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Heart of Texas Porcelain Art Club

The Heart of Texas Porcelain Art Club will meet Saturday, April 27 at the Santa Anna Firehall from 9 til noon. Tywla Wallace will present our demo.

Please join us!

Santa Anna Mountaineers

These Santa Anna Mountaineers placed 1st at District in Current Events and Issues. They will be competing at Regional Academics in Abilene.

Pictured L to R (Jacob Gibson, Ryan Sellers, Logan Mendoza, and Kaylynn Squyres)

Bison Cookoff

For two days, on the third weekend in May, cookers from all over the Lone Star State test their recipes and their reputations not just on beef, chicken, and pork but on buffalo. Recent cook-offs have seen more than 40 cookers from all over the Southwest put together some great sizzle, rub, and sauce on their delicious products beneath the twin mesas called Santa Anna’s Peaks.

The Comanche war chief and his people used the peaks above the town as welcome landmarks in their historical journeys across the state. The twin peaks served as visual guides for Texas Rangers who trailed the American Indians who trailed the great herds of buffalo that once roamed the “short-grass country.” In the heart of Texas Forts Trail, Santa Anna’s peaks were also the historic training ground for the Comanches’ fiercest warriors.

Celebrating this special history, the Santa Anna Historical Development Organization put together the first Bison Cookoff at Funtier Day, a local festival, in 1994, with eighteen cookers participating. The Texas Bison Association Board of Directors sanctions and oversees the judging of the bison cook-off, encouraging cookers to treat bison meat as a specialty, not just another beef brisket. Winners’ secrets make for some delicious meat. Sanctioning by the Lone Star Barbecue Society was also secured so competitive cookers’ points would accumulate toward invitations to the Nationals in Kansas City or the Jack Daniel’s Cook-off in Memphis. The Texas State Senate declared the event the Official State Championship Bison Cook-off in 2004.

Bison is naturally flavorful and tender and can be prepared much the same as beef. The meat is naturally leaner, since buffalo are typically grazed on open range and not raised in a feedlot. Comparing bison to beef, the numbers are impressive: 2.4 grams of fat to 9.28, 143 calories to 211, and 82 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams of cooked lean meat to 86 for beef. Scientifically, the term “buffalo” is not correct for the North American species; its proper Latin name is Bison bison. However, common usage has made the term “buffalo” an acceptable synonym for the American bison. A mature bison bull will weigh approximately 2000 pounds, while a mature bison cow will weigh approximately 1100 pounds---and cows as well as bulls have horns.

District track results Santa Anna HS

Pictured is the Santa Anna Mountaineers track team. Front Row L to R (Jedidiah Herrod, Mikey Rhodes, Colby Nelson, Michael Valencia)
2nd row (Colton Enriquez, Logan Mendoza, Jordan Washington, Michael Dancy, Devan Denton, Justin McElrath)
3rd row (Nate Salazar, Briannah Sosa, Kristen Yancy, Destiny Davis, Jacob Gibson)
4th row (Zach Diaz, Josh Perez, Hannah Hartman, Lucas Diaz)

Boys Results
High Jump
1 SA Nelson 5' 8"
4 SA King 5' 4"

Triple Jump
1 Valencia SA 39.9-1/2"
6 Rhoades SA 35.8-1/2"

Shot Put
5 Washington SA 35.5"

Pole Vault
1 SA Nelson 9' 6"
4 SA Z. Diaz 7'
5 SA L. Diaz 7'

8 SA Salazar 85.7"

Long Jump
1 SA Valencia 19.10"
6 SA Rhoades 18.1-1/2"

3200 Meter Run
7 Santa Anna Enriquez 14:55:46
8 Santa Anna Herrod 14:56:43

400 Meter Relay
4 Santa Anna 47.57

800 Meter Run
1 Santa Anna Nelson 2.13:34
3 Santa Anna Diaz 2.24:28
4 Santa Anna Salazar 2.25:46

800 Meter Relay
3 SA 1.39:12

400 Meter Run
2 SA Nelson 55.11
4 SA Diaz 57.49
8 SA Dancy 1.13:24

300 Meter Hurdles
2 SA Valencia 44.34
5 SA Rhoades 46.35

200 Meter Run
7 SA Denton 26.50

1600 Meter Run
4 SA Mendoza 5.38:62

1600 Meter Relay
2 SA 3.47:52

Boys team results 140 points for 3rd place team

Girls Results
400 Meter Relay
3 SA 56.97

100 Meter Run
6 SA Sosa 14.38

110 Meter Hurdles
2 SA Hartman 17.78

300 Meter Hurdles
1 SA Hartman 49.60

High Jump
1 SA Hartman 4' 10"

Shot Put
2 SA Sosa 32.9-3/4"
4 SA Yancy 29.1"

3 SA Sosa 87.11-1/2"
4 SA Davis 70.10-1/2"

Pole Vault
1 SA Hartman 11'

3rd place team for the girls with 74 points

Back to the Playoffs

Submitted by Coach Garcia
The Santa Anna Mountaineer Softball Team is back in the playoffs. The softball program is only 3 years old, but this will mark the 2nd trip to the playoffs for the team.

The Mountaineers secured 2nd place two weeks ago and was in the contention for a district championship, but fell short with the loss to Menard this past Friday.

"It was not a good game. We didn’t hit the ball very well, and the errors seemed to find us during the game. Routine plays became difficult and we were lost. I am hoping we bounce back this week."

The Mountaineers lost to Menard 6-0

The Mountaineers have one game remaining against Eldorado, which standings wise, does not mean much, but Coach Garcia says he still wants to win.

"I would like to end our district season on a good note, a winning note."

Down the Road

The Mountaineers will now set their eyes on Van Horn once again. The Mountaineers played Van Horn last year in the Bi-District game, and won 11-0.

"Everything is just in pencil right now, but it looks like we will be playing in Big Lake against Van Horn on April 29th. The game is scheduled to start at 6pm, and we are the visiting team. We are waiting on word from Big Lake on the use of their field."

More information will be posted when all the details are official.

Brown County Historical Society

DATE: April 18, 2013
TIME: 4:00 PM
PLACE: Room 136, Newman Bldg., Douglas MacArthur Campus
SPEAKER: Bobbie Hubbard
TOPIC: Texas Ranger Hamer

Stranded in Santa Anna

Submitted by David Andrews of Merkel
Monday I left my community of Noodle, TX, to testify before a committee at our state capital in Austin during this year's legislative session. I have been to Santa Anna before but only to pass through either on my way to Brownwood (straight through town) or to turn and head towards Brady. Either way, I never have stopped in your wonderful town. However, Monday morning as I turned south towards Brady and about five miles down the road I encountered a raccoon on the highway and unfortunately hit the critter and broke my radiator. I limped back to Santa Anna and soon came in contact with a local-native, Mr. Albert Holland, the proprietor of "The Tire Shop." I knew it would be a couple of days to repair my vehicle and Mr. Holland suggested that I stay at the "Texas Rangers" Motel east of town. Mr. Holland then drove me to the motel where I met Ms. Mandy who signed me in and asked if I had anything to eat since it was mid afternoon. I said that I had not eaten since yesterday and then she drove me back to Santa Anna where I had lunch at the "H&H Restaurant" and had a wonderful meal. Ms. Mandy said that I should call her back when I wanted to come back to the motel but decided I should walk off my lunch. I met Ms. Mandy at the motel and she indicated that she knew I was not going to call her for a ride back to the motel and I thanked her for her offer for a ride back. She later called that night and suggested that I should come to the office since she had fixed supper for some of the other guest at the motel and that I was also invited. What a wonderful offer!!!!

The next afternoon my vehicle was repaired and I had a wonderful stay in Santa Anna because Mr. Holland, who fixed my vehicle, and Ms. Mandy, who bent over backwards to make my stay in Santa Anna an event I cannot forget. Mr. Holland, Ms. Mandy and the kind people at H&H as well as all the people in the shops I visited in downtown should be proud of your community. I will never forget your warm welcome to a total stranger that had the misfortune of hitting a critter in the middle of the night on the road to Brady that opened my eyes to a great little Texas town called SANTA ANNA, Texas!! If I breakdown again in my travels, I hope it is in Santa Anna!!


The first Funtier Day in 1983 was an effort by local businessman Jim Laubhan to publicize his local advertising business. Laubhan did not repeat the effort the following year, and subsequently turned over Funtier Day to the Santa Anna Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber held the event all but one year since---thus the “sometimes annual”—till it reorganized as The Park and Armory Committee in 2007.Currently sponsored by the Santa Anna Park and Armory Committee, the 2013 edition is the twenty-ninth "sometimes annual" festival.

Funtier Day has evolved over the years, but a few things have been consistent. It has always involved promoting and selling arts and crafts, especially locally produced items. Games such as horseshoe pitching and beach volleyball entertain young and old alike. Several of the events featured dancing and crafts of the Comanche Tribe of Oklahoma. Specialty foods have also attracted samplers of funnel cakes, roasted corn, Cajun crawfish, and the like. Then nineteen years ago the Santa Anna Historical Development Organization introduced the World Championship Bison Cookoff, which quickly became a focal point of Funtier Day.

Over the years, Funtier Day has featured local musicians, car shows, antique tractor shows, and other special events. In 2011, organizers added a 5K early-morning run and an antique tractor pull competition, bringing even more to participate in the “fun-tier”. Media-related attendees have consistently estimated crowds at the festival at over 5000 people.

The Park and Armory Committee uses funds raised by the festival in their efforts to maintain the "Old Armory" Civic Center and upgrade Gary James Memorial Park. Those efforts are obvious in all the wonderful improvements to the park and civic center. Trees, RV hook-ups, covered concrete pavilions, grass-covered pavilions, crepe myrtles, and playground equipment make Gary James Memorial Park an attractive adjunct to the Old Armory Civic Center.

If you would like to help by volunteering, donating, or joining the Park and Armory Committee, contact any of the directors you see working around the park, or call 325-348-3124 and ask for Gay Abernathy. If you know of memorabilia of the 36th Division, 142nd Infantry, the Santa Anna National Guard Unit, or Gary James, please let the PAC know so that they can honor these heroes with displays.

Mountaineers Clinch a Playoff Spot

Submitted by Coach Garcia
The Santa Anna Mountaineer Softball team has been rolling through district and is sitting in 2nd place behind Eldorado who is currently ranked 6th in state. The Mountaineers are ranked 16th.

The Mountaineers have posted an impressive record of 6-1 in district so far and pitching and hitting are getting the job done for the Mountaineers. Jr. Genia Jones continues to dominate inside the circle with 91 Ks on the year so far and an ERA of 2.12. Genia is ranked 3rd in Division 1 Softball for ERA and 4th in Strikeouts. On the flip side of the field, Christina Diaz, Jordan DeLeon, and Briannah Sosa have been hitting the ball hard and putting it in play. The girls are not only making contact, but are getting their fair share of RBIs, Triples, Doubles, and Singles.

"Its a different atmosphere this year. The girls are hungry. We are still making minor mistakes during the game, but we find a way to make up for it in other areas. I think the batting lineup is solid in our first 6 spots, and the last three spots play a major role in getting sacrifice fly balls, bunting, and fielder's choice hits. Each girl has accepted their role on the team and its showing. Our motto for this year is "Family," and the girls have bought into the idea. We are thinking more about the team as a whole and not as individuals. I am a very proud coach. We are going to take these next few games one at a time, but I cant help to think about meeting up with Eldorado again."

The Mountaineers remaining games are against TLCA (away), Menard (home), and Eldorado (away).


Thank the Lord for the wonderful rain!

Tex Wright reports 1.35 inches and I had over an inch in my gauges.

I have been real busy with homework and out of town some so I am a little behind on the news!

Santa Anna Cemetery Workday

It was a cold and blustery morning but twelve hard workers showed up for the Santa Anna Cemetery workday on Saturday March 24th.

Those that came to work were Glen and Betty Scarborough, Mike and Denise Montgomery, Justin McElrath, Rob, Sharon, and Joey Cheaney, Harold Fahrlander, James and Cindy Pelton, and Dawson Rambo.

Thanks to all that worked and especially to Glen and Betty for bringing their trailer, Harold for his backhoe and trailer, and Dickie Horner for loaning us his trailer. Several loads of tree limbs were cut and this equipment made it much easier.

Special thanks to Martha Pritchard, Coyita Bowker, and Delma Blair for preparing lunch.

The cold morning turned into a beautiful Spring afternoon and the Cemetery is really looking a lot better with almost all of the Cedar trees trimmed and the flowers starting to bloom.

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