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Remember Those Who Serve

The list of those serving our country continues to grow. Special thanks to Montie Guthrie for helping me out with this list.

It has been a while since I have mentioned those serving our country but I was reminded recently while listening to KOXE on the way to work when they mentioned that several National Guardsmen from Camp Bowie in Brownwood were going back to Iraq including Eddie Dawson, who started this for me back in August of 2004.

One more to add to our list is one of my old neighbors, Seth Wickson. Seth is the son of Holly (Hoffman) Hunter. He graduated from Navy Boot camp on Nov. 7, 2008 and is currently stationed at Sheppard Air Force base for further training as a Navy Seabee. Seth and his family lived across the street from us and he attended school in Santa Anna for several years, although he graduated in Coleman.

Please remember these Santa Anna folks that are serving our country in combat, training, or support: Brandon Beloat, James Culpepper, Eddie Dawson, Chaplin Delarosa, Kristle Deleon, Glen Donham, Reuben Frausto, Bobby Hale, Truman Matthews, Michael Ruth, Marty Siller, Allen Tucker, Scott Watson, Shane Watson, and Seth Wickson.

Please help me with others by sending their names, photos, or whatever you want to me at or use this convenient form

Benefit Luncheon

A Spaghetti lunch to benefit Todd McMillan will be held at the Santa Anna Armory this Sunday, Feb. 1st, beginning at 12:00 noon. Todd was involved in a serious auto accident this week. He has some major injuries and was taken to Temple where he has under gone surgery, and is facing more surgeries.

This luncheon is a fund raiser. This will give you an opportunity to give a donation and be a part of helping during a time of tragedy and need. Please plan on attending and giving the best gift possible.

There is no set price for the meal. Ask God what He wants you to donate.

See ya there with an appetite,

Pastor Jerry Chastain

P.S. Put Todd on the top of your prayer list. He and his family needs all of our prayers and support.

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Send me your organization's meeting, family, or class reunion notices and reports, your births and weddings, and your favorite Santa Anna sports team write ups or pictures or whatever is on your mind.

Send your news items to or use this convenient form!

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Santa Anna Cemetery Association

The Santa Anna Cemetery Association held it's annual meeting Saturday at the Santa Anna Housing Authority High Rise Community Center. First-Vice President Pat Vance presided over the meeting in the absence of Association President Oma Dean Horner due to illness. Also absent due to illness was board member Nancy Wylie. The attendance was said to be the most anyone could remember with thirteen present including officers: Second Vice President - James Pelton - , who was appointed to replace Virginia Powell who passed away in December, Secretary/Treasurer - Coyita Bowker, Wanda Campbell, and John Pearce.

A financial report was given and the past year's improvements at the Cemetery were reviewed inluding the decorative iron fencing project along the front of the cemetery. It was voted to continue with the project as the funds are now available.

Vice President Pelton was recognized and gave a report that he was seeking to have the Cemetery designated as a Texas Historic Cemetery by the Coleman County and Texas Historic Commisions. The designation is pre-requisite to the possiblity of later seeking a Texas Historic Commission historical marker medallion. Pelton also discussed that the Santa Anna Foundation was also wanting to contribute to the historic preservation of the Cemetery.

Leading efforts to raise funds for the restoration project are Restoration Committee members Molly Cliett and Elaine Black. Some discussion was held on restoring monuments, maintenance, tree trimming, fence, road, and curb repair. A community cemetery workday was set for the first Saturday in April which is Saturday April the 4th. The third Saturday in April, Saturday April the 18th was set as a bad weather make up day or possibly as a second workday.

Carl Langford was recognized for the work he has done at the Cemetery. Langford has been placing platt markers and painting block numbers on curbs in the Cemetery. Langford was also appointed as the Cemetery Historian.

Association board members Wanda Campbell, Coyita Bowker, John Pearce, and Oma Dean Horner were each re-elected to serve another two year term.

The meeting was followed by a short meeting of the Board to elect officers. Each was elected to serve another term in the same positions with Oma Dean Horner - President, Pat Vance - First Vice President, James Pelton - Second Vice President, and Coyita Bowker as Secretary Treasurer.

M-Bar-H Lodge

Debt Seminar

As you all know our world is going through a very serious financial crisis. It has effected us all. That is why we are having a special financial seminar. Lyle Linscott will be the presenter. He is a licensed CPA with 30 years in the industry. I believe this seminar is so very vital for us all.

There is no charge to you whatsoever. No offering will be taken. You will even receive a book, a New York Times best seller ("Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey, host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show "The Dave Ramsey Show") totally free. This book will be the text book that the seminar uses.
a.. Learn how to hang on to more of your money
b.. Get out of debt and stay out
c.. Use the principle of contentment to guide financial decision making
d.. Build your emergency fund
e.. Create your own "envelope cash system"
f.. Communicate about money with your spouse
g.. Manage your money as a single parent
h.. Instill good money habits in your children
i.. Deal with debt after divorce or the death of a spouse

The course is free! The book is free! All you have to do is attend. Classes will be every Thursday evening starting Jan. 22nd through Feb 26th...a total of six classes. This will change your financial life. Please see the flyer below.

Call me and let me know you are coming!
Pastor Jerry Chastain

New Rules for Community Center/Armory

The Park and Armory Committee for the Santa Anna Community Center of the City of Santa Anna would like to announce new requirements for placing reservations for the use of the Santa Anna Community Center.

Any one who has had previous reservations will need to notify Teri Edmiston before January 31, 2009 to confirm that your reservation has been placed on the calendar for the year 2009.

New Forms and a deposit are required to reserve the booking prior to the event scheduled.

You can reach Teri Edmiston at 325-348-3535, please leave message and she will return your calls.

M&M Brittanys & Hunting Guide Service, LLC


I asked Jessica over the weekend if she had read the News lately and she said that I hadn't put anything new up lately. Well of course I have... but I had left Governor Perry up at the top with "Remember Those Who Serve" for several days. So I am booting the Governor on down the page... but those who serve will stay up here at the top because to me there is nothing more important right now.

So just in case you thought I was being lazy you might want to look past the Governor below to see what you have been missing!

United Blood Services Issues Invitation
Find the Hero In You

Hero status isn’t reserved only for those brave men and women who serve our country on the front lines of war. There is a hero in all of us. Ordinary people are saving lives every day. They do it while they are on their lunch break or while they are running errands. They have found the hero in themselves by donating blood.

United Blood Services invites you to "Find the hero in you" by donating blood three times a year. You can donate every 56 days if you donate whole blood and every 112 days if you donate double red cells. The hour that it takes to donate blood could mean a lifetime to someone in need. United Blood Services provides blood to patients in eleven counties including Brown County.

Santa Anna Blood Drive
Saturday, January 31st
11 am - 1:30 pm
Bloodmobile @ Dairy Queen

All donors will get a free t-shirt and a voucher for a free ice cream cone courtesy Dairy Queen. If you donate two red blood cells, you’ll get a stainless steel koozie. All donors will automatically be entered into a weekly contest. We’ll be giving away $100 every week in January and this will be your last chance to get into the contest.

Donate in 2009 and you’ll automatically be entered into a new rewards program. Blood donors will earn points for their involvement and those points will be redeemable for movie and restaurant gift certificates and other prizes. Every time you donate, you will receive a free cholesterol test. The test is available online about seven days after your donation.

To make an appointment for this drive, call United Blood Services toll free. That number is 1-800-756-0024. You can also make an appointment online. Go to and enter sponsor code: santaannadq.

United Blood Services has been this area’s non-profit community blood provider since 1956 and serves patients in 11 surrounding counties. The United Blood Services network is one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit blood service organizations, and is a founding member of America’s Blood Centers and the AABB.

Wild Blue Photography by Stephanie Dane

Gov. Perry Visits Texas Troops in Iraq

January 06, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry poses for a picture with Texas Guardsmen of Alpha Troop, 1st Battalion 124th Cavalry Regiment in Iraq. The Troopers, from all over central and north Texas, were preparing to go out on a normal patrol when they were surprised with a visit by their state's governor. [Photo courtesy of TXMF PAO].."

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today met with Texas troops while on a trip to Iraq hosted by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).  Perry also presented Iraq Campaign Medals to six Texas guardsmen during a ceremony today in Iraq. Also on the DOD trip are Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire and New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine. 

Gov. Rick Perry’s statement on meeting with Texas troops:

“We are here visiting our troops in the combat zone to let them know we support and appreciate them. Hopefully this visit will remind our citizens of the remarkable job our young men and women are doing overseas as we finish the job of institutionalizing freedom where it was once only a dream.

“I am encouraged by the progress here on the ground and am hopeful that we will uphold our commitment to the people of Iraq while ensuring they are prepared to maintain order. Compared to conditions when I visited here two years ago, it feels much safer, more orderly and farther along the path to liberty than before.

“I am especially proud of the Texans who are serving here. Whether they were born in the Lone Star State or got there as quickly as they could, they are representing us well. I have met Texans from everywhere from El Paso to Texarkana, and every last one of them is committed to their team, the mission and their country. They are truly an inspiration and a credit to our state.”

Click here to listen to audio from the governor's teleconference.

Pfc. Ivan Stuart, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1st Battalion 124th Cavalry Regiment, receives the Iraq Campaign Medal from Texas Military Forces Commander in Chief, Gov. Rick Perry during a ceremony held on Jan. 6 in Iraq. In all, Gov. Perry presented the medals to 6 Texas Guardsmen. [Photo courtesy of TXMF PAO]."

Cen-Tex Land Co.

Santa Anna Cemetery Association

The Santa Anna Cemetery Association will hold it's Annual Meeting on Saturday January 17th at 6:00PM in the Santa Anna Housing Authority's High-rise Community Center on 700 Wallis Ave.

The Association will elect new board members and discuss the business of the Cemetery.

The Association has made a number of improvements to the Cemetery over the last several years and are currently replacing the large shrubs and chain fence with a decorative iron fence.

Your continued donations will enable the Association to do other improvements. Donations to the Cemetery Association can be made to PO Box 97, Santa Anna, TX 76878.

Decorative iron gate in front of new pavilion

Decorative iron fence replaces large shrubs and chain

New Platt markers installed by Carl Langford make it easier to locate graves

Platt marker with lot numbers painted on curbing when available

Cemetery map on South door of maintenance building

Santa Anna Historical Development Organization

Historical Santa Anna - Part III of a series - John and Emma Banister

This is part III of the Historical Santa Anna series.

I knew there were historical markers in the Santa Anna Cemetery and while wandering around the cemetery Cindy and I ran across them. It is not always easy to locate the graves even when you know who you are looking for. Vena Bob Gates, Judia and Ralph Terry's Volume 3 of their three volume "Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions" is key to have for locating graves in the Santa Anna Cemetery as well as other Coleman County cemeteries. A long time Coleman County historian, Ralph Terry has done extensive research for his books and his Coleman County History website and particularly the Santa Anna Cemetery pages are useful when locating graves.

Now that Carl Langford has installed a number of Platt markers and painted the Lot numbers on curbs (See photos above) it is much easier to locate a grave in the Santa Anna Cemetery. He has also compiled an alphabatized "Santa Anna Cemetery Index" to go along with the markers and map. It is also cross referenced to the "Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions" Volume 3. Several Cemetery Board members have a copy and I hope to put it online soon.

The Banister's graves are located in Platt II Block 79 just North of the maintenance building.

Here is what the Texas Historic Commission markers in the Santa Anna Cemetery read:
John R. Banister
(May 24, 1854-Aug. 2, 1918)
Missouri native John Banister left home in 1867 and came to Texas. He received training as a cowboy and participated in several cattle drives to northern markets. Banister served with his brother, Will, as a Texas Ranger and participated in the capture of outlaw Sam Bass. Other contributions to the state included his service as a railway officer, inspector for the Cattle Raisers' Association, and Coleman County sheriff.
Recorded - 1984

John R. Banister

Emma Daugherty Banister
(Oct. 20, 1871-June 4, 1956)
The Daugherty family moved west in the late 1870s to Coleman County from present Forney in Kaufman County, where Emma was born. At age 14 she left home to finish school and obtain a teaching certificate in Goldthwaite. She married lawman and widower John R. Banister in 1894, and they raised nine children. Banister was Coleman County sheriff when he died in mid-1918, and Emma was chosen to complete his term of office to the end of 1918.
Recorded - 1986

As an added note, I believe that Emma Banister was the first female sheriff in Texas and the first and only female sheriff of Coleman County to date.

Emma Daugherty Banister

Santa Anna Community Services Baseball & Softball Meeting

There will be a brief meeting for all Santa Anna community members who are interested in helping with Baseball or Softball this season.

WHEN: Sunday, January 18

WHERE: First Baptist Church CLC (Christian Life Center)

TIME: 3:00 p.m.

Little Britches Stock Show Entries

Submitted by Sarah Beal - Coleman County Stock Show Chairman

The Little Britches division of the Coleman County Livestock Show will be held on Sunday, January 18th at 3:00p.m. during a break in the swine show. The Little Britches division gives the future exhibitors a chance to experience the show ring.

The Little Britches division has two classes. The Peewee class is for contestants ages five and under. Costumes for contestants and animals are encouraged. Halters are allowed in both classes. Contestants may have an escort to assist with the animal being shown. The sub-junior class is for contestants ages six through eight. The contestants in this class exhibit their animals to their best advantage as in a market class. Contestants may show goats, lambs, hogs or steers. Please notify the superintendent when you enter as to what species you are showing.

Entry fee for both classes is $1. Entries will be taken on Sunday before the show. Animals may be brought to the grounds immediately prior to the show and will be released immediately after judging.

This is a fun event for the future exhibitors.

Superintendent for the Little Britches division is Candace Beal.

Update on Stock Show Entries

Submitted by Sarah Beal - Coleman County Stock Show Chairman

Final numbers for the Coleman County Livestock Show are in. The total number of entries for the show are 367 compared to 386 in 2008. By species the total number of entries are as follows: 100 lambs, 163 hogs, 14 steers, 67 goats and 23 pens of rabbits. Entries are down 19 from last years show.

The 78th Coleman County Livestock Show will begin with weigh-in of the livestock on Saturday, January 17th after the Coleman Chapter Show, in the Expo Center. The Swine show will begin at 12:00 noon on Sunday, January 18th. Rabbits will weigh in at 1:00 pm and show at 2:00 pm on Sunday. The Little Britches Show will be at approximately 3:00 pm, during a break in the swine show. Steers will show beginning at 8:00 am on Monday, January 19th. The lamb show will begin at approximately 11:00 am or immediately following the steer show. The goat show will immediately follow the lamb show. The public is invited to come out and support the 4-H and FFA participants during the stock show.

The stock show sale is chaired by Lance McWhorter and will be held on Tuesday, January 20th, in the Bill Franklin Center, beginning at 12:00 pm with an awards program. Sale numbers may be obtained in the front office of the Bill Franklin Center prior to the sale. Add-on money will be taken in the office and forms will be available. Everyone is invited to purchase projects during the sale. If you can’t come to the sale but would like to make a purchase or add on money to projects, contact Lance McWhorter at First Coleman National Bank, prior to the sale. Come out and support our youth by purchasing livestock projects.

The Coleman County Education Extension Association will again have a concession and serve lunches at the stock show. The ladies always have a great concession and serve tasty lunches. The proceeds from their endeavors go to scholarships and to support the youth of our county in other projects.

Remember to put the Coleman County Livestock Show on your calendar and come out to the Coleman County Youth Activity Center and join us.

Santa Anna Chamber of Commerce


Texas Midwest Community Network announces plans for Texas Midwest Day at the Capitol on Feb. 3, 2009. Community leaders from throughout the region are encouraged to participate.

"Generally speaking, rural communities are at a disadvantage when it comes to influencing state lawmakers" says TMCN President Mike Schweikhard. "By joining together, a larger group of rural delegates gets more attention and presents a stronger voice in Austin."

The day in Austin will include a photo session with lawmakers on the steps of the Capitol, a briefing on issues pertinent to the region, visits with legislators and staffs and a legislative reception for which TMCN is partnering with the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce to host. Bus transportation is available for attendees registering by January 20th.

The more citizens attending from the region, the better the message will be heard for rural Texas. A list of regional issues and talking points is posted on line at

For details on registration for Texas Midwest Day at the Capitol call the TMCN Office 325-795-8626 or check the website on the TMCN Member Programs & Activities page. Make a difference for rural Texas. Plan to participate on Feb. 3rd

Lawmakers representing the region include Senators Troy Fraser (Dist. 24), Robert Duncan (Dist. 28), and Craig Estes (Dist. 30); and Representatives Harvey Hilderbran (Dist. 53), Sid Miller (Dist. 59), Jim Keffer (Dist. 60), Rick Hardcastle (Dist. 68), Susan King (Dist. 71), Drew Darby (Dist. 72) and Joe Heflin (Dist. 85).

TMCN Member cities: Abilene, Albany, Anson, Aspermont, Baird, Ballinger, Brady, Breckenridge, Bronte, Brownwood, Buffalo Gap, Cisco, Clyde, Coleman, Colorado City, Comanche, Cross Plains, De Leon, Dublin, Early, Eastland, Eden, Goldthwaite, Gorman, Hamilton, Hamlin, Haskell, Knox City, Menard, Munday, Ranger, Robert Lee, Roscoe, Rotan, San Angelo, Santa Anna, Snyder, Stamford, Sweetwater, Throckmorton, Tye and Winters.

Santa Anna Texas website

Santa Anna Improves to 4-1 District Record

Submitted by Coach Ramsey
The Santa Anna Mountaineers defeated Brookesmith Tuesday night 74-20 improving their district record to 4-1 and overall record to 12-7.

Four Mountaineers scored in double figures as Jordan Whaley led the way with 18 points and 12 rebounds. Manny Dancy also had a double-double has he scored 12 points with 12 rebounds and 5 assists. Juan Suarez’s had 16 points and Vance Rice 11. Fausto Maldonado led the team in steals with 5 and Richard Ramsey led the team in assists with 6. Anthony Shepard had 8 points and 8 rebounds while Jacob Zapata had 3 points. Kenneth McMillan and Christian Washington each had 2 points.

Last Friday the Mountaineers had their lone district loss in Rising Star as Jordan Whaley’s 32 points were not enough to overcome the swarming defense of the Wildcats.

This Friday the Mountaineers play in Zephyr in a matchup of 2 playoff contenders.

That Santa Anna Store

Ice Fall

BRRR! It must be time for stock shows...

Sunday's and especially Monday's weather were quite abit different from the 80+ degree weather on Saturday.

It rained/drizzled on me all the way to work in Goldthwaite Monday morning and left me wondering about getting home when I heard on the noon KOXE news of early release of Santa Anna schools due to the weather. But the roads were pretty good on the drive home and I poured out a couple of tenths of water out of my gauges when I got home. My old friend Lane Guthrie told me he had about a quarter.

Historical Tex Wright sent me this:

I guess I shouldn't call it rain, but here at the foot of the hills, we had 2/10th of an inch of falling moisture.

I drove to Kerrville on Monday but the only ice I saw in quanities was just north of Fredrickesburg. The Ice on the trees and fences was bending limbs and saging wires. None on the road though for which I was thankful.
PS - I didn't count the bugs and dust in the guage.

Anyhow, it sounds to me like a good time to have a stock show now that we have all that behind us!

2009 Santa Anna Stock Show Schedule

Santa Anna - Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swine Weigh-In: Friday, January 11, by 7:00 p.m.

Pigs can be put in show barn anytime on Friday. All pigs should be in show barn by 5:30 p.m.

Lambs & Goats arrive at barn for weighing at 7:30 a.m., January 12th

Rabbit Show: Will start at 9:00 a.m. Rabbits should arrive at 8:15 - 8:30 a.m. ( NO LATER )

Goat Show - 9:30 a.m.

Lamb Show - Following Goat Show

Steer Show - Following Lamb Show

Swine Show - Following Steer Show

BBQ Lunch Break (12 Noon - 1 PM)

Approx. 1:15 p.m. - Complete Swine Show

BAKED GOODS must be in the Elementary Cafeteria by 8:30 a.m. on January 12th

2010 Census

2009 Coleman County Livestock Show

Submitted by Sarah Beal - Coleman County Stock Show Chairman

The 78th Coleman County Livestock Show will be held on January 17, 18, 19 and awards and sale will complete the show on Tuesday, January 20th. This is an opportunity for junior livestock exhibitors to compete at the county level. Students from all the county schools will compete in the county show. There are 105 students with projects entered in the livestock show. These students are members of either 4-H Club or FFA. Divisions include: steers, swine, lambs, meat goats, and rabbits. Total entries for the 2009 show are 342 entries which include: 82 lambs, 163 hogs, 11 steers, 64 goats and 22 pens of rabbits. Compared to last years 386 entries which included: 93 lambs, 163 hogs, 18 steers, 98 goats, and 14 pens of rabbits. Entries are down by 44 in total entries from 2008.

The 2009 livestock show will be held in the Expo Center on the Coleman County Youth Activity Center grounds. Sarah Beal will again serve as show chairman. Rodney Ivy will serve as lamb superintendent and Nathan Wise will serve as meat goat superintendent with Randy Moore of Fredonia as judge of these divisions. Ross Burdick will serve as steer superintendent and Sherman Smith as swine superintendent with Brad Bevels from Stamford as the judge for steers and swine. Sarah Beal will serve as rabbit superintendent with Chris Beard from Albany as judge. Candace Beal will chair the Little Britches division which is a division for young children that are not yet old enough to compete in the regular show. Many volunteers help to put the show on for these young people. The Coleman County Extension Education Association will again have a concession stand and serve lunches during the show in the Bill Franklin Center. A food show will be held in the Franklin Center in conjunction with the livestock show. These livestock exhibitors have put in months of work with their animal projects and are to be commended for their work and diligence. Everyone is invited to come and support these young people by attending the show.

Santa Anna National Bank

2009 Coleman County Stock



SUNDAY, January 18, 2009


RABBITS: Weigh In: 1:00 PM Show: 2:00 PM

LITTLE BRITCHES SHOW: Approx. 3:00 p.m.

MONDAY, January 19, 2009

STEERS: 8:00 a.m.

LAMBS: 11:00 a.m. or immediately following the Steer Show

MEAT GOATS: Immediately following the Lamb Show



Coleman County Livestock Show Seeking Donations

January 4, 2009

Dear Friends,
Throughout its history, the Coleman County FFA and 4-H Livestock Show has become quite well known, mainly because the entire county works together to make it successful.

This year we have 342 entries, and the premium list and other cost of the show will be about $4,000.00. This cost has been met in years past by individuals and firms like you who take pride in the youth of the county and in the magnitude and quality of the show. We’re depending on your support again this year!

Your assistance will be appreciated. Contributions range from $5.00 to $50.00 from individuals and $25.00 to $150.00 from businesses and professional concern.

The show and sale will be on January 18 & 19, with the sale on January 20, 2009. Please make checks payable to Coleman County Livestock Show Association. Donations can be sent to the Coleman County Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture at P. O. Box 796, Coleman, Texas 76834.

Please help us maintain the reputation of this very worthwhile youth activity.
Sarah Beal
Coleman County Stock Show

Homecoming 2009

Two thousand and nine... sounds sort of far away still even though it starts in a couple of days...

With families all getting together for the Holidays and seeing old friends around town it is a great time to start thinking about Homecoming.

I guarantee for those planning reunions and activities it is never too early!

Connie Culpepper Massey of Abilene and the SAHS Class of 1984 is already working on getting her class together for a 25 year reunion. She emailed me this week and here is what she had to say:
I am already making plans to have the SAHS Class of 1984 25th reunion in 2009. Therefore, would you please post on your website that any graduates from 1984 please contact me by mail or email. I am hoping for a Summer 2009 get together, and then as many that can attend homecoming weekend in the Fall as well. Thanks for any help. Connie (Culpepper) Massey

Send an e-mail to and I will put you in touch with Connie.

Sunkissed Tanning Salon

Time to start working on that tan!

Sunkissed Tanning Salon @ 302 S. 5th and Avenue C, right south of the Presbyterian Church. Contact Amber at 325-636-3973 or 325-357-4515 to get started.

*All new bulbs
*$27 per month
*Refer a friend as a new customer and get $5 off your next month!
*Couples discount--$50 per month
*Off-season special rate--September 1 thru January 31--tan for only $20 per month!

Ag News From the Texas A"&"M University System

Ag News From the Texas A

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Barack Obama - President of the United States

News From Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry

News From Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

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Consumer Alerts From Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Weekly News from the Office of Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison


Weekly News from the Office of Texas Senator John Cornyn

Texas Senator John Cornyn

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