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2015 Santa Anna Mountaineers


2015 Hartman Reunion

The descendants of brothers, Isreal Elmer and Claude Lafette Hartman, met at the Coleman City Park on Saturday, July 25, 2015 for the 45th Hartman reunion. Only 1 of the 2 surviving children of the brothers, Jonie B Hartman, was able to attend this year.

After a morning of visiting, the group enjoyed a meal consisting of fried chicken with all the trimmings. Attendees brought desserts for the occasion. A variety of games including Steve’s history quiz, Candy game, Treasure game, and the Age game followed the meal. Winners of the history quiz were Tonya Spain and Russell Blanscett. Treasure game winners were: Brenna Hartman, Dana Hartman, Cindy Boyle, Robin Bass, and Katie Hartman. Winners in the Candy game were: James Bass, Stan Hartman, Dana Hartman and Cindy Boyle. Age game winners were: Eddie Hartman, Stephanie Edwards, Cindy Boyle, Carol Reeves, Wendy Rogers, Calvin Rundel, Daniel Hartman, Ruth Ann McIver, and Byler Mach.

Eddie Hartman narrated a power point presentation of his trip to the 1853 Hartman Cemetery and the old Hartman home site located in Old River-Winfree, Texas. Slides were also shown of great, great uncle Uriah Hartman’s grave located in the Shiloh Cemetery in Comanche County Texas. Dale and Carol Reeves did a great job putting the presentation together.

It was announced that the 2nd annual Hartman Holiday Huddle will be held Jan. 30, 2016 at the First Baptist Church in Bangs. There will be a gift exchange of items that start with an “A”. The group also donated $200.00 to the Santa Anna Cemetery Association again this year.

The annual auction was a lively event with the auctioneers, Scott and Mike, doing an excellent job. The auction was a huge success and will help to fund future reunions.

Attendance was up this year with 43 registering. The attendees were as follows:
Austin- Carol and Dale Reeves, Fred Reeves
Bangs- Sandra and Harry Walker
Bastrop-Ryan and Wendy Rogers
Brownwood-Ronnie Hartman, Eddie and Mary Ann Hartman
Burkett-Cindy Boyle
Buna-Daniel Hartman
Early- Jackie and Glenda Walker
Ferris-Hayden Hartman
Midland-Randy and Randall Blanscett, Rusty Blanscett, Clayton Fields,
Midlothian-Brittany, Byler, and Baylin Mach
New Braunfels-Scott Walker, Deborah Hough
Odessa-Jonie and Sandy Hartman, Terry and Cindy Weatherford
Pflugerville-David and Robin Hartman
San Angelo-Katie Hartman and Tonya Spain
San Antonio-Calvin Rundel
Santa Anna-Stan and Judy Hartman, Stephanie Edwards, Ruth Ann McIver
Snyder-Mike, Dana and Brenna Hartman
Venus-Robin and James Bass
Opelousas, Louisana-Steve Hartman

2015 Mini Cheer Camp

2015 Mini Cheer Camp REGISTRATION FORM

Help for Kids who Stutter is as Close as Your Library

Kids who stutter have a lot to say, and friends can show them how in Stuttering: For Kids By Kids, a DVD in English and Spanish starring kids who stutter, available at most public libraries or through interlibrary loan.

Many children who stutter have never met others who struggle with the same disability. In this DVD from the Stuttering Foundation, they meet kids who recount how they handle challenges such as teasing, speaking out in class, and teaching others about stuttering.

Swish, a lively and engaging animated basketball character designed by students at Purdue University, narrates the DVD. The children, who range in age from first-graders to high school students, offer frank and sometimes differing views of stuttering.

For example, Matthew, age 10, says about his speech difficulties, “It’s no big deal;” but Kate, age 9, worries about talking, what is going to happen next and whether or not she’ll stutter. Arianne, age 14, says, “The hardest part about stuttering is to get through it and to stay in there when you’re stuck.” Umang, age 12, agrees, “Sometimes it gets kind of annoying when you want to say something and you can’t. I also get worried what other people might think if I do stutter and wonder if I’ll be able to get out of my blocks and things.”

“All those interested in helping kids learn more about stuttering will want to see this tape,” said speech-language pathologist Bill Murphy of Purdue University. “The children featured are a perfect example of how to openly and honestly handle stuttering.” “This is an important tool for families and teachers of kids who stutter,” added Jane Fraser, president of the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation.

Other professionals and specialists in stuttering in this production include Kristin Chmela of Northwestern University, Joe Donaher of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Lisa Scott of Florida State University, and Lee Caggiano of Friends.

The Foundation has provided free materials to over 8,700 public libraries nationwide. A library that will shelve them can download a request form at

Santa Anna Weather

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Santa Anna Weather

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