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Happy Thanksgiving!


From the Pelton Family to yours, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

As we gather around our tables and give thanks for our blessings, remember those that are serving our country.

Remember Those Who Serve

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Brandon Beloat, James Culpepper, Eddie Dawson, Kristle Deleon, Glen Donham, Reuben Frausto, Misti Graves, Bobby Hale, Patrick Kerr, Heather LaChance, Truman Matthews, Jeff Rivera, Josh Rivera, Michael Ruth, Marty Siller, Allen Tucker, Lance Vasquez, Austin Voss, Scott Watson, and Shane Watson.

Special thanks to Montie Guthrie for helping me out with this list.

Please help me with others by sending their names, photos, or whatever you want to me at or use this convenient form

Patsy Wright - Certified Independent Consultant

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Canned Food Drive

Santa Anna High School Student Council sponsored their annual canned food drive this November. The High School campus challenged the Elementary campus to see who could donate the most cans once again. After losing to them last year, the high school decided it wouldn’t happen again. Elementary was off to a great start, when at the end of the 1st week they had about 250 cans and the high school had none. Students began to slowly bring in cans on Monday and Tuesday at the high school and then the race was off. When the dust finally cleared, the high school had collected 989 cans, while the elementary collected 450 cans. The grand total of cans collected was 1,439. These cans were donated to Santa Anna’s local food bank at the First United Methodist Church. The real winners to this story are the students of Santa Anna ISD that were able to help their local community members.

The Senior class delivering the canned goods to the local food bank at the First United Methodist Church.
left of pickup back to front: Kenneth McMillan, Spencer Gilbreath, Christian Washington, Shawn Robertson, Dillan Whitley, Juan Suarez, Ashley Wells, Kianna Albritton, Paige Guerrero, and Marcus Garza
right of pickup back to front: Lauren Pritchard, Joel Juarez, Sarah Herrod, Natalie Neville, Danny Trowbridge, Ashley Gibson, and Caleb Absher

Benefit a Success

Submitted by: Judy Meister

Even though temperatures had dropped and the wind blew in, the bake sale held on Friday in front of the Santa Anna National Bank to benefit cancer patient, Teri Edmiston, was a huge success according to event organizer, Julie Brashear.

Volunteers to help sell the goods showed up bright and early, clad in cold weather attire and ready for action. However, the volume of support received was more than anticipated.

“The turnout was awesome. We started at 7:30 a.m, and by 12 o’clock we had sold out of over 65 baked goods and 108 breakfast burritos.” said Ms Brashear.

“We are so very thankful for those who supported this cause, and for everyone who donated baked goods for Teri.” she added.

A blood drive by the United Blood Services of San Angelo is scheduled to be held from 2 until 6 p.m. On Monday, the 29th at the Santa Anna school cafeteria with donations being made in Ms Edmiston’s name.

Those interested in contributing blood may log on to and give a pass code of santaanna, or by calling Amanda Ellerby at 325-348-3136.

Additionally, a benefit spaghetti supper will take place for Ms. Edmiston on Sunday, Dec. 12th at the Double H Family Dining, 105 N. Houston in Santa Anna at 4 p.m.

Monetary contributions to facilitate medical expenses are being accepted at the Santa Anna National Bank as well.

District 10 A Volleyball
All-District Selections 2010

MVP - Micah Cisneroz- Deleon – Jr.
Offensive MVP - Tori Gandy – Jr. – Evant
Defensive MVP - Bettye Campbell – Jr. – Evant
Newcomer of the year - Michelle Teague – Fr. – Deleon
Coach of the year - Scotty Miller – Evant

1st team selections:
Cheyenne Williams – Sr. – Evant
Maggie Wright – Soph. – Evant
Lindy Burks – Fr. –Evant
Jennifer Huncke Jr. – Evant
Desire’ Spurlen – Jr. – Deleon
Hope Gonzales - Fr –Deleon
Flor Martinez – Sr. – Mullin
Lauren Pritchard – Sr. -Santa Anna

2nd team selections:
Kelsan Wolverton – Jr. Evant
Sabrina Thompson – Soph. –Deleon
Elisa Moreno – Fr. – Deleon
Jessica Sims – Soph. – Mullin
Jamie Mickelson –Fr. – Mullin
Kendra Murillo – Sr. – Gustine
Claudia Martinez – Sr. – Gustine
Kindsey Holland - Soph. – Santa Anna

Academic All-District – These girls all maintained a 90 plus average for the first two six weeks of the school year.
Gustine - Meagan Hoekman Fr, Jessica Whitefield Jr, Claudia Martinez Sr
Evant - Cheyenne Williams Sr., Sara LaComb, Tori Gandy Jr., Bettye Campbell Jr., Jennifer Huncke Jr. Maggie Wright Soph., Lindy Burks Fr., Kelsan Wolverton Jr.
Mullin - Ruby Travis Sr., Flor Martinez Sr.
Santa Anna – Hannah Hartman Soph., Amber Musick Jr., Lauren Pritchard Sr.

Conference 1A, 6 Man-District 10, All District Honors

The following athletes have been selected for the first team, Division 1, District 10, All District Team for the 2010 football season.

• Newcomer of the Year - Tyler Martinez (Fr) – Blanket
• Offensive MVP – Austin Hughes (Sr)– Blanket
• Tight Ends – Dylan Starnes (So)- May & Christian Washington (Sr)- Santa Anna
• Wide Receivers – Braxton Gonzalez (Sr)-Blanket, Garret Miller (Sr)- Blanket & Dakota Rogers (So)- Zephyr
• Center- Josh Todd (So)- Zephyr
• Quarterback – Jared Howard (So)– May
• Running Backs – Derek Jesko (So)- May & Greg Faubion (Jr)- Zephyr
• Fullback – Joseph Meeks (So)- Blanket
• Spread Back - Haustin Simmons (Sr)- Zephyr
• Utility back - Jerod Ramirez (Sr)– Blanket
• Kicker – Jamie Mares (So)– Blanket
• Special Teams player - Dustin Graves (Jr)- May

• Defensive MVP- Braxton Gonzalez (Sr)– Blanket
• Nose Guard – Kaiden King (So)– Zephyr
• Def. Lineman – Joseph Meeks (So)- Blanket & Kody Kirkland (Sr)- Blanket & Dylan Starnes (So)- May
• Linebackers – Jerod Ramirez (Sr)- Blanket & Derek Jesko (So)- May
• Cornerbacks – Haustin Simmons (Sr)- Zephyr & Garrett Miller (Sr)- Blanket
• Safeties – Austin Hughes (Sr)- Blanket & Greg Faubion (Jr)- Zephyr
• Utility Player – Lacy Culpepper (Sr)- Zephyr

The following athletes have been selected for the second team, Division 1, District 10, All District Team for the 2010 football season.

• Tight Ends– Marvin Simpson (Sr)- Zephyr & Ethan Jaggers (So)- May
• Wide Receivers – Justin Storey (Sr)- Blanket & Lacy Culpepper (Sr)- Zephyr
• Center – Tanner Downes (Sr)- Blanket
• Quarterback – Michael Valencia (Fr)- Santa Anna
• Running Backs – Justin Howard (Fr)- May & Josh Perez (So)- Santa Anna
• Fullback – Zack Fleenor (Jr)- May
• Spreadback – Tyler Martinez (Fr)- Blanket
• Utility back – Nate Salazar (So)- Santa Anna
• Kicker – Kenneth McMillan (Sr) Santa Anna
• Special Teams Player – Nick Aramayo (Jr)- Zephyr

• Noseguard – Christian Washington (Sr)- Santa Anna
• Defensive Lineman - Matthew O’Briant (Sr)- May & Jared Howard (So) May & Dalton Fowler (So)- Zephyr
• Linebackers - Nate Salazar (So)- Santa Anna & Zack Fleenor (Jr)- May
• Cornerbacks – Dustin Graves (Jr)- May & Marvin Simpson (Sr)- Zephyr
• Safeties - Ethan Jaggers (So)- May & Josh Todd (So)- Zephyr & Joey Guerrero (Sr)- Santa Anna
• Utility Player – Justin Storey (Sr)- Blanket
• Punter – Michael Valencia (Fr)- Santa Anna

President Obama Presents the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta: "We’re All in Your Debt"

Posted by Jesse Lee on November 16, 2010 at 04:55 PM EST

Read the Transcript  |  Download Video: mp4 (226MB) | mp3 (22MB)

This afternoon in the East Room of the White House, the President presented the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, U.S. Army -- the first living servicemember from the Iraq or Afghanistan wars to receive it.  "Now, I’m going to go off-script here for a second and just say I really like this guy," said the President to laughter and applause.  "I think anybody -- we all just get a sense of people and who they are, and when you meet Sal and you meet his family, you are just absolutely convinced that this is what America is all about." 

President Barack Obama Presents the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta

President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta in the East Room of the White House, November 16, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

As the President always does, he recounted the story of the events that earned  this honor, and as always it needs no editorial embellishment:

During the first of his two tours of duty in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Giunta was forced early on to come to terms with the loss of comrades and friends.  His team leader at the time gave him a piece of advice:  “You just try -- you just got to try to do everything you can when it’s your time to do it.”  You’ve just got to try to do everything you can when it’s your time to do it.

Salvatore Giunta’s time came on October 25, 2007.  He was a Specialist then, just 22 years old.
Sal and his platoon were several days into a mission in the Korengal Valley -- the most dangerous valley in northeast Afghanistan.  The moon was full.  The light it cast was enough to travel by without using their night-vision goggles.  With heavy gear on their backs, and air support overhead, they made their way single file down a rocky ridge crest, along terrain so steep that sliding was sometimes easier than walking. 
They hadn’t traveled a quarter mile before the silence was shattered.  It was an ambush, so close that the cracks of the guns and the whizz of the bullets were simultaneous.  Tracer fire hammered the ridge at hundreds of rounds per minute -- “more,” Sal said later, “than the stars in the sky.”
The Apache gunships above saw it all, but couldn’t engage with the enemy so close to our soldiers.  The next platoon heard the shooting, but were too far away to join the fight in time.
And the two lead men were hit by enemy fire and knocked down instantly.  When the third was struck in the helmet and fell to the ground, Sal charged headlong into the wall of bullets to pull him to safety behind what little cover there was.  As he did, Sal was hit twice -- one round slamming into his body armor, the other shattering a weapon slung across his back.
They were pinned down, and two wounded Americans still lay up ahead.  So Sal and his comrades regrouped and counterattacked.  They threw grenades, using the explosions as cover to run forward, shooting at the muzzle flashes still erupting from the trees.  Then they did it again.  And again.  Throwing grenades, charging ahead.  Finally, they reached one of their men.  He’d been shot twice in the leg, but he had kept returning fire until his gun jammed.
As another soldier tended to his wounds, Sal sprinted ahead, at every step meeting relentless enemy fire with his own.  He crested a hill alone, with no cover but the dust kicked up by the storm of bullets still biting into the ground.  There, he saw a chilling sight:  the silhouettes of two insurgents carrying the other wounded American away -- who happened to be one of Sal’s best friends.  Sal never broke stride.  He leapt forward.  He took aim.  He killed one of the insurgents and wounded the other, who ran off.
Sal found his friend alive, but badly wounded.  Sal had saved him from the enemy -- now he had to try to save his life.  Even as bullets impacted all around him, Sal grabbed his friend by the vest and dragged him to cover.  For nearly half an hour, Sal worked to stop the bleeding and help his friend breathe until the MEDEVAC arrived to lift the wounded from the ridge.  American gunships worked to clear the enemy from the hills.  And with the battle over, First Platoon picked up their gear and resumed their march through the valley.  They continued their mission.
It had been as intense and violent a firefight as any soldier will experience.  By the time it was finished, every member of First Platoon had shrapnel or a bullet hole in their gear.  Five were wounded.  And two gave their lives:  Sal’s friend, Sergeant Joshua C. Brennan, and the platoon medic, Specialist Hugo V. Mendoza.

Now, the parents of Joshua and Hugo are here today.  And I know that there are no words that, even three years later, can ease the ache in your hearts or repay the debt that America owes to you.  But on behalf of a grateful nation, let me express profound thanks to your sons’ service and their sacrifice.  And could the parents of Joshua and Hugo please stand briefly?  (Applause.)
Now, I already mentioned I like this guy, Sal.  And as I found out myself when I first spoke with him on the phone and when we met in the Oval Office today, he is a low-key guy, a humble guy, and he doesn’t seek the limelight.  And he’ll tell you that he didn’t do anything special; that he was just doing his job; that any of his brothers in the unit would do the same thing.  In fact, he just lived up to what his team leader instructed him to do years before:  “You do everything you can.”
Staff Sergeant Giunta, repeatedly and without hesitation, you charged forward through extreme enemy fire, embodying the warrior ethos that says, “I will never leave a fallen comrade.”  Your actions disrupted a devastating ambush before it could claim more lives.  Your courage prevented the capture of an American soldier and brought that soldier back to his family.  You may believe that you don’t deserve this honor, but it was your fellow soldiers who recommended you for it.  In fact, your commander specifically said in his recommendation that you lived up to the standards of the most decorated American soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy, who famously repelled an overwhelming enemy attack by himself for one simple reason:  “They were killing my friends.”
That’s why Salvatore Giunta risked his life for his fellow soldiers -- because they would risk their lives for him.  That’s what fueled his bravery -- not just the urgent impulse to have their backs, but the absolute confidence that they had his.  One of them, Sal has said -- of these young men that he was with, he said, “They are just as much of me as I am.”  They are just as much of me as I am. 

So I would ask Sal’s team, all of Battle Company who were with him that day, to please stand and be recognized as well.  (Applause.)  Gentlemen, thank you for your service.  We’re all in your debt.  And I’m proud to be your Commander-in-Chief.

Applause for Members of Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta's Unit

President Barack Obama, former Medal of Honor winners, and other people in the audience recognize members of Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta's unit during the ceremony in the East Room of the White House, November 16, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta is Recognized by the Audience after Receiving the Medal of Honor

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta is recognized by the people in the audience after receiving the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, November 16, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Seen in November Texas Monthly Magazine

Several e-mailed me about seeing Santa Anna's James Rendon(Balderas) pictured in an advertisement on page 90 of the November issue of Texas Monthly Magazine. James is a 1995 graduate of SAHS.

Image submitted by Katrina Guerrero

Santa Anna Foundation Applies for Texas Historic Cemetery Marker

An application for a Texas Historic Cemetery marker has been submitted to the Texas Historic Commission on behalf of the Santa Anna Cemetery by the Santa Anna Foundation in cooperation with the Santa Anna Cemetery Association. The Santa Anna Foundation is an organization formed to promote historic and economic development in Santa Anna, as well as scholastic achievment by awarding scholarships to graduating SAHS Seniors in partnership with the Santa Anna Ex Students Association. The application was reviewed and approved at the November meeting of the Coleman County Historic Commission and forwarded on to the state for review and approval.

The Santa Anna Cemetery received Texas Historic Cemetery designation last year after the application process was completed by Santa Anna Foundation President James Pelton who is also Second Vice President of the Santa Anna Cemetery Association. The designation is prerequisite of the marker application. The marker cost is $1600.00 and is not funded by the state so the Foundation is soliciting and accepting donations from anyone that is interested in participating in the project. By Texas Historic Commission policy donors can not be listed on the marker but will be recognized during the marker dedication ceremony.

Officers of the Santa Anna Foundation are Rod Musick - Executive Director, James Pelton - President , Montie Guthrie III - Secretary, John Hensley - Treasurer, Betsy Jones, and Tom Guthrie.

Santa Anna Cemetery Association Board members are Oma Dean Horner - President, Pat Vance - First Vice President, James Pelton - Second Vice President, Coyita Bowker as Secretary Treasurer, John Pearce, Wanda Campbell, and David Karthauser.

Those that wish to donate to the Santa Anna Foundation or to the Santa Anna Cemetery Historical Marker project can send their donation to PO Box 3 Santa Anna TX 76878. Donations can also be sent to the Santa Anna Cemetery Association at PO Box 97 Santa Anna TX 76878. Either way, please note Historical Marker if that is what you want your donation to go for.

Benefit for Teri Edmiston

Submitted by: Judy Meister

A benefit spaghetti supper will also take place for Teri Edmiston on Sunday, Dec. 12th at the Double H Family Dining, 105 N. Houston in Santa Anna from 4 p.m.


Submitted by: Judy Meister

A bake sale will be held on Friday, the 19th in front of the Santa Anna National Bank. This is being held in order to defer the medical expenses for cancer patient, Teri Edmiston.

Also, if you would like to donate baked goods, please contact Julie at 325-214-0240.

A blood drive held by United Blood Services of San Angelo will take place at the Santa Anna School cafeteria from 2 until 6 on Monday, the 29th with donations being made in Ms Edmiston's name.

You may log onto with the pass code being santaanna, in order to schedule a donation or call Amanda Ellerby at 325-348-3136.

Also, monetary donations for this cause are being accepted at the Santa Anna National Bank in Ms Edminston's name.

Thank you for your much need help, and remember to come by Friday for wonderful home baked goods.

Group Celebrates Veteran's Day

Submitted by: Judy Meister

This past Veteran’s Day was celebrated in the community of Santa Anna, as a group made a point of honoring those who have served our country by distributing and donning the American flag at several noted locations.

The group is made up of Tammy Bible, Rita Harris, Tammy Morris, Donna Bell, Carl Langford, James Pelton, Janis, and Edwin Hipsher.

This is the second year that the self appointed individuals have taken donations to purchase the flags and place them at various locations, such as the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Santa Anna, and the Santa Anna, Whon, Trickman, Stewardson and Clear Creek Cemeteries.

“This is our way of honoring our veterans.” said Tammy Bible.

Bible, Harris, Morris and Bell initiate the event by collecting donations and purchasing the flags. Bible and Morris then place them in the various cemeteries outside the community, while Langford, Pelton and the Hipshers place around 300 flags at the Santa Anna Cemetery.

According to Pelton, “We have veterans who have served in the Spanish American War, both World Wars, Korean War, and Vietnam War.”

“We have 40 Civil War veterans as well as two Texas Rangers.” added Pelton.

“We have veterans that served in all of the wars except for Desert Storm and in recent conflicts.” said Pelton.

Kerr Graduates from Officer Training School

Patrick Kerr graduated October 26th from Officer Training School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama as Lieutenant Kerr, United States Air Force. Patrick was in Flight 2-12, the Hoyas (2nd) Squadron, and in Class 11-01. He is stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City with the 422 Supply Chain Management Squadron.

Patrick adds, "I fix problems with aircraft instruments. A lot of the planes are old and companies dont make the instruments anymore and when one malfunctions we figure out how best to fix the problem. I started work on tues and I work in a building that is a mile long and half a mile wide, the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC), which is the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, software and avionics and accessories components. I had no idea it took so much work and manpower to keep planes in the air."

Patrick is the son of Bob "Coach" and Lilly Kerr of Santa Anna and father of Luke Kerr of Stephenville. Patrick is a 2010 graduate of Tarleton State University and a 2006 Santa Anna High School graduate.

The mission of OTS is to produce world-class officers of character possessing the American warrior ethos, prepared to lead Airmen and embodying the Air Force Core Values. Personnel and Resources The Officer Training School, or OTS, staff consists of approximately 107 active-duty and civilian members and about 14 Air Force Reserve Individual Mobilization Augmentee officers. OTS is a group-level command with three squadrons that produces approximately 1,600 to 1,900 trained officers annually. OTS graduates enter all Air Force Total Force components: active duty, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.

The OTS complex on Maxwell AFB consists of two academic buildings with auditoriums, four dormitories, dining facility, physical conditioning center, parade field, running track and sports fields. Additionally, OTS maintains an Air Expeditionary Force garrison training site, a 200-acre field training facility, high ropes course, confidence course and two Expeditionary Assault Courses. Basic Officer Training Basic Officer Training trains and commissions second lieutenants to fulfill Air Force active-duty and Air Force Reserve requirements in partnership with the U.S. Air Force Academy and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Production numbers fluctuate in response to variations between projected and actual Air Force Academy and AFROTC officer accessions, and Air Force end-strength requirements.

The basic officer training program consists of 12 weeks of military instruction and leadership development for college graduates leading to a commission as a second lieutenant. The goal of this training is to instill high standards of conduct and provide officer candidates with the essential military knowledge and skills needed for effective performance as Air Force leaders.

To ensure OTS graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective Air Force junior officers, OTS staff members provide instruction and guidance in areas such as leadership studies, professional knowledge, communication skills, military studies and field leadership applications.

OTS instructs these areas concurrently, emphasizing teambuilding, followership, and knowledge acquisition during the first half of training, followed by leadership applications during the second half. Lectures, readings, guided discussions, classroom exercises, field leadership exercises and after hours training activities combine to provide graduates with an in-depth understanding of their roles as future Air Force officers.

OTS is, above all, a leadership laboratory. One of the highlights is the Leadership Reaction Course, a field exercise using a specialized obstacle course where small groups of students practice handling stress in situations that test their ability to reason quickly and lead effectively. The program also features an Air Expeditionary Force exercise, a capstone field leadership assessment exercise, during which students demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply the communication and leadership skills learned throughout the course.

Once basic officer trainees complete all OTS requirements they receive the oath of office and are commissioned on extended active duty as second lieutenants in the Air Force. Most of these new lieutenants attend follow-on training after OTS. Training specialties include pilot, navigation or air battle management; space and missile operations and several other support career fields. The length of this training varies according to the specialty.

Motto and Honor Code
Officer Training School's motto is "Always with Honor," reflected in the school's honor code: "We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does." The code is a standard of personal conduct for each officer trainee. OTS expects each graduate to adopt the code as the ethical standard maintained throughout their Air Force careers.

Air Force OTS began at Medina Annex near Lackland AFB, Texas, in 1959. The first OTS class was composed of 89 trainees, including 11 women. Its predecessor, the Officer Candidates School, was established in 1942 in Miami Beach, with the mission to train and commission members from the enlisted ranks. OCS moved to Lackland in 1944 and gained the additional mission of training officers directly from civilian status in September 1951. OCS closed its doors with its last graduation in June 1963.

The school moved to Maxwell AFB, Ala., in September 1993 as part of the Air Force chief of staff's vision to align all officer education and training programs under Air University. Production numbers have varied over the years, from 323 the first year to a high of 7,894 officers in 1967.

Mountaineer Football Photos

My Favorites from the Blanket game:

SAHS Students to Honor Veterans

Santa Anna High School students would like to invite the community to join them on Wednesday November 10th at 1:00pm as they honor our nation’s veterans.

First Baptist Church Baked Goods Fundraiser

Twelve teenagers from First Baptist Church-Santa Anna are working really hard in hopes of raising enough money to go on an International mission trip in summer 2011. Orders for a Baked Goods Pre-Sale can be placed ANYTIME during the holiday season AND you specify when you want your FRESH, HOMEMADE baked goods to be DELIVERED!! 100% of the profits from the items sold will go directly to the FBC Youth Mission Trip Fund. Thanks in advance for all your support!

**For more info please contact Betsy Jones at 348-9218, Darla Perry at 348-9259, or Stephanie Hartman Edwards at 348-3337.

Two Nights of Christmas in a Small Town

Submitted by Judy Meister
The event will take place this year on December 10th & 11th. Wine Tasting, extended shopping and more on those days. Also integrated into this event will be a fund raiser to benefit the Santa Anna Library. Merchants throughout the community will be accepting donations for a much needed Heating and Air Conditioning unit for the Library.

Friday Night Lights

Well once again we don't have to worry about the Rangers playing on Friday night this week.

The 2-7(0-2) Mountaineers will take on the 9-0(2-0)Blanket Tigers at Mountaineer Stadium in the final UIL Division 1 - District 10 game for both teams. The Tigers have already clinched the District Championship. The two other teams in the district, Zephyr and May, are playing Thursday night in May.

The 7th(11th overall) ranked Tigers are picked by 45 points over the 52nd(153rd overall) ranked Mountaineers.

Who they have played:
Beat Panther Creek 74-40
Beat Eden 52-6 (Santa Anna beat Eden 38-24 in week 4)
Beat Rochelle 62-12
Beat Comanche Pardigm Charter 48-0
Beat Sidney 56-6
Beat Evant 70-22
Beat Lometa 60-50
Beat Zephyr 76-70 (Santa Anna lost to Zephyr 21-67 in week 9)
Beat May 60-52 (Santa Anna lost to May 28-62 in week 8)

It's going to be the last game of the year for the Mountaineers and the end to tough season so put on your black and gold and come out and support these guys.

Mountaineer Football Photos

My Favorites from the Zephyr game:

My Favorites from the May game:

See the Photo Albums on the Sports page for the rest!

Holiday Bash

It's that time of year again--You're invited to join us for a holiday bash!

Thirty-One~AVON~Pampered Chef~Jessica Shaer Photography~Scentsy

Calvary Baptist Church Building
710 Wallis
Downtown Santa Anna, TX
Saturday, November 6th
1-4 PM

There will be door prizes, drawings, items to view products to try and goodies to eat. It's an open house, so come and go as you please. BRING A FRIEND!
For information or directions, please call Rebekah Walker-325.220.1853 or Jessica Shaer-325.220.0230

Coleman County Historical Commission Meeting

The Coleman County Historical Commission will have their last business meeting of the year on November 4th at 7:00PM. We will meet at Heritage Hall, 400 W. College in Coleman.

On the agenda is the report from the nomination committee of officers chosen for the 2011-2012 term. Also plans for the December Christmas (year end) party.

Our December will be held following the Coleman Christmas parade and as always it will be held in the community room (3rd floor) of the First Coleman National Bank, 100 Commercial in Coleman.

Remember this will be a covered dish party, so bring your favorite carry in type foods and let every one sample. Coffee, Tea and water (drinks) will be furnished.

All County Officials will be welcomed at any meeting.

We’ve Done It

With the help of Mack Skinner of the Big Country Library System, donations from several community minded citizens, and some solid volunteers, The Santa Anna Library and the computer lab is back in business.

As of Monday Nov. 1st, there will be two public computers located in the new addition of the library. These will be open daily during regular library hours. Also we now have wireless hook-up so you can bring your own lap-top to the Library and do your work.

In the Computer Lab we will have plenty of operating computers. Most are older computers but have been reworked so that you can do all your work.

Be sure and keep in mind that all our computers are equipped with Deep Freeze, a protection program, so you will not be able to save your work to these computers. Bring a CD-R, CD-RW or Flash Drive to save your work and not loose it when the computer is shut down.

We are in need of volunteers to work a few hours a week at the computer Lab. You don’t have to be a genius but it is preferable that the volunteer is knowledgeable in computer operation. If you would be interested in volunteering contact the ladies at the library.

Christmas in Bronte

Call all Arts and Crafts Vendors.

Christmas in Bronte Dec. 4th. for more information or City Hall (325) 473-3501. Booths are still available for Christmas in Bronte. The arts and crafts will be set up on Main St. inside a large open building with heating and restrooms.

Coleman County Livestock Show Committee Meeting

The Coleman County Livestock Show committee will have a meeting on November 2nd at 6:30 pm at the Bill Franklin Center to discuss the upcoming county livestock show . The show will be held on January 15th through 18th, 2010. All interested persons are encouraged to attend.

Santa Anna ISD

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