistencies between various manufacturers of voting machines used in Texas particularly the eSlate, which according to the Secretary of State's website is the type used in Coleman County. No matter what party or candidate we vote for we all want our vote to count!
See this Austin American Statesman Article about the e-mail.
See this site for a list of the equipment used by county:

I believe that the best thing is to vote responsibly and know what you are doing. I think that these voting machines are complicated and illogical the way they operate... and I am supposed to be a "computer person"!

For official voting information from the Texas Secretary of State see:

Commissioner Staples Welcomes Texas Communities to GO TEXAN Rural Community Program (10-06-2008)

AUSTIN - Commissioner Todd Staples is pleased to announce that the communities on the attached list (which includes Santa Anna, Texas) have become the newest members of the GO TEXAN Rural Community Program, a Texas Department of Agriculture initiative to market rural Texas.

"The voice of rural Texas continues to be heard thanks to the hard work of its proud citizens," Commissioner Staples said. "Rural Texas is vital to the overall health of our state's economy, and with the success of our united Rural Community Program members, we can be assured of future rewards for all of Texas."

The GO TEXAN Rural Community Program is a free, member-based program providing resources and expertise to rural communities, businesses and organizations committed to the economic strength of rural Texas. Certified members have access to ongoing reimbursable grants to help promote local events that encourage tourism as well as to special, one-time grant programs to assist in other community development efforts.

"Rural Texas has so much to offer," Commissioner Staples said. "Every dollar spent on preservation, beautification, new business development and tourism in rural Texas creates jobs and generates income, adding to the state's economy."

Rural Texas covers approximately 80 percent of the state's total land area. Retirees are increasingly drawn to smaller rural communities with access to urban services, and rural entrepreneurialism is a growing trend. By 2040, the population in Texas' rural counties is projected to increase by more than 20 percent. 

"As rural Texas continues to grow, the preservation and celebration of our rural roots remains important," Commissioner Staples added. "We appreciate every member of the GO TEXAN Rural Community Program. Together, we preserve the past, celebrate the present and anticipate the future of rural Texas."

For more information on the GO TEXAN Rural Community Program, visit

Santa Anna Mountaineer Band

I heard that the Santa Anna Mountaineer Marching Band got a Division I in the UIL Marching Contest in Brady last Saturday.

I knew all along they would if they could just get on that 50 yard line!

This is one of those every other years that the band doesn't get to advance to the next level... kind of stupid to me...

They sure looked and sounded good at the Homecoming Parade on Friday.

And didn't they put on a great show at halftime of the Homecoming game?

Way to go Band and good job Mr. Mitchell!

Catch some photos of the Band in the Eden game photo album a little later this week as I have time.

Santa Anna Mountaineers Vs Eden Bulldogs

Submitted by Coach Ramsey

Jordan Whaley 6 carries for 60 yards, passing was 4 of 10 for 99 yards and 2 TD's and did not play second half due to injury and will likely be out the next ballgame.

Fausto Maldonado 16 carries for 67 yards 1 TD .

Manny Dancy 9 carries for 59 yards passing was 1 of 4 for 24 yards 1 TD, 1 reception for 35 yards and 1 TD.

Chris Tate 1 carry for 7 yards.

Juan Suarez 1 carry for 12 yards, 2 receptions for 25 yards and 1 TD.

Fausto Maldonado had a 70 yard kickoff return for a TD.

The team faces Robert Lee this week with their backs to the wall. A win over Robert Lee would still keep them in the playoff hunt but a loss would put them out.

Thanks Coach!

Good Luck against those Steers... they have always been tough even when we used to play them in eleven man back in the 80s

Coleman County Youth Activity Center News

Submitted by Sarah Beal

David Stewart/ GE Appliance Division
- refrigerator

In honor of Henry Dodson by Bob & Ann Turner

In memory of John "DeDe" Rhone by Trisha (Puckett) & Lynn Owens, Paul & Billie Puckett, Janet Barker, Ben & Debbie Scott, Thad & Shirley Sansing
In memory of Johnny Baugh by Bob & Ann Turner, Michael, Synda & Colton Smith, Joseph & Janet Johnson, Steve & Sarah Beal, Jay & Tammy Davis, Ben & Debbie Scott, John & Dorcia Holtz, Dr. & Mrs. R. M. Edington, Dr. & Mrs. Mark Swening, Dr. Sharilyn & James Nall, Dr. Johnny Needham/Coleman Veterinary Clinic
In memory of Eugene (Chubby) Brooks by David & Billie Jean Wright
In memory of Don E. Starnes by Bob & Ann Turner, Joseph & Janet Johnson, Winifred Byrd, Jim & Margie Eaton
In memory of Luther McCrary by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of Manuel Gutierrez by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of Richard L. Vaughn by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of William "Bill" Stephenson by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of James Oscar Koenig by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of Debbie Walthall Gates by Bob & Ann Turner, John & Dorcia Holtz
In memory of Lucy Whittington by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of Arthur Doose, Jr. by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Johnson by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of Curtis E. Martin by Bob & Ann Turner
In memory of David Flynn by James C. Stokes/Bowen Drug Store, Jay & Tammy Davis, Ben & Debbie Scott
In memory of Barbara Strickland by James C. Stokes/Bowen Drug Store, Jay & Tammy Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Sumter Weatherred, Thad & Shirley Sansing
In memory of Fred Watson by James C. Stokes/Bowen Drug Store,
In memory of Odie Griffith by James C. Stokes/Bowen Drug Store, Ben & Debbie Scott
In memory of Hurshell Dunn by Linda, Wesley & Denise Dority
In memory of Leonard Johnson by Jay & Tammy Davis, Hank & Darla Wise
In memory of Dana Rideout by Henry & Margie Dodson, Lynn & Patricia Owens, Phil & Judy Chambers, Ben & Debbie Scott, Bill & Ginger Sneed
In memory of Brandon Dillard by Steve & Sarah Beal, Candace Beal, Lynn & Patricia Owens
In memory of Cliff Horn by Lynn & Patricia Owens
In memory of Gerry Meador by Coleman High School Class of 1946
In memory of Macey Watson Casey by Mr. & Mrs. Sumter Weatherred
In memory of Gene Tongate by Bill & Ginger Sneed
In memory of Rankin McIver by Dr. & Mrs. R. M. Edington, Dr. & Mrs. Mark Swening, Dr. Sharilyn & James Nall, Dr. Johnny Needham/Coleman Veterinary Clinic
In memory of Winnie Jones by Dr. & Mrs. R. M. Edington, Dr. & Mrs. Mark Swening, Dr. Sharilyn & James Nall, Dr. Johnny Needham/Coleman Veterinary Clinic
In memory of Inus Underwood by Dr. & Mrs. R. M. Edington, Dr. & Mrs. Mark Swening, Dr. Sharilyn & James Nall, Dr. Johnny Needham/Coleman Veterinary Clinic

The Coleman County Youth Activity Center has been a busy place with the following events being held there: Sesquicentennial Heroes Day Events, Fiesta de la Paloma with an antique tractor pull, lawn mower pull and races, car show, cook-off and team roping, Coleman County Farm Bureau Convention, wedding receptions, class reunions, 4-H meetings, county lamb and goat validation, Dove Festival, Wildlife Committee meeting, CCYAC board meetings and a Sanctioned Lamb and Goat show and Motorcycle Rally to be held this coming weekend. To book the facilities for your event, call the Coleman County Chamber of Commerce at 325-625-2163. Check out our web-site at for more information and pictures of the facilities.

Coleman County Youth Activity Center is a non-profit organization that depends on the rental fees of the facilities and donations. Funds are needed to pay off the “Expo Center” note and for utilities, insurance and maintenance. A "Donor Wall" for those donating $1000 and more will be put in place inside the front door of the Expo Center very soon. Donations and memorials can be sent to Coleman County Youth Activity Center, P O Box 766 or to Patricia Owens at First Coleman National Bank, P O Box 552, Coleman, TX 76834. Donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.


COLEMAN, TX, OCTOBER 31, 2008: The 2008 Coleman County Deer Hunter’s Festival & BBQ will be held on Friday, October 31 with a BBQ Meal being served at 6:00 p.m., at the Coleman County Youth Activity Center located on the south side of Coleman near the Coleman Rodeo Grounds.

An admission charge of $10.00 will make you eligible to win one of the Many door prizes featuring over 20 guns, feeders, guided hunts, & much More hunting related equipment. There will be raffle opportunities for a Kawasaki 610 4x4 Mule ATV, and much more. Major prizes you are not Required to be present to win.

There will be a Wall of Horns featuring trophy bucks taken from the County, with many new heads added each year.

Everyone is invited to come and a good time will be had by all.

Volunteers Needed for Deer Hunters’ Festival

The Deer Hunters’ Festival is scheduled for Friday, October 31 at the Bill Franklin Center located at the Coleman Rodeo Grounds.

Volunteers are needed to help with this Festival. If you are willing to volunteer your time for this event please contact the Coleman County Chamber of Commerce at 325-625-2163.

Area businesses and landowners, to show appreciation for all of the hunters and their families coming into our community, sponsor this event.

Weekend Theft - Part II

Thanks to "Eagle Eye" and hero, Joe Zarate, who saw Cindy's purse on top of the Armory.

I have spoke of Joe, who of course works for WTU, on several occasions before.

As I was walking around town looking for Cindy's purse Monday morning I ran across Joe at the power sub-stations on South Third Street and visited with him about his family and how they were and a little about the theft. He had already read it that morning on the News and said he would keep an eye out for the purse that we felt like was already abandoned.

I had to be at work at 1:00 so I had to stop looking around 11:45 so I would have enough time to get my clothes changed and drive to Goldthwaite to work. About the time I got undressed the door bell rang and it was Joe. He said, "You aren't going to believe this but it is on top of the Armory."

I had walked around the Armory no less than five times in the last 12 hours and Cindy had driven around it nearly the same and we didn't see it. Up and down the railroad tracks, alleys, trash cans, and dumpsters I looked, but high in the sky driving his WTU bucket truck was "Eagle Eye Joe" who spotted it.

As have said before Joe is a hero... just recently returning from eighteen straight days of hurricane duty in South East Texas.

Thanks for everything you do Joe and thanks for coming by!

Weekend Theft

On Sunday afternoon we discovered that someone had taken my wife, Cindy's purse out of our unlocked pickup parked in our drive way on Avenue C. I had heard the dog barking early Sunday morning and our neighbor reported seeing someone go by a window about 1:30 AM Sunday morning. Another neighbor told me her unlocked car had been gone through and that someone had stolen a wallet out of a car parked in front of the First Baptist Church on Sunday during morning services. I also heard of some tools being stolen.

We did find some of the contents of Cindy's purse in the dumpster behind the Armory by the park. The purse is a medium sized black leather purse.

If you have any information about these crimes please call the Santa Anna Police Department.

Although I am pretty sure that the person that stole these things doesn't read the News... just in case... lock your cars, lock your houses, and load your guns... mine are!

More Homecoming 2008

Kendra Coleman was crowned the 2008 Homecoming Queen in halftime ceremonies last Friday.

Homecoming Parade

The Santa Anna Ex-Student’s Association would like to thank the following local businesses for the generous donations given towards the Homecoming parade floats and car prizes:
Sherry’s Beauty Shop
Traveler’s Treasures
Double H
Sharon’s Beauty Shop
Line Shack
Leather and Lace
Huntland Trucking
That Santa Anna Store
Quilters Patch
Hensley Family Health Clinic
Santa Anna Grocery
Huntland Resources
David’s Day Spa
Coleman County Telephone Cooperative
Glenn’s Car Sales
Santa Anna National Bank

Thanks again for your generosity and support!

The Association would also like to thank all those that participated in the parade including the Class of 1958 and Ex-Student of the Year - Bobby Joe Densman, the Coming Home Queen and King for the Class of 88 - Stephanie Hartman Edwards and Jeremy Hartman, the Homecoming Queen Nominees, the Mountaineer Band, the parade judges, and the the Santa Anna Volunteer Fire Department for directing traffic, for providing trucks, and drivers for the football teams and cheerleaders. and to the City of Santa Anna and Santa Anna Police Department for directing traffic, and the Texas Highway Department for letting us redirect traffic.

President - Betsy McIver Jones
1st Vice President - Tom Guthrie
2nd Vice President - James Curtis
Secretary/Treasurer -Ross Bradley

Parade Winners

Decorated Floats:

1st Place ($150): First Grade Class

2nd Place ($125): Kindergarden Class

3rd Place ($100): Third Grade Class

Decorated Cars:

1st Place ($50): Molly Pritchard

2nd Place ($40): Layken Deleon

3rd Place ($30): Adelaida Dean

See this special 2008 Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally Photo Album for more pictures.

Homecoming 2008

I am still exhausted from the weekend of Homecoming fun and climbing in and out of dumpsters so some of the Homecoming activities report will have to wait until later this week but what a weekend it was!

The Annual Meeting of the Ex Students Association was a big success with 134 students and guests registering on Saturday as follows:

Class of 1934
Carmilla Flores Baugh

Class of 1938
M.L. Guthrie

Class of 1940
Felton Martin

Class of 1944
James R. Eubank Sr.

Class of 1945
Virginia Stockard Powell

Class of 1946
Wade Blake
Wayne Horton
Wanda Henderson Johnson
Evelyn Bruce Kingsbery
Bonnie Balke Kuykendall
Tom C. Newman
Fred B. Oakes
Artie Jean King Sitterle
Marie Heilman Vaughn

Class of 1947
Novelle McClellan Boylston
Reba Cozart Haynes

Class of 1948
Coyita Griffin Bowker
Wanda Price Campbell
Elvis Cozart
Sybil Fellers-Dean Eubank
Lynn Pittard
Dalton Gene Rice
Darwin Schrader
Gene Smith
Del Stacy
Darwin Watson

Class of 1949

Duane L. Callaway
Weldon Estes
Geneva McCary Hooten
Sue Milligan Newman
Virginia Rice
Kathryn Stewardson Watson
Catherine Fellers Watts

Class of 1950
Lea Mitchell Mock

Class of 1951
Joel Bush
Thomas Ray Rutherford
Linda Stewardson Slusher

Class of 1952
Suzanne Renegar Bass
Alton(Buddy) Benge
Evangeline Mulroy Horton
Billy N Woods
Joe Wynn

Class of 1953
Tom Bailey
Delma Drake Blair
Betty Scott Henderson
Charles Hosch
Betty Ruth Goen Maciel
Betty Mitchell Miller
Mel Pollock
Patsy Rutherford Smith
Billy Matthews Woods

Class of 1954
Neva Rehm Smith

Class of 1955
Jenniev Callaway Gourley
Lois Shields Harper
Daniel W. Johnson
Carl Langford
Nancy Wylie

Class of 1956
Hilary Rutherford
Carolyn Woods Stone
Martha Ray Pritchard 56-57

Class of 1957
James Curtis
Dan Gilbert
Phillip Johnson
Joyce Mills McDonald

Class of 1958
Linda Riley Caldwell
Carolyn Cupps Covey
Bobby Joe Densman
Kay Owen Dyer
John Fellers
Charlie R. Fleming
Herbert Graham
Patricia Bryan Greener
Lyndon Haynes
Jean Bouchillon Langford
Carolee Campbell Monroe
Robert Perry
Linda Moore Rope
Belva Heilman Rutherford
Eugene White

Class of 1959
Wayne Langford

Class of 1960
Glendon Eppler
Ginger Haynes Graham
LaVelle McClintock Haynes

Class of 1961
Lula Hawkins
Jimmy Niell

Class of 1964
Terry McIver
Linda Pittard
Sharon Wise Taylor

Class of 1965
Patricia White Cooley
Montie Guthrie III
Ruth Walker McIver
Brenda Densman Stansel
Lynda Rutherford Wheeler

Class of 1966
Lois Simmons Coppic
John Hensley

Class of 1967
Leanna Pollock Jones
Eddie Jones
Norma Jo Eubank Jones

Class of 1968
Dickie Horner
Wanelda Blount Morton
Jesse Upchurch
Lin Wristen

Class of 1969
Wade Jones

Class of 1973
Carol Kingsbery Otto

Class of 1974
Lane Guthrie

Class of 1975
Judy Cupps Lutes

Class of 1976
David Robinett

Class of 1977
Elaine Newman McDaniel

Classs of 1982
Gay Hosch Martin
James Pelton

Class of 1983
Cindy Pierce Pelton

Class of 1984
Cathy Caldwell Allen

Class of 1988
Jeremy Hartman
Kallie Gray McIver

Class of 1992
Ross Bradley

Class of 1993
Betsy McIver Jones
Brandi Horner McIver

Class of 1995
Tom Guthrie

Class of 1997
Briana Horner Guthrie

Class of 2000
Steffany Fitzpatrick
Kristi Wade Herrod

Class of 2003
Jennifer Pelton

Class of 2006
Ryan Guerrero
Jessica Pelton Kerr

Class of 2008
Becca Fellers

Class of 2009
Caylie Robinett

Guest or Class not indicated:

Roy Mathews Faculty 1951-69
Ann Stewardson Dunaway
Maria D Fleming
Tom Hooton
Bill Ross
Morris H Wallace
Ann White

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday I was't sure I would make it to Veribest for the game but I hitched a slow ride with Mr. Robinett hauling the Band trailer, my old photog friend "Free" Lance Vasquez, and the rest of the Mountaineer Band. We didn't stop for steak in Lowake but the last couple of times I ate there it wasn't all that great anyhow. Our Band is just so good and now I have so much more appreciation for what Mr. Mitchell has done. He is truely amazing. I think we did buy out the concession stand after the game... and the sausage wrap I had was pretty good at ten o'clock!

The lights are not too bright in Veribest but I did manage to get a few pictures... see the Sports Page for the game photo album.

This week the 2-4(1-0 District) Mountaineers will face their second District 9 opponent, the Eden Bulldogs, and it just happens to be Homecoming for the Mountaineers.

I know everyone has been getting ready with the Tail Gate Party Wednesday, the Band, the Cheerleaders, the players, and the coaches. I was driving home late Thursday night and noticed the lights still on at the football field so of course I had to drive by and see what was happening... wsa the Band getting in some last minute prep for Homecoming or something? No, the Ramsey Family was marking the field... not just Coach Ramsey but the whole family! So many times we take for granted what coaches, band directors, teachers, and administrators do... they really do have to love their jobs!

Eden is picked to finish third in Division I District 9 behind Richland Springs, and Robert Lee, and ahead of Santa Anna, Rochelle, and Veribest by Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. According to Dave and Granger, "The Bulldogs showed great improvement last fall from their first season in six-man. They should be a team to reckon with come district." Players to watch are Chris Ogle, Kenneth Kincheloe, Bobby Bednars, and Brandon McIntyre.

The Bulldogs are ranked 60th overall and 41st in Division I by and Santa Anna moved to 47th overall and stayed at 34th in Division I.

Who the 1-5(0-1) Eden Bulldogs have played:
Lost to Crowell 44-26
Lost to Blanket 80-64 (Santa Anna lost to Blanket in week four 70-22)
Beat Brookesmith 86-36
Lost to Strawn 64-16
Lost to Water Valley 61-34
Lost to Richland Springs 70-24(Santa Anna plays Richland Springs in week nine)

Santa Anna is favored by 7 points so it should be an exciting game.

See all you exes at the game!

2008 Santa Anna Varsity Mountaineers

Front Row L-R: #5 Chris Tate, #25 Fausto Maldonado, #8 Jordan Whaley,

Second Row: #3 Richard Ramsey, #72 Joe Guerrero, #12 Juan Suarez, #9 Jacob Zapata,

Back Row: #44 Frank Moreno, #6 Vance Rice, #20 Manny Dancy, #60 Michael Maldonado

Santa Anna National Bank

While you are wandering around visiting all the business's around town don't forget to go by the Santa Anna National Bank and visit with Rob and the gang!

Check out their new website


Well it is Homecoming week so let's bring all that Homecoming stuff back up here to the top of News for Friday's edition.

The Ex Students Association will be awarding prize money to the best three floats and also to decorated cars in this year's Homecoming Parade thanks to local business sponsors.

One major change is the location of the Ex Student's Annual Meeting. The chairs in the High School Auditorium are being redone so the meeting will be held in the cafeteria following the coffee and registration.

I think I read in the Coleman paper where the Class of 53 is meeting at the First Baptist Church CLC Saturday afternoon.

See below for the rest of the schedule and other Homecoming activities.

Updated Schedule of Events

Wednesday, October 15:
Booster Club Tailgate Party @ 7:30 - Gym Parking Lot

Friday, October 17:
Parade sponsored by the Ex Student's Association @ 2:00 - Downtown
Pep Rally @ 2:30 - Football Field
Class of 58 after parade until pre game - Fire Hall Annex
Spaghetti Supper - Cost by donation @ 5:00 - First United Methodist Church - All Home comers Welcome!
Pre-Game Recognition of Coming Home Queen/King, Ex-Student of the Year @ 7:00 Come Early!
Football Game @ 7:30
Halftime Show and SAHS Homecoming Queen announced at halftime

Saturday, October 18:
Ex Student's Association Annual Meeting:
Registration @ 9:00 - High School Lobby
Coffee, Juice, & Donuts @ 9:00 - Cafeteria
Business Meeting @ 10:00 - Changed to the Cafeteria

Booster Club Lunch @ 11:30 - Cafeteria

Class of 88 Reunion @ 12:00 - Old Simmons Feed building
Class of 58 after lunch - Fire Hall Annex
Class of 48 after lunch - Methodist Church Annex

Send your class reunion information to

For more information about the Ex Students Association activities see or contact one of the officers: President - Betsy McIver Jones, First Vice President - Tom Guthrie, Second Vice President James Curtis, or Secretary/Treasurer Ross Bradley.

The Ex Students Association will not be having a dance this year but encourages you to go to the Santa Anna Monthly Dance. See below for more information.

2008 Homecoming Honorees Announced

The Santa Anna Ex Student's Association has announced the 2008 Homecoming Honorees from the Class of 1988 and the Class of 1958.

The honorees will be recognized in pre game ceremonies before the Homecoming football game on Friday October 17th and during the Santa Anna Ex Students Association Annual Meeting at the SAHS Auditorium on Saturday October the 18th.

The 2008 Coming Home Queen from the SAHS Class of 1988 is Stephanie Hartman Edwards.

Stephanie attended Santa Anna schools from kindergarten through graduation. During her four years in high school, she was a member of the SAHS band, a twirler for two years, drum major for two years and was a member of the tennis team. Upon graduation, Stephanie moved to San Angelo where she attended Angelo State university before moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1990 where she continued her education at the University of Texas in Arlington.

In the spring of 1991, she did a field placement course through UTA where she volunteered for Child Protective Services. When the field placement ended, she was offered and accepted a full time position as a Case Aid for Child Protective Services while continuing to attend college courses to pursue her degree in Social Work.

Stephanie received a Bachelors Degree in Social Work in 1997 and was an investigator for Child Protective Services in Dallas County for the next year. In 1998, Stephanie transferred to the Coleman County Child Protective Services office and moved back to Santa Anna. She was a Case Worker in Coleman, Runnels, Brown and Comanche Counties until December 2007 when she accepted a position in the Abilene Child Protective Services Regional offices as a Program Specialist with the Family Group Decision Making Program.

Stephanie continues to reside in Santa Anna and commutes to cover about a dozen counties in her Child Protective Services work. Stephanie has one daughter, Hannah who is an 8th grader at Santa Anna Jr. High, carrying on the tradition of Proud Mountaineers for the Hartman family. Stephanie is married to James Edwards. She is actively involved in the First Baptist Church in Santa Anna and the Santa Anna Booster Club.

The 2008 Coming Home King from the SAHS Class of 1988 is Jeremy Hartman.

Jeremy attended Santa Anna schools from kindergarten through graduation, and was the valedictorian of the class of '88.

After high school, Jeremy attended Texas Tech University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with bachelors degrees in communications and political science. While at Tech, he was a member of several academic honor societies and was the highest ranking graduate of the Telecommunications degree program in 1992.

He attended Law School at the University of Texas, graduating in 1995. After graduation, he stayed in Austin and began working for the Texas Attorney General's Office. Jeremy was employed as an Assistant Attorney General for four years, working in the Law Enforcement Defense and Habeas Corpus Divisions.

In 1999, he became a staff attorney for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is Texas' highest court for criminal cases. He has been with the Court for ten years, and continues to live in Austin.

Stephanie and Jeremy are both 3rd generation Santa Anna High graduates.

The 2008 Ex Student of the Year from the SAHS Class of 1958 is Bobby Joe Densman.

Bobby Joe graduated from Santa Anna High School and spent the next 8 years searching for something to hang his future on. In 1966, Bobby moved to Abilene, Texas, after joining the Abilene Fire Department. Upon his completion of Recruit School, he served as a firefighter until; he was promoted to Senior Fire Fighter in 1969, when he took a step up in to Apparatus Engineer, which, for you citizens, is commonly known as the "fire truck driver". In 1975, after much study, Bobby tested for and received the rank of Lieutenant. Bobby chose to move into the Training Division in 1986, training many recruits over the next 8 years - many of which are now Lieutenant and Captains in their own right. He has had a rescue tool named after him, which is called the Densman Strap. It is used as an aid in the fire service to assist the firefighter in removing victims from hazardous areas. Bobby retired from the Abilene Fire Department in 1994.

After 2 years of retirement, (and after playing golf everyday) Bobby joined the Governors’ Division of Emergency Management as one of (9) Regional Liaison Officers for the State of Texas. Bobby assisted local and county governments in creating disaster plans for their areas and obtain needed essentials during disasters. He assisted in the Houston and Del Rio floods and many other major disasters over the next 7 years. Bobby’s last assignment was part of the recovery team for the space shuttle disaster.

Bobby has 4 grown children whose careers range from Teacher to Preacher, Legal Assistant to Chef. Bobby is the proud Grandfather of 6 natural grandchildren, 4 more by marriage and 1 by choice.

Bobby and Sharon live in the community of Buffalo Gap, Texas, population 463. They are members of the First Baptist Church.

Class of '58 to hold Reunion

The Santa Anna Class of '58 will be celebrating their 50th reunion during Homecoming.

They will be riding on a float in the Parade Friday. After the parade, they will meet at the Fire Hall Annex until the Pre-game activities. They will return to the Fire Hall Annex after the game. Saturday afternoon they will go back to the Fire Hall Annex for more visiting.

Everyone that attended school with this class has a Special invitation to stop by & visit.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Class of '48 to hold 60th

The Class of 1948 and surrounding classes are meeting Saturday afternoon at the Methodist Church Annex for the Class of 48's 60th Reunion.


The class of 1988 will be getting together for their 20th reunion, in connection with Santa Anna High School Homecoming. The class will meet for lunch at 12 noon on Saturday at the old Simmons Feed store on Wallis Ave in Santa Anna.

The class of 1988 has established a memorial scholarship in honor of Cynthia (Garrett) Philpot. Scholarship funds may be donated at a table set up at the Homecoming game on Friday, where fundraising items will also be sold, and on Saturday morning at the Ex-Student’s registration and business meeting.

SAHS Mountaineer Marching Band

The Santa Anna High School Marching Band competed with other bands in Abilene this past Saturday at the McMurry Marching Festival held at Abilene Wylie's Bulldog Stadium.

I wanted to go watch them in Abilene because I knew I couldn't go this weekend because of the Ex Students Meeting, so instead of taking pictures I thought I would video it and share it on YouTube with you...

The wind was blowing and eight minute video is not all that great but the band did a great job and looked sharp in their brand new uniforms.

They had a little bit of trouble getting lined up on the eleven man football field but once they figured out that the stadium had two forty yard lines and a fifty yard line on the middle that six man stadium doesn't, they did better.

Better to get those things worked out before UIL Marching Contest in Brady this next Saturday morning.

The SAHS Band received a rating of one and the Drum Line was named Best Drum Line in Class 1A at the competition. The band from Throckmorton was selected as the Best Band in Class 1A at the competition. Good Luck Band!


Tex Wright reports, "A slow soaking rain fell in the Santa Anna area. On the Tex Wright Plantation, a total of 1.1 inch fell. Making all residence in the area extremely happy."

I poured out an inch or so out of my gauges.

Glen Donham Selected as Chief Petty Officer

In the picture is Kristen, Glen, Adalee, Alexis, and Avery Donham Kristen, Alexis, Adalee and Avery lived in Santa Anna during the last school year. Alexis and Adalee attended school in Santa Anna. The family got transferred back to California. Glen and Kristen are both graduates of Santa AnnaHigh School.

On the day Glen Donham and his family left Santa Anna to move back to Lemoore, California, he received a phone call to let him know that he had been selected as a Chief Petty Officer. Becoming a Chief Petty Officer is one of the biggest accomplishments in a sailors career. Only about four percent of the Navy get selected each year. NAS Lemoore made a total of 40 new Chief Selectees.

On September 16th, after a comprehensive six week induction process in which they were put through a series of trials and tribulations by senior members of the NAS Lemoore CPO Mess, the 40 chiefs donned their new khaki uniforms and stood before their shipmates. During an emotional ceremony, Glen had his anchors pinned on by his wife Kristen, and his three daughters Alexis, Adalee, and Avery. One by one, each junior Sailor, Chief Petty Officer, and Commanding Officer, shook the hands of the latest additions to the storied 115-year tradition of the Navy chief. For most, pinning on the golden anchors of a chief petty officer is a career-defining achievement that inspires a cavalcade of emotions.

Most of you will read this and ask what is it that a Chief Petty Officer does... this small writing will give you a better idea...

When the Lord Created Chief Petty Officers

When the Lord was creating Chief Petty Officer, he was in his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said " your doing a lot of fiddling around with this one."

And the Lord said "Have you read the specs on this order?" " A Chief Petty Officer has to be able to work 12-24 hours per day, through any type of weather, on any ship or boat, know the laws of the sea, be able to load and unload hundreds of tons of cargo after being up all night, and then try to get some sleep in an area that is accessible to and is used by all crew. He has to live in his shop, if need be, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for days on end, offer advice and counseling and still meet time schedules, maintain an even and controlled composure when all around him have gone mad. And he has to be in top physical condition at all times, running on black coffee and half-eaten meals. And he has to have six pairs of hands."

The angel shook her head slowly and said "Six pairs of hands...No way."

"The hands are not causing me the problem," said the Lord, "It's the three pairs of eyes a Chief Petty Officer has to have."

"That's on the standard model?" asked the angel.

The Lord nodded and said, "One pair that sees the herd of whales or a boat in peril, another pair that can see the blind spots that dolphins and young sailors love to hide in, and another pair in front that can look reassuringly at the young bleeding sailor, who is injured, by saying "You'll be okay" when he knows it isn't so."

"Lord," said the angel, touching his sleeve, "rest and work on this tomorrow."

"I can't" said the Lord. "I already have a model that can steam his ship 700-800 miles a day without an incident and raise his family of five, seldom seeing them, on less than $2000 per month."

The angel circles the Chief Petty Officer slowly, "Can he think?" She asked.

"You bet" said the Lord. "It can tell you how to secure for sea, recite Navy Regulations and the UCMJ in its sleep, deliver his assigned cargo, be a parent, offer timely advice to young sailors and junior officers, help search for missing children, defend women's and children's rights. Tries to get 8 hours of rest, when he can, and raises a family of law respecting citizens while seldom ever going home... And still keeps a good sense of humor. This Chief Petty Officer also has phenomenal personal control. He can deal with port calls in areas created from scenes painted in hell, comfort the injured, their family and friends, and then read in the daily paper how the military is no more than baby killers with guns and have no respect for others."

Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek of the Chief Petty Officer. "There's a leak," she proclaimed. "I told you that you were trying to put to much into this model."

"That's not a leak," Said the Lord, "It's a tear." "It's for bottled up emotions, fallen comrades, for commitment to that piece of cloth called the Flag, for justice and for the families without fathers."

"You're a genius," said the angel.

The Lord looking somber said "I didn't put it there."

Author Unknown

Friday Night Lights

This week the 1-4 Mountaineers will face their first District 9 opponent and the start of the "money" games. That's right. For the Mountaineers that means we get to start over and come out of our corner fighting.

Veribest is picked to finish in the cellar of Division I District 9 behind Richland Springs, Robert Lee, Eden, Santa Anna, and Rochelle by Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. According to Dave and Granger, "The Falcons... hope to build on one of their best seasons in recent memory..." Let's hope they don't do it this Friday night!

The Falcons are ranked 97th overall and 58th in Division I by and Santa Anna moved up a notch to 47th overall and 34th in Division I.

Who the 2-3 Veribest Falcons have played:
Beat Buena Vista 70-44.
Beat Novice 63-44.
Lost to Rising Star 74-28.
Lost to Loraine 50-37.
Lost to Hermleigh 53-8.

Santa Anna is favored by 36.

The Lowake Steak House is on the way so come by and pick me up and we will stop and eat a big old steak and then head over to Veribest and support the Mountaineers!

See ya at the game if I can get a ride!

2008 Santa Anna Varsity Mountaineers

Front Row L-R: #5 Chris Tate, #25 Fausto Maldonado, #8 Jordan Whaley,

Second Row: #3 Richard Ramsey, #72 Joe Guerrero, #12 Juan Suarez, #9 Jacob Zapata,

Back Row: #44 Frank Moreno, #6 Vance Rice, #20 Manny Dancy, #60 Michael Maldonado

Mountaineers vs Garden City Bearkats

I am still working out some bugs with me using my camera. I hope that I get all these kinks out before Homecoming... which is next week by the way!

Next week will have the Santa Anna Ex Students Association honoree recognition at 7:00 so you better come early or you will miss that.

The Garden City game was delayed for about 40 minutes due to the lightning. The concession stand was busy and wasn't it fun visiting with everyone? I think we should all go to the home games early every week and just visit while the Mountaineers warm up...

The Mountaineers will travel to Veribest this week...more on that Friday but I wanted to be sure and let you know I had an error in my schedule on the Sports Page so be sure you don't show up Friday for kickoff at Mountaineer Stadium.

The Mountaineers fell again last week to the Garden City Bearkats and I just wanted to say a few words about how proud I am about our Mountaineers and coaches playing the whole game. They play the last down of each game just like the first one and that isn't always easy when you are losing by 40 points.

How about those cheerleaders and band also?

One thing that we can certainly be proud of is we do have the best band in Sixman football! And don't they look sharp in those new uniforms! Mr. Mitchell has done such a great job with them the last few years.

There are over 150 photos in this week's album on the Sports Page... here are a few of my favorites for the week:

Santa Anna Mountaineer #8 Jordan Whaley carrying the ball. Also shown are #44 Frank Moreno, #3 Richard Ramsey, and #60 Michael Maldonado.

Santa Anna Mountaineer #25 Fausto Maldonado carrying the ball. Also shown are Mountaineers #54 Christian Washington, #60 Michael Maldonado, and #44 Frank Moreno.

Mountaineers get some air

Santa Anna Mountaineer Band strut their stuff

Girling Health Care Providers

Director of Nursing

We are looking for two Registered Nurses with management experience to lead a fast paced team specializing in Community Based Alternatives. A valid Texas RN License is required. Management and Texas State Program (PHC/CBA) experience is a plus. Graduate Nurses are also encouraged to apply.

We offer an excellent benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, generous paid days off that increases with years of service, and tuition reimbursement for further education. Also, ask about our sign-on bonus!

Send Resume referencing Ad # 8748
Fax to 325-646-2278 Call 800-665-4471
Apply Online at
or apply at 1423 Coggin Ave., Brownwood, TX 76804.
E.O.E. M/F/D/V

Laurie Powers Making the Movies!

Laurie Powers, daughter of Sammie and Imogene Powers, works as a visual effects artist and lived in Romania from February through July working for Media Pro Studios on the film "Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles". This movie will be airing on TV Saturday, October 18th at 8:00 on the SciFi channel.
Also see:

Currently she is in Pittsfield, Massachusetts working for Sandbox FX on the feature film "The Surrogates" starring Bruce Willis due in theaters September 2009.

Her other visual effects credits include "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Premonition", "The Notebook", "Invisible and the Lookout" and many others. Laurie's full credit list can be seen on IMBD:


I was awakened by the storm's lightning and thunder early Monday morning. Monday afternoon I poured out an inch and a half out of my gauges.

Tex Wright also had an inch and a half of rain.

Santa Anna Monthly Dance

The Country and Western band "Burnin' Daylight will perform at the Armory on Saturday October 18th for the Santa Anna Monthly Dance.

7:00-10:00 pm - Old Armory Building
$5.00 per person
"Burnin’ Daylight" Country Western Band Featuring:
Derwin Isham-Bass
Gene Williams-Lead
Jim Keeney-Steel Guitar
Wallace Reid-Rhythm
Paul Dominguez-Drummer
303 S. Houston Street
Gene Williams 254-445-4426
Wallace Reid 254-879-3882
*No Smoking & No Alcohol
*4-H will have a snack bar (all proceeds for snacks benefit the 4-H Club)

Friday Night Lights

Well I am once again excited about going to football games. I had become a little discouraged by my photography of the games. I thought at first it was all me and not my camera and then determined it was at the least a little bit of both. But I think my camera is starting to do better at least and now maybe I can get it all working together... I will let you be the judge!

The Mountaineers fell to another bunch of Tigers in Blanket last Friday by a score of 70-22 with 5:18 left in the fourth quarter.

Santa Anna Mountaineer #8 Jordan Whaley running with the ball behind the block of #60 Michael Maldonado, also shown are Mountaineers #3 Richard Ramsey, and #72 Joe Guerrero

Santa Anna Mountaineer #8 Jordan Whaley throwing the ball to #60 Michael Maldonado

Santa Anna Mountaineer #8 Jordan Whaley running with the ball. Also shown is Mountaineer #3 Richard Ramsey

Despite two key players injured the Mountaineers showed some good things and I know from being on the sidelines that the Mountaineers and coaches need your support. Win or lose they have my support.

This week the Mountaineers will face another bunch of Kats and a tough team from Garden City.

Garden City is picked to finish in second place of Division I District 8 behind Fort Davis and ahead of Water Valley, Rankin, and Sterling City by Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. Said to be a player to watch is running back Jake Schwartz(6-3, 190)who was an Honorable Mention All-State last year as a utility back.

The Bearkats are ranked 16th overall and 14th in Division I by and Santa Anna fell to 48th overall and 35th in Division I.

Who the 4-1 Garden City Bearkats have played:
Lost to Abbott 57-14.
Beat EP Jesus Chapel 54-0.
Beat Robert Lee 66-60.
Beat Abilene Christian 58-12.
Beat EP Immanuel Christian 1-0 (Forfeit)

Garden City is favored by 45. Come out and support the Mountaineers!

See ya at the game!

2008 Santa Anna Varsity Mountaineers

Front Row L-R: #5 Chris Tate, #25 Fausto Maldonado, #8 Jordan Whaley,

Second Row: #3 Richard Ramsey, #72 Joe Guerrero, #12 Juan Suarez, #9 Jacob Zapata,

Back Row: #44 Frank Moreno, #6 Vance Rice, #20 Manny Dancy, #60 Michael Maldonado


Texas Midwest Community Network (TMCN) will celebrate 15 years of regionalism at the 15th Annual Texas Midwest Conference, Oct. 15, at the San Angelo Convention Center.

The conference brings community leaders together from more than 30 counties in the Abilene and San Angelo trade areas. City & county officials, economic development professionals and board members, chamber of commerce volunteers and student leaders are encouraged to attend to experience first hand how to help communities grow and prosper.

Community leaders receive information related to community development, tourism and economic development. Features of the annual conference include solution seminars, information exhibits, live entertainment, luncheon catered by Kenny Blanek’s Village Café and community awards.

Rick Rhodes is the featured speaker for the conference awards luncheon. Rhodes who was one of the founding fathers of TMCN while serving as mayor of Sweetwater is currently Assistant Commissioner for Rural Economic Development with the Texas Department of Agriculture.

State agencies participating in the Info Expo include Office of Rural Community Affairs (ORCA), Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Also participating are USDA, Lubbock SBA, TTU Small Business Development Center, Ag Workers Mutual, Big Country Area Health Education Center, Shannon Medical Center, Workforce Solutions of Concho Valley and Journal Communications.

For complete details on solution seminar topics and speakers offered at the conference go to the Texas Midwest website at

Pre-registration for the conference is $35, which covers all activities and the conference luncheon. Walk-in registration is $40. A discount for 5 or more from one community or organization is also available. For information call 325-795-8626 or e-mail

TMCN member cities include Abilene, Albany, Anson, Aspermont, Baird, Ballinger, Brady, Breckenridge, Bronte, Brownwood, Buffalo Gap, Cisco, Clyde, Coleman, Colorado City, Comanche, Cross Plains, De Leon, Dublin, Early, Eastland, Eden, Goldthwaite, Gorman, Hamilton, Hamlin, Haskell, Knox City, Merkel, Munday, Ranger, Rising Star, Robert Lee, Roscoe, Rotan, San Angelo, Santa Anna, Snyder, Stamford, Sweetwater, Throckmorton, Tye, and Winters.

Sunkissed Tanning Salon

Time to start working on that tan!

Sunkissed Tanning Salon @ 302 S. 5th and Avenue C, right south of the Presbyterian Church. Contact Amber at 325-636-3973 or 325-357-4515 to get started.

*All new bulbs
*$27 per month
*Refer a friend as a new customer and get $5 off your next month!
*Couples discount--$50 per month
*Off-season special rate--September 1 thru January 31--tan for only $20 per month!

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Send me your organization's meeting, family, or class reunion notices and reports, your births and weddings, and your favorite Santa Anna sports team write ups or pictures or whatever is on your mind.

Send your news items to or use our convenient form!

Thanks for coming by and come back soon!

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