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Santa Anna One Act Play Advances Again

The Santa Anna High School One Act Play advanced from the District 12 Conference A, Region II, Area 2 One Act Play contest held Thursday March the 27th in Santa Anna.

Once again several SAHS students received honors as follows:
Honorable Mention:
Caylie Robinett
Jonathan Holland
Shawn Robertson
Dillan Whitley
Chris Tate

All-Star Cast:
Becca Fellers
LeeAnda Bennett

Other members of the cast include: Adelaida Dean, Lauren Matthews, Molly Pritchard, Kianna Albritton, Meather McMillan, Lauren Pritchard, Terrence Jackson- Crew: Sierra Herrod, Brittany Morris, Kenda Coleman, Laken Herrod- Alternate: Michael Lopez

This year's play is under the direction of Kathy Walker with Gay Morgan and Becky Martin assisting.

The title of the play is "To See the Stars" by Cynthia Mercati. The play addresses the poor working conditions of female factory workers in New York during the early 1900’s.

The other advancing play was from Zephyr with plays from May, Novice, Veribest, and Eden also competing.

The contest was judged by critic judge Kahdrann J. Hallmark, a retired teacher and lawyer from Brady. Filling in as Contest Director was Santa Anna ISD Principal, David Robinett, in the absence of SAISD Superintendent, Roger Walker, who I heard was doing much better and may return to school very soon. Please keep him in your prayers.

Santa Anna will host the Region II, Area 2 One Act Play contest Saturday April 5th.

April 2nd - Go Blue Day - Stop Child Abuse

Santa Anna One Act Play Advances

The Santa Anna One Act Play advanced from the District 12A Zone 1 competition held at Santa Anna High School on March the 20th and will compete in the District contest to be held in Santa Anna on the 27th. Several Santa Anna students received individual honors in the contest.

Honorable Mention All Star Cast-
Adelaida Dean
Lauren Matthews
Shawn Robertson

All Star Cast-
Caylie Robinett
Becca Fellers
Jonathan Holland

Best Actor- Jarod Jones

Best Actress- LeeAnda Bennett

Other members of the cast include: Molly Pritchard, Kianna Albritton, Meather McMillan, Lauren Pritchard, Dillan Whitley, Chris Tate, Terrence Jackson- Crew: Sierra Herrod, Brittany Morris, Kenda Coleman, Laken Herrod- Alternate: Michael Lopez

The title of the play is "To See the Stars" by Cynthia Mercati. The play addresses the poor working conditions of female factory workers in New York during the early 1900’s.


I poured half an inch of rain out of my rain gauges Sunday after the overnight rains.

Everything is starting to green up and bloom.

I noticed some big mesquite trees starting to get leaves also.

We made it through Easter without any snow this year.

I hope you and your families enjoyed the holiday. Several of us have been under the weather, including myself.

First Christian Church Roof

The roof of the First Christian Church appears to be completed for about a week now. Some of the high winds that we have had over the last week have loosened a few shingles before the higher temperatures could seal them down good.

There is still much work to be done.

Work to replace the roof began Monday, January 28th, on the historic First Christian Church of Santa Anna.

Abilene's KTAB TV interviewed Mrs. Juanita Naron a few weeks ago and they have an article and video on the KTAB web site titled "Historical Church Endangered".

The brief article mentions the Church was listed on the Preservation Texas, Inc,'s Most Endangered Places 2008

The Church, located on the corner of South First Street and Avenue C, is one of Santa Anna's Texas Historic Landmarks and bears a Texas Historical Commission Official Historical Medallion which reads:

Founded in 1894, this congregation worshiped in various places until members purchased this lot in 1900 and began construction of their own building. The Rev. E. M. Douthit and the Rev. B. B. Sanders led the dedication ceremonies in April 1901. A solid brass bell hangs in the off-center entry tower and spire that dominates this frame church. The interior has original beaded ceiling and wainscoting. The kerosene lamp in the vestibule has been converted to electricity. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1976

I have exchanged a couple of e-mails with Linda Beth Moore Ropp about the Church and I would like to share some of them with you:

"My parents were long-time members of the church. My Dad was a deacon and I played the piano for 4 years every Sunday morning service. They were Doug and Louise Moore. My Dad’s sister is Mrs. Edd Hartman who still lives there. They owned a business called Moore Mercantile for many years in several places along main street. My Dad was also a rural route mail carrier and Mom was his backup. Dad took over this route during WWII. He carried the mail and other necessities out to Trickham and Whon until he retired.

I graduated in 1958 and this year we are planning our 50th reunion. I was there two years ago for the Homecoming for the Class of 1956 but missed last year due to vacation plans already made. I have so many good memories of Santa Anna and growing up there. We really had a good childhood. I walked every inch of that community for many years. My folks are buried in the cemetery and my daughter also. She is on her Dad’s families plot, The C. C. Gilberts.

I live in San Antonio now and so does my son, Mike Gilbert. His Dad is Daniel Gilbert and he lives in Benbrook. We were married in the church. We had a preacher there at the time that married us named Glenn Brigham. Many years ago I was living in Indianapolis, IN and my Mom and I drove over to this little town where we had heard Glenn was residing. We went to see him. I think he was having some problems with early Alzheimers as he didn't really remember Santa Anna. It really upset Mom. Since I was in Santa Anna two years ago and heard you speak at the Ex-Students General Assembly I log onto your web site every so often for updates.

I don't know if anyone knows this or not but my Mother, Louise Moore, was the one that got the First Christian Church designated as a Historical Landmark. I remember how proud she was of it. I am sure that she gathered information from all available sources there at the time. I imagine that Alta Benge, Ruby Stephenson, Annette Baily and Nancy Wylie’s mother were all good sources. I just remember Mother telling me about how much work it was.

I know that she would be proud to see that everyone is still pitching in to help the church stay around. I can remember when those steel reinforcements went up as the church was leaning so bad. I can remember when there were hedges all around the sides and in the back and my Dad, Clifford Stephenson, Mr. Benge and Mr. Boenicke all taking turns trimming them.

I really would like to thank Sylvia Herring for all the work that she has done on getting the donations in to help with this project. God Bless Her!

Thanks for the pictures on your web site.

A very special, "Thank you!", for sharing your story with us Linda.

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Late Wednesday afternoon I poured out two and a half inches of rain from my Santa Anna National Bank rain gauge along with a spider web and maybe a spider.

My Coleman County Telephone Coop gauge had two inches in it.

Tex Wright reported, "As of 8:00 AM Tuesday I poured 1.65 from my rain gauge." and later, "Tuesday and Tuesday night - another 1.60 for a total of 3.25."

Coleman County Precinct Conventions

Submitted by Montie Guthrie
Driven by a hotly contested Democratic presidential primary, 97 Democrats met at Ralph Terry Studio to convene in four separate Precinct Conventions. For the first time in a long time, the Texas primary mattered to the presidential nomination process, pushing Coleman County Democrats to have Precinct Conventions for the first time in over fifteen years.

For all but a handful of the 97 signing in, it was their first time to attend a precinct convention, part of what is called the "Texas Two-Step." First, these Democrats cast their vote in the primary, and then they came to their precinct convention to select delegates for the county convention, which will be held on March 29.

The Democrats snacked on chips and dips provided by Party stalwarts as they waited in line to sign in and declare their Presidential preference for Clinton or Obama. One of those stalwarts, Judia Terry, wandered around welcoming new faces. "I just can't believe this turnout!" she kept saying, over and over.

Precinct 2 Convention Permanent Chair Judy Meister stated the economy and health care as her reasons for coming to stand up for Clinton, while Precinct 3 Temporary Chair Bruce Pittard cited Iraq as his reason for championing Obama.

Clinton backer Baker Rudolf shouted over the hubbub to the group, "I've got plenty of Hillary yard signs! You're gonna want one of these tomorrow!" And from the results of the turnout, Rudolph may be right. While Clinton narrowly took Texas 51% to 48%, she fared much better at the Coleman County Precinct Conventions. Clinton took 73% of the Convention-goers in Coleman County to Obama’s 27%.

Each Primary Convention selected delegates to the County Convention to be held on March 29. Each also considered resolutions to be offered there to be sent to the State Democratic Convention in June. A united and invigorated group of Coleman County Democrats looked eagerly toward the November General Election.


I poured another half inch of rain out of my gauges over the weekend and another half on Monday morning.

The cooler temperatures of last week left to make way for some really nice days.

I am looking forward to the Spring like temperatures and later evenings after the time change this past Sunday.

More Brrr!

Thursday started cold and got colder and then wetter. I saw some sleet during the day mixed with rain and I saw several cars going down the road with snow piled up several inches on them.

Our purple iris's are in full bloom. I will have to share a picture of them with you later.

I have been getting home late each night this week and I noticed they have finally finished the Church roof. The roofers finally went and got a lift to reach the steeple. I was kind of wondering about the scaffolding and ladders on the roof. It looks pretty good and I will try to get some pictures of the finished product. There is still a lot of work to do.

Last Thursday I got to go by and visit with Coach and Mrs. Lloyd Fields before they headed back to East Texas. They are both really good people and we are fortunate to have known them and to have had them here in Santa Anna. Coach Fields brought and left some integrity at our school. Mrs. Fields' family and some of their children are near where they live and I am sure they will enjoy being closer to "home".

I put together some photos of football, and basketball games, and pep rallies for them. My favorite is the photo below, one of many of Coach Fields squatting out on the field.

Coach Fields highlite for his four years here was probably being named as one of the San Angelo Standard-Times All-West Texas Six-man Co-coaches of the year along with Kerry Gartman of Robert Lee. Fields was credited for coaching "Santa Anna to the playoffs" and "rebounding from a 1-3 start to go 7-5 with a playoff win over Blanket".

All-West Texas Six-man Co-Coach of the Year - Lloyd Fields

We wish the Fields the best.


Monday we got a reminder that it is still March as the wind blew in a cold air and some snow in the afternoon.

I poured out a half inch or so of moisture out of my gauges late Monday evening. Most of it was from the thunderstorm that moved through early Monday morning. The thunder lightning, rain, and pea sized hail woke me up around two. Tex Wright also reports 1/2 inch.

I noticed the Hosch's plum tree was blooming yesterday.

I keep telling myself it snowed on Easter last year.

Speaking of Easter, did you realize yet that it is in March this year?

Maybe we will have some snow again this year.

I don't remember an Easter this early before and for good reason.

My Mom, Pat Wright, sent me this interesting Easter note - author unknown:

Easter is early this year and none of us will ever see it earlier

Easter is early this year. Easter is always the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox (which is March 20). This dating of Easter is based on the lunar calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover, which is why it moves around on our Roman calendar. Based on the above, Easter can actually be one day earlier (March 22) but that is pretty rare.

Here's the interesting info. This year is the earliest Easter any of us will ever see the rest of our lives! And only the most elderly of our population have ever seen it this early (95 years old or above!). And none of us have ever, or will ever, see it a day earlier! Here are the facts:

1) The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be the year 2228 (220 years from now). The last time it was this early was 1913 (so if you're 95 or older, you are the only ones that were around for that!).

2) The next time it will be a day earlier, March 22, will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now). The last time it was on March 22 was 1818. So, no one alive today has or will ever see it any earlier than this year!

See Wikipedia's Easter page for more Easter facts.

Coleman County Historical Commission Meeting

Submitted by Tex Wright

It will be a hard task to better or at least come close to the program of the February County Historical Meeting. The folks from Rockwood gave a wonderful program on the history of their community, the speakers kept the audience listening for more. BUT, the ladies from the Santa Anna Library are going to try.

Founded in March of 1907 (Yes, they are 101 years old this year- the Library, not the ladies) in a few shelves in a doctor's office and continually striving to provide good reading educational and instructional literature for the area.

It looks like there will be another good Historical Conference in Corpus Christi this year. Several programs on preservation and marketing of historic areas, Some of the officers of the local historic Commission will be going. If you want to take part, talk to the local commission, Call 512-463-6255, or go Internet to for information.

Anyone who would like to promote your rural community in Coleman County is invited to call Tex Wright at 325-636-3545. We would like to hear the history of any Coleman County community or even the people where communities were. Niwot? Eureka? Ned? White Chapel? We need to bring these places to the attention of the county.

We look forward to seeing YOU at the Coleman County Historical Commission Meeting in the 1st Coleman National Bank Club Room on March 6th at 7:00PM or come a little early for cookies and coffee.

A few items of business must take place before the program so hopefully we will see you there.

March Designated as Chamber 2008 Membership Drive Month

Coleman County Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture & Tourist Bureau will devote the month of March to a Membership Drive.

Chamber Directors will be making personal contacts during the month of March to enroll more individuals, business firms and organizations. Directors are: Dr. Darron Atwood, Sandra Barr, Dokie Bledsoe, Nina Childress, Danyelle Hemphill, Kim Horne, Rodney Ivy, Charlotte Johns, Kevin McMahon, Crystal Rae, Michael Taylor, Darla Wise, and Executive Director Mary Griffis.

The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of citizens who invest their time and money in a community development program, working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well being of the county.

Any citizen interested in helping develop Coleman and Coleman County is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The dues structure is designed to permit even the smallest business to be a member. Work of the Chamber of Commerce is financed by investments of members who support it on the basis of their ability and their interest in Coleman and Coleman County’s progress.

The Chamber is composed of committee workers, directors, and officers who serve without pay. One Chamber executive and one staff member who devote their full time to the Chamber are the only paid employees. Executive Director Mary Griffis encourages citizens in Coleman and Coleman County to participate in the Membership Drive. She states, “It is very important for the community to work together as a whole.”

Darla Wise and Michael Taylor are Chairpersons for the 2008 Membership Drive.

Out and About

While wandering around town early Saturday morning I ran across Kyra Neff at That Santa Anna Store. She was hard at work getting ready for business and sweeping off her sidewalk. She said, "It is the first day the wind hadn't blown!"

As I pulled away Sheriff's candidate Steve Vail pulled up an I hollered across the street, "Look out, here comes another politician..."

Steve laughed and waved.

Looks like you are a little late Steve.

Go see Kyra and the gals at That Santa Anna Store or Cool Creek Outfitters and tell them sent ya! Visit their website

Kyra and Brandi greet Santa Anna visitors and home folks on this billboard on the East end of town.

As I moved through town I saw Rob at Allsup's and I thought I might need to see if he needed a loan to buy some gas!

At $3.12 9/10 per gallon on Saturday I think Santa Anna had the highest in the State.

I am not sure if you need to hold up your hands or not when you go in to pay.

I had filled up Thursday and that is the first time I have ever had to fill up for more than $3 per gallon. With record breaking oil prices over $100 per barrel last week, I am all for it if it keeps Loadcraft and Cindy building drilling rigs.

First Christian Church Roof

Work continues on the First Christian Church roof. Monday the 25th it looked like the workers from JMJ Roofing have started on the Church steeple.

The photo below showing the scaffolding and ladders used to reach the steeple was taken the morning of Saturday March 1st.

See the February Archives for more on the Church roof.

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