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Remember Those Who Serve

The list of those serving our country continues to grow.

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Brandon Beloat, James Culpepper, Eddie Dawson, Chaplin Delarosa, Kristle Deleon, Glen Donham, Reuben Frausto, Misti Graves, Bobby Hale, Patrick Kerr, Heather LaChance, Truman Matthews, Jeff Rivera, Josh Rivera, Michael Ruth, Marty Siller, Allen Tucker, Lance Vasquez, Scott Watson, and Shane Watson.

Special thanks also to Montie Guthrie for helping me out with this list.

Please help me with others by sending their names, photos, or whatever you want to me at or use this convenient form

Fort Hood

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Patsy Wright - Certified Independent Consultant

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SAISD Online Safety Program

Submitted by Montie Guthrie, school counselor

Safety…. Sounds boring, right? It’s not!

Kids today are growing up online. Studies show that almost every school child has been online, and three-quarters of young people can access the Internet from their homes. Kids go online to research and complete school assignments and to learn about topics that interest them. They also go online to chat with friends, play games, download music, keep a journal or Web log, create websites, shop, and who knows what all. It may seem like kids are pretty savvy Web users, and many parents think that their children are better computer users than they are. But that doesn’t mean that kids understand the dangers they could encounter on the Internet or how to avoid them.

Your child is just surfing the web, meeting up with friends online, what could he or she possibly need to be safe about? We wish it wasn’t the case, but there are many dangers online that children like yours need to be aware of. To have fun, and enjoy the freedom of being creative online, there are few of things every child needs to know first. When children have knowledge, they have power. Even though you do everything possible to keep your child safe, it is important that you become part of the solution.

To help all of us learn about the many facets of communication safety: cell phone, computer, you name the medium-- IT Consultant at Education Service Center, Region XV, Traci Terrill, will present a workshop for parents, students, and other interested parties Thursday, December 3, at 6:30 in the Santa Anna School Library.

Please try to squeeze an hour out of your busy schedules to join other parents like you in helping protect your most valuable assets—your children. If you have questions about this most important issue or about the program on December 3, please contact Montie Guthrie, school counselor, at 325.348.3136.

Speaking of online safety, this was in my Inbox Monday from Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott and I thought you might find it useful:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Attorney General Abbott Charges Price-Comparison Web Sites With Misleading Shoppers, Taking Payments for Higher Ratings

Cyber Monday warning: Web sites promised unbiased comparison shopping – but secretly accepted cash for high ratings

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged several “price-comparison” Web sites with unlawfully misleading online shoppers about the quality of certain Internet merchants. While the defendants promised independent, reliable Web site comparisons, state investigators uncovered a cash-for-ratings scheme in which certain online retailers paid for higher rankings. The state’s enforcement action comes as the holiday shopping season begins in earnest with the traditional post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” shopping day – and its online counterpart, “Cyber Monday.”

According to court documents filed in two separate state enforcement actions, the defendants’ price-comparison listings misled potential shoppers about certain merchants’ reliability and trustworthiness. And while one defendant’s Web sites represented themselves as neutral and unbiased, online merchants paid that defendant to render higher ratings.

Media links
Texas Attorney General's lawsuit against Intercept, L.L.C.
Final judgment against Intercept, L.L.C.
Texas Attorney General's lawsuit against Inc.

Today, the state filed an enforcement action against Intercept, L.L.C., which operates several price-comparison sites, including:,,, and That legal action led to an agreed judgment wherein Intercept promised to correct its unlawful practices and either pay a $300,000 civil penalty or cease doing business at the end of November.

A separate enforcement action named Inc., which operates the Web sites and, for similar infractions. The defendant’s Web sites appeared to allow visitors to comparison shop – and therefore find the best deals – by using a single Web page to search for a product and obtain results from multiple merchants.

“With this year’s holiday shopping season kicking off in the midst of a down economy, many savvy Texans will try to maximize their dollars by using the Internet to research the highest-quality vendors with the lowest prices,” Attorney General Abbott said. “But online shoppers need to know that the Office of the Attorney General has charged multiple Web sites with unlawfully promising unbiased rankings while secretly accepting undisclosed payments for inflating sellers’ online ratings. So Texans should be wary and carefully consider their sources, because some Web sites may not be providing the unbiased ratings they promise.”

Although held itself out as an unbiased, honest broker, its Web sites secretly steered shoppers toward certain merchants and did not disclose that the merchants were paying for favorable treatment. Thus, online shoppers who encountered vendors with “trusted sellers,” “quality sellers” or “recommended merchants” designations were not properly informed that the favorable labels were purchased rather than earned.

According to state investigators, was not only paid for high ratings, but it allowed questionable merchants to create their own specialized endorsements for an additional fee. And although Intercept received numerous customer complaints about specific “endorsed” merchants, the defendant continued to rate them as “top sellers” that offered the “lowest legitimate prices.”

Customer complaints obtained by the Office of the Attorney General indicate that’s highly rated merchants used bait-and-switch tactics to persuade customers to purchase more expensive products than they desired. Other complaints highlighted’s deceptively impressive “five-star rating,” which merely required industry-standard privacy policies and product disclosures – such as whether an item was new or refurbished. The defendants used Google, Yahoo and MSN to advertise its Web sites worldwide.

The state’s enforcement action against seeks civil penalties of up to $20,000 per violation of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, plus appropriate attorneys’ fees. The state also seeks restitution where necessary to address financial injury to the Web sites’ users.

Texans who believe they have been deceived by similar fraudulent business practices may call the Office of the Attorney General’s toll-free complaint line at (800) 252-8011 or file a complaint online at

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

We enjoyed all the kids coming over for turkey at our house along with Grandma Pierce and Grandpa and Grandma Robinett.

Thursday afternoon was spent laying around watching the Cowgirls beat the Raiders and another round of turkey followed by the Longhorns beating Aggies. I wasn't really pulling for either team but I sort of wanted to see Colt McCoy get a shot at the Hesiman and a National Championship. I also won a Dr Pepper from my Aggie brother-inlaw, Troy.

The girls spent there time going over and over the Black Friday sale papers and mapping out their strategy.

I decided to go with them on Friday morning only if I could come back home early.

Black Friday started out pretty dark for us getting up at 2:00 AM. We got to Abilene at about 3:30 and the plan was for me to drop off Cindy at Walmart and head to JC Penny which opened at 4. Chrystal, in her car, was going to Sears opening at 5:00 AM first and Jennifer and Jessica, in Jennifer's car, were going to Old Navy opening at 4:00 AM first and then to Walmart. As I dopped off Cindy at Walmart we passed Jennifer and Jessica in the parking lot as they headed to the door. The doors were open at Walmart and you could shop for all sale items except the Black Friday only deals.

I passed by my other stop, Academy, as I drove to JC Penny and no one was there yet since they didn't open until 5:00 AM but there were several hundred waiting to get into Target. Through the Mall parking lot there were about thirty at each entrance to Sears and I saw Chrystal waiting to get in about 25 back. At Best Buy there were several hundred waiting to get in. Some were in tents and sleeping bags and several had folding chairs.

At 3:45 and JC Penny there was no one in line yet but they quickly lined up at each entrance. I was about 6th back in a line that got up to about thirty in it before the doors were opened at 4:00 AM. I picked up my single item and checked out and was headed to my second stop by 4:05.

At Academy I walked up to the door and there was a man pulling pallets of trampolines out. He asked, "Can I help you?" and I said "I am first in line." He said, "We don't open until 5." "OK" I replied."

I had three items to get on my list at Academy and by the time the doors opened I had my plan. Only problem was my first item was too big to fit in the tiny Academy basket and the only had few of them. I looked pretty funny going down the isle with this big old box balanced in the little basket. It was pretty interesting getting the other items into the basket too. I checked out and called Cindy and they were checking out at Walmart. I headed over there and the girls, Chrystal had joined them by now, loaded up the pickup and I got to head home before 6:00 AM.

The girls spent the rest of the morning shopping and having fun and I went home and back to bed!

So what to do with the rest of the day?

I really wanted to go watch Wimberly and Brownwood at 2:00 PM but didn't want to drive to Copperas Cove so I listened to the game on the radio.

The other game I really wanted to see was the battle of the Black and Gold Eagles, Goldthwaite and Junction but it was still a little too far in Marble Falls at 7:30 PM.

I had already hit up my brother-in-law Earl to see what he was up to and we had decided to go watch Richland Springs and Strawn a little closer to home in Early.

Here are some scores from Friday:

In Six-man Strawn beat Richland Springs 70-22 and will take on Calvert in the Semi-Final Friday in Glen Rose at 7:30.

In Class 1A Goldthwaite blew away Junction 40-0 and will face Joaquin in Ennis Saturday at 5:00.

In 2A Division I Region 1 Brady beat Amarillo River Road 43-34 and will take on Pilot Point in Stephenville Saturday at 2:00.

In 2A Cisco fell in a close one to Crane, 31-28.

In 3A D II Wimberly beat Brownwood 24-17 and will face Graham at Waco ISD stadium Friday at 7:30.

In 3A D I, Abilene Wylie is still in after they beat Burkburnet 39-21 and will face Lucas Lovejoy next.

5A DII Abilene High is still in as they take on Bowie.

Where to go this week

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Pelton Family to yours, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

As we gather around our tables and give thanks for our blessings, remember those that are serving our country and those that are hurting.

Please remember the Boatwright Family of Coleman, and Kelly and Nolan Tidwell.

I ask that you remember my Uncle Robert Coder, who contributed to Coder's Corner and his family as they mourn the loss of his wife Lenora, my Aunt, who passed away Tuesday, November 24th. See Mary Lenora Coder Obituary.

Black Friday Night Lights

I know it is early but I have to get to bed early on Thursday so I can go shopping with the girls on Friday morning!

Last Friday I struggled with where to go so I think I might need to get this organized and synced with the shopping schedule.

Last week I really wanted to go to the Cisco - San Saba game in Early but I also wanted to see Wimberly. Diane Wetsel tells me that Charles goes to the Cisco games still while she listens to them on the radio at home.

I ended going to the Wimberly - Iowa Park game in Brownwood. I figured it might be the only time I get to see Dick Smith's Wimberly Texans. They played a good game once they got started and beat Iowa Park handily by a score of 31-14.

I got to the game a little early as the game was delayed until 8:00 because the Lady Texans were playing a Semifinal Volleyball game in San Marcos. A perennial powerhouse with seven state titles in the last elven years, the Lady Texans lost their game to defending State Champ Lucas Lovejoy.

I sat pretty close to the front to see better. There was an older couple sitting a couple of rows in front of me and I was about ten rows up with no one else in front or around me.

I saw Pat and RC Smith, and Lori Smith Kearns before the game started. Pat came down and visited with me and I walked up and visited with RC and Lori right before kickoff.

Wimberly had about 20 cheerleaders and Pat told me that some of them were JV cheerleaders. The cheerleaders, all 20 of them, would throw footballs and T-shirts after each score. About the third touchdown, I was texting Tom Guthrie the Wimberly - Iowa Park score as he would send me the Goldthwaite - Shiner score when all of the sudden I nearly got knocked out by two T-shirts. .. a medium and an extra large. One on each side of me. I was stunned at first but then some kid came running down the steps to grab one as I just sort if stared at it in shock. Bam! Not so fast shorty, as I claimed it with a grab. At the half one of the cheerleaders came up and visited with the older couple so I think they were her grandparents and probably the intended target of the T-shirts.

My seat started getting cold and tired when the Texans kicked a field goal for their final score with less than two minutes left, so I headed for the car and thought I would drop off the T-shirts for Pat and Lori. I was standing right in front of RC and Pat as the one of the Iowa Park players ran the kickoff after the field goal back for a long touchdown. Dick's and Karen's kids, Dana and Cody, were sitting with RC and Pat. I was telling them about nearly getting knocked out and Pat was telling me that Dana was wanting a T-shirt so there you go.. I passed the two shirts down to Dana and Cody.

I sure had fun watching the Texans and wish them luck this week against the Brownwood Lions at Copperas Cove on Friday at 2:00.

"Where to go this Friday?" is the question for me.

I really want go watch the Goldthwaite Eagles since I haven't had a chance. They are still rolling and will face another Black and Gold Eagle when they play Junction in Marble Falls Friday at 7:30.

Cisco ran over the Dillos by a score of 35-27 and will take on Crane in San Angelo Friday at 7:00.

Those Brady Bulldogs are still tearing it up as they beat Merkel in a close one 35-32 and will head West to Ratliff Stadium in Odessa Friday at 6:00 to take on Amarillo River Road.

In area Six Man quarterfinal action, defending State Champ, Strawn will take on Richland Springs in Early at 7:30 Friday. Strawn beat Richland last year and is the favorite by 11 points so this should be a good game to watch.

Panther Creek is out after they fell to Walnut Springs 74-44 last Friday in May.

I just might have to do a double header... Wimberly-Brownwood at 2:00 in Copperas Cove and then Goldthwaite-Junction at Marble Falls or Strawn Richland Springs in Early at 7:30.

We will see how the shopping goes!

SAHS Basketball

SAHS boys won their first game November 18th over San Angelo Christian 77 to 25.

Santa Anna girls placed second in the Veribest Tournament November 19-21.

Sarah Herrod and Manny Dancy (pictured below) recieved All-Tournament honors.

Sarah Herrod and Manny Dancy - Veribest All-Tournament (SAHS Annual Staff photo)

All-District Volleyball

Updated with photo from Santa Anna Annual Staff and addition of Paige Guerrero - Honorable Mention.

The 2009 District 10 A - All District Volleyball votes are in and the MVP is #32 Heidi Callan, a Senior from Evant. The Offensive MVP is #22 Brenna Kenyon also a Senior from Evant.

The Defensive MVP is #20 Sarah Herrod, a Junior from Santa Anna and Newcomer of the Year is #10 Kindsey Holland, a Freshman also from Santa Anna.

Other Santa Anna Lady Mountaineers named to the All District Team are #3 Laken Herrod, a Senior, and #35 Lauren Pritchard, a Junior.

Named Second Team All District from Santa Anna was #32 Heather McMillan, a Senior.

Front Row: L to R - Paige Guerrero-Honorable Mention, Sarah Herrod-Defensive Player of the Year, Loren Pritchard-First Team All-District Back Row: L to R - Kindsey Holland-Newcomer of the Year, Heather McMillan-Second Team All- District, Layken Herrod-First Team All-District

Santa Anna Woman Runs Marathon

This past weekend, 32,000 runners converged on the streets of San Antonio for the Rock and Roll Marathon. Among the 26,500 that completed either the half- or full-marathon were Laurel Guthrie and her friends from Dallas, Shantell Jones and Louellen Coker.

After training for almost nine months, running alone in the early morning darkness and overcoming a major strained hamstring, Ms. Guthrie trekked to San Antonio Friday afternoon to scout the course.

Accompanied by her husband Rhett, Laurel and her friends arrived early Sunday morning to stretch and prepare for the grueling 26.2 mile feat of endurance.

Last year's event began in near-freezing temperatures, but runners arrived Sunday in light clothing. Temperatures started in the mid-60s at the starting line on Broadway and hit 70 by the time runners hit the finish line next to the Alamodome. Humidity that hovered at 94 percent sapped the runners and spurred the group that managed the event to initiate its “heat plan” to combat the withering conditions. Two unidentified runners collapsed and required treatment.

From the scattered few who showed up at 5 a.m., stretching and jogging in the darkness, to late arrivals streaming off shuttle buses, the line of runners eventually stretched more than a half-mile long.

Contacted on her arrival back in Santa Anna Sunday evening, Ms. Guthrie was still enjoying the “runner’s high”. “I feel great—no soreness—no pain—I feel great!” were among the comments about her once-in-a-lifetime experience. Laurel is not planning a new avocation marathoning around the world, but she is both proud and relieved of her achievement, as well she should be.


Sometime last week I must have got a half inch of rain because I poured it out of the rain gauges over the weekend...

Friday Night Lights

Well another Playoff Friday in Texas. This week is the Area Round but where to go? One thing for sure, and that is every week there only half as many games to choose from. But here in Central Texas it seems like we have quite a few... part geography and part talent I guess.

Don't get me wrong... I would much rather watch the Mountaineers play than most anybody else.

If you read this mess, you know I went to Brownwood last Friday. I actually stopped on my way home from work in Goldthwaite. In Class 2A Division I, Brady beat Jim Ned 42-14 and will play 5-6 Merkel at Abilene in Shotwell Stadium. Brady is still undefeated at 11-0. Also in Class 2A, but Division II San Saba, now 9-2, beat Wall 35-21 and will face 11-0 Cisco in Early.

In Class 1A Division II, Tom Guthrie's Goldthwaite Eagles, now 11-0 beat Thorndale 34-21 and will take on Shiner in Elgin.

In Six-Man Division I Richland Springs beat Gustine 54-8 and will face Saint Jo in Hico. Richland Springs is favored by 45.

In Six-Man Division II Panther Creek, now 9-2, beat Mullin 51-6 and will face 10-0 Walnut Springs in May. Walnut Springs is favored by 9.

In the big boy schools Class 3A Division II Brownwood, now 9-2, beat Dalhart 33-7 and will face 8-3 Seminole this Friday in San Angelo, while Dick Smith's Wimberly Texans will be in Brownwood to take on Iowa Park after a heart stopper last Friday. They pulled out a victory in the last minute beating Glen Rose 49-44 after trailing the whole game. If they both win we will see a Brownwood - Wimberly matchup Thanksgiving weekend!

So where are we going to go? I don't know about you, but I think I will got to watch Wimberly/Iowa Park or San Saba/Cisco... those games are on my way home! One thing for sure I bet RC and Pat will go watch Wimberly and son, Dick. Dick's wife Karen's folks, Charles and Diane Wetsel, who used to hang around here and now live in Cisco may have a choice to make because I hear they are big Lobo fans...

See you at a game maybe!

All-District Volleyball

The 2009 District 10 A - All District Volleyball votes are in and the MVP is #32 Heidi Callan, a Senior from Evant. The Offensive MVP is #22 Brenna Kenyon also a Senior from Evant.

The Defensive MVP is #20 Sarah Herrod, a Junior from Santa Anna and Newcomer of the Year is #10 Kindsey Holland, a Freshman also from Santa Anna.

Other Santa Anna Lady Mountaineers named to the All District Team are #3 Laken Herrod, a Senior, and #35 Lauren Pritchard, a Junior.

Named Second Team All District from Santa Anna was #32 Heather McMillan, a Senior.


The Santa Anna ISD will be hosting a Family Night on Thursday November 19th in the school library from 5:30 til 7:00 p.m.

This is in conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair that will continue until Friday November 20th.

The Book Fair will close at noon.

If you choose to write a check please make it payable to SANTA ANNA ISD. Scholastic accecpts DISCOVER, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

All proceeds from the book fair will go towards the purchase of books for the SANTA ANNA ISD LIBRARY.

Sunburst Pageant

Story and photos submitted by Tex Wright

On Saturday November 14, another Sunburst Pageant was held at the Mall in Early. Several of Coleman County’s finest stepped up and put their best foot forward.

All were awarded prizes, trophies, or medallions and each winner was awarded their entry fee to enter the state wide (the next step) contest in Houston, Texas Memorial Day weekend.

The only young man from Coleman County, to enter the Pageant, was Thomas Malaer of Coleman. He took home a trophy, medallions, and ribbons.

Thomas Malaer

The youngest entry from Coleman County was two year old Nicolett Evans of Santa Anna. She was crowned queen of her age group. She also received a medal for best hair. She was sponsored by Leather and Lace of Santa Anna.

Nicolett Evans

In the next age group was Kyndell Malaer of Coleman. Kyndell also took home medals and prizes

Kyndell Malaer

In the senior group (13 – 18) Sarah Pelton of Santa Anna took home the Queens Trophy. She also took a medal for Best Smile, a medal for prettiest eyes, a trophy for best dress. And a very large trophy as 1st place winner, at present Sarah has plans to be in Houston for the State show. Sarah was sponsored by Double H Restaurant and Double H Convenience Store.

Sarah Pelton

Friday Night Lights - Monday Morning Quarterback

Well sort of... how about Tuesday?

I have been crazy busy around the house trying to keep it from being covered up with pecan leaves and getting the plants all moved inside and winterizing. Brings back memories of putting in anti-freeze in the first cold spell for all those last minute folks like myself!

I did get to go to the Brady - Jim Ned game on Friday and it was mostly a Brady game. Brady beat Jim Ned 42-14 and will play Merkel next.

By now you know, if you care, but Rochelle lost to Strawn 76-28, Richland Springs beat Gustine 54-8 and will face Saint Jo in Hico on Friday, Panther Creek beat Mullin 51-6 and will face Walnut Springs, those Goldthwaite Eagles beat Thorndale 34-21 and will take on Shiner, San Saba beat Wall 35-21 and will face Cisco, Brownwood beat Dalhart 33-7 and will face Seminole this Friday in San Angelo, while Dick Smith's Wimberly Texans will be in Brownwood to take on Iowa Park after a heart stopper on Friday. They pulled out a victory in the last minute beating Glen Rose 49-44 after trailing the whole game. One more and we could see a Brownwood - Wimberly matchup next week!

Friday Night Lights

Well, once again, the only lights this Friday in Santa Anna will be in Perry Gym when the JV and Varsity Girls play.

On one hand I am a little disapointed that the Mountaineers didn't play a better game with Rochelle last week for second place in the district and a trip to the playoffs, but on the other hand the Mountaineers would be in the same boat as Rochelle this week and that is playing a tough game against Strawn. The 9-1 Hornets will face the 9-1 Strawn Greyhounds who are favored by 45 points. The Hounds are ranked 5th overall and 5th in Division I while the Hornets are ranked 37th overall and 23rd in Division I. The Strawn and Rochelle game will be played in May Friday the 13th at 7:30.

I am still very proud of the way the Mountaineers played. Just like the week before with Richland Springs, the Mountaineers never quit playing. I had to leave for most of the first half of the Rochelle game but still managed to take over 300 photos... some of them are in the game album on the Sports Page.

Finishing first in the District, the 9-1 Richland Springs Coyotes will take on the 8-2 Gustine Tigers in Bangs Friday the 13th at 7:30. The Coyotes are ranked 7th overall and 6th in Division I while the Tigers are ranked 56th overall and 31st in Division I. The Coyotes are favored by 45.

Those 8-2 Panther Creek Panthers are in the playoffs and will face the 9-1 Mullin Bulldogs in Cross Plains Friday the 13th at 7:30. The Panthers are favored by 29 points.

In Eleven Man there are some area teams in the playoffs. In Class 3A-DII Brownwood Lions will take on Dalhart in Lubbock. Dick Smith's Wimberly Texans are in the same bracket and could play Brownwood in the Regional round if the Texans beat Glen Rose and Iowa Park and the Lions beat Dalhart and the winner of the Seminole/Clint game.

Those Black and Gold Goldthwaite Eagles will face Thorndale for their Class 1A-D1 Bidistrict round

But I think the game of the week for me is those Black and Gold Brady Bulldogs who will face Jim Ned for a Class 2A-D1 Bidistrict matchup in Brownwood.

Santa Anna Book Fair

The Santa Anna ISD will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair November 16th-20th in the school library. The Book Fair will be open to all students from 8:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday. It will be closed daily from 12:30-1:00 for lunch. On Friday November 20th, the fair will close at 12:00 noon. There will be no sales after this time.

Parents are welcome to attend the Book Fair Monday-Thursday from 3:00-3:40 P.M. Daily! We will be having a Family Night on Thursday November 19th from 5:30-7:00 P.M. Parents will not be allowed to take students out of class to go over to the Book Fair during school hours.

If you choose to write a check and send it with your child please make checks payable to "SANTA ANNA ISD". Also SCHOLASTIC does accept DISCOVER, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

All proceeds from the book fair will go towards the purchase of books for the Santa Anna ISD library.

Football Beau and Sweetheart

Courtesy of the Santa Anna Annual Staff

Jordan Tunnell and Laken Herrod were chosen football beau and sweetheart for Santa Anna High School during the pep rally on Friday.

Band Beau and Sweetheart

Courtesy of the Santa Anna Annual Staff

Heather McMillan and Michael Lopez were selected as the 2009-2010 band beau and sweetheart for Santa Anna High School, Friday night during halftime activities of the Santa Anna-Rochelle football game.

One Vehicle Accident Saturday

Photos and story submitted by Tex Wright

The wreck occurred approximatley 4 miles North of Santa Anna on Hwy 84.

The driver was reported to be Nancy Wylie of Santa Anna.

Coleman County Deputy Watson appeared to be the officer on the scene.

As I was on the scene only after all had happened. I don't know much other than what you see in the pictures

Editor's note: From the marks on the road it appeared that the driver lost control and went into a skid. left the road, hit a fence post and overturned several times. One said that the vehicle rolled 4 times before stopping. Wylie was reported to have been treated and released from the Coleman Hospital.

Let's hope and pray for Nancy that she is OK.

Mountaineer Band Pays Tribute to Lois

Photos and story submitted by Tex Wright

On Friday, the Mighty Mountaineer Marching Band paid tribute to one of their more staunch boosters by appearing in her front yard and playing for her. Ms. Lois Harper, a backer of The Band and most other things Mountaineer in general, lives just across the street from the Santa Anna High School.

She has been unable to attend games or boost the band due to breaking her leg earlier in the year. She walks with the help of a cane and finds it difficult to climb bleachers and grand stands. So – Band director, Truitt Mitchell, and some friends, with cooperation from the band students, put together this public display of love and appreciation for one of their more staunch boosters.

When The Band started playing, Ms Harper came to the door with a look of surprise on her face. She stood and listened for a few minutes until a chair was provided.

The band played for her as she clapped then The Band closed with the Mountaineer Fight Song.

After the group finished, there were several members of The Band standing in line for their hugs.

Several friends were on hand to witness this event. Some of them had a hand in the surprise.

Friday Night Lights

The 5-4 Santa Anna Mountaineers will take on the 8-1 Rochelle Hornets Friday the 6th at Mountaineer Stadium for the fifth Division I - District 9 game for both teams.

The 3-1 in District Mountaineers are tied for second place in the District with 3-1 Rochelle so this game will be for Second Place in the District and a trip to the playoffs.

The Hornets are ranked 38th overall and 25th in Division I and the Mountaineers moved to 83rd overall and to 41st in Division I this week in the updated ranking system by

The heavily favored Hornets are picked by 45 points. Did I say I love it when we are the underdogs?

I had to have a little cooling off period after last weeks game and I am not in a position to say too much so I will use a quote from Brownwood Coach Bob Shipley about the Lions throwing the ball on the last play of the Graham game in which the Lions were winning, "Taking a knee is the classy thing to do..." but they didn't...

I have to say I am very, very proud of the way the Mountaieers played last week vs Richland Springs. They played the whole game and never quit.

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine picks the Hornets to finish fourth in District 9 behind Richland Springs, Robert Lee, and Eden, and ahead of Santa Anna, and Veribest. Campbell had this to say, "Depth is an issue with the Hornets with so many strong teams in the area."

Players to watch are: Korey Kune, Mathew Richardson, Travis Rose, and William Snyder.

Who they've played:
Beat Zephyr 62-41 (Santa Anna lost to Zephyr 81-34)
Beat May 53-8 (Santa Anna beat May 45-0)
Beat Blanket 51-16(Santa Anna lost to 70-25)
Beat Panther Creek 40-38
Beat Lohn 53-6
Beat Robert Lee 62-8 (Santa Anna beat Robert Lee 54-38)
Beat Veribest 64-8 (Santa Anna beat Veribest 48-0)
Lost to Richland Springs 74-6 (Santa Anna lost to Richland Springs 87-19)
Beat Eden 65-6 (Santa Anna beat Eden 48-0)

Wear your black and gold and I will see you at the game!

Big Smiles!

Tail Lights

The absolute best passer I have ever seen

Joe Go

Chris Tate gets in on the action

Big Mike gets some air

Blocked! Kenneth McMillan blocks a Coyote extra point kick

Mr. Washington was in the groove

A touchdown catch and run for Juan

Batman and the Mountaineer Band steal the halftime show

Three Mountaineers

Let's have some fun Band!

More photos in the Richland Springs album on the the Sports Page... just click on the game score!

Santa Anna Ex Students Association Scholarship Fund Raiser - Last Chance!

The Santa Anna Ex Students Association will be accepting $5 donations for a chance to win a wooden rocker from Coleman County Woodshop and a basket of goodies donated by other Santa Anna Merchants including:
Mesquite Bowl from Mesquite Time
Santa Anna Mountaineers Apron from Quilters Patch
2 Frau Meisters Mercantile Santa Anna,TX T-shirts, 2 Frau Meister's Mercantile Santa Anna,Tx shot glasses and Coffee Shop candy from Frau Meister's Mercantile
1 Santa Anna,TX shot glass - Leather n Lace
1 "That Santa Anna Store" Apple bourbon candle, 2 Gourmet trail mixes,1 D.L.Jardine's Habanero Salsa, 1 D.L. Jardine's Roasted Tomatillo Salsa from That Santa Anna Store

100% of donations will be used for scholarships awarded to SAHS graduating Seniors.

The drawing will be held at the last home football game, versus Rochelle, which is Friday November 6th.

Tickets will be on sale at the home games and around town. For more information contact: Tom Guthrie, Ross Bradley, Betsy Jones or James Pelton.

Santa Anna Fifth Grade Class Project

Santa Anna Elementary 5th graders made a quilt for their Social Studies class. Each child had to design and draw a quilt block that pertained to an assigned colonial industry. The blocks were then sewn together to make a quilt.

The quilt will be raffled off at the November 13 Santa Anna Elementary Assembly. All proceeds will be used for extracurricular activities for the 5th grade and extra supplies for the classroom.

Coleman County Historical Commission to meet in Santa Anna Thursday

The Coleman County Historical Commission will meet on Thursday Nov. 5, 2009 at 7:00PM at the Feed Store in Santa Anna. (Corner of 1st St and Wallis Ave)

We will have a short business meeting as mandated by our charter. After the business meeting, we will welcome James Pelton and the folks from the Santa Anna Cemetery Assn.

Getting the Historic Cemetery designation is a boost to the CCHC, Santa Anna, and Coleman County.

We welcome all media members, guests interested in the history of the area, and all members.

Due to the necessary business meeting, we need all board members to be present.
Tex Wright
CCHC Chairman


Santa Anna, Texas — The Texas Historical Commission (THC) recently designated the Santa Anna Cemetery as a Historic Texas Cemetery. The distinction means the cemetery has been legally recorded through the THC’s Historic Texas Cemetery Program, an important step in ensuring its preservation.

This designation is reserved for cemeteries that are at least 50 years old and documented through the Historic Texas Cemeteries process to record their historic association and significance.

A dedication ceremony to commemorate this historic designation will be held at the monthly meeting of the Coleman County Historical Commission at 7:00PM on Thursday November 5th at The Feed Store on the corner of North 1st Street and Wallis Avenue in Santa Anna.

“This designation is a tool that will increase public awareness of these important cultural resources,” said Mark Wolfe, executive director of the THC. “Knowledge and education are among the best ways to guarantee the preservation of a historic cemetery.”

Coleman County Historical Commission Chairman, Tex Wright, added “This is something that we needed in the community.”

Cemeteries hold valuable historic information and they are often the last reminders of early settlements’ historical events, religious beliefs, lifestyles and genealogy. While the Historic Texas

Cemetery designation encourages cemetery preservation, it cannot guarantee that a historic cemetery will avoid destruction. Threats to historic cemeteries include urban expansion and development, vandalism, grazing animals and long-term deterioration from weather and uncontrolled vegetation.

The THC developed the Historic Texas Cemetery designation to address the destruction of historic cemeteries and the illegal removal of cemetery fixtures. Any individual or organization is eligible to submit an application for this designation.

For additional information regarding Historic Texas Cemetery designation, or to receive an application, contact Annette Bethke of the THC’s History Programs Division at 512/463-1305 or To find out more about historic cemetery preservation visit the THC’s web site at

The Texas Historical Commission is the state agency for historic preservation. The agency administers a variety of programs to preserve the archeological, historical and cultural resources of Texas.

Santa Anna Junior High Football Sweetheart and Beau

Courtesy of the Santa Anna Annual Staff

Santa Anna Junior High Football Sweetheart and Beau were selected Thursday night at the junior high football game with Richland Springs.

Selected as football sweetheart was Gina Jones, daughter of Ray and Betsy Jones.

Selected as football beau was Anthony Lopez, grandson of Lupe Lopez.

Glenn's Car Sales

Vehicle Accident

We received news Sunday afternoon that Colt Martin had been in one vehicle accident over the weekend.

Apparently Colt was injured when he lost control of his pickup truck near Ballinger. He was taken to Abilene Regional Hospital.

We heard that he was doing OK, but had six or seven broken vertebra and one broken rib, would be in a brace for about six weeks, and probably would come home Monday.

Please keep Colt and his family in your prayers.

Santa Anna National Bank


I was recently contacted by Mario Esparza stationed with the US Border Patrol in New Mexico. He found a "Class of 96" Santa Anna class ring with the name "Alfredo" on the side.

If you know who this ring belongs to please send me an e-mail to and I will put you in touch with Mario.

Found Update

Update - Tom Guthrie tells me... "There was an Alfredo Padilla in the class of 1996. He lived in Coleman a good while back."

If anybody knows the wherabouts of Alfredo Padilla let me know or let him know about his ring.

Found Update

Update - William Loyd tells me his sister Dora, married to Anthony Thomas, lives in Coleman and works at Hidalgo's.

Sunkissed Tanning Salon

Time to start working on that tan!

Sunkissed Tanning Salon @ 302 S. 5th and Avenue C, right south of the Presbyterian Church. Contact Amber at 325-636-3973 or 325-357-4515 to get started.

*All new bulbs
*$27 per month
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1 and 1 Web Hosting Service

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